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Venmap2021 iso.png
Venceslo as seen from Dynmap in November 2021
Flag of Venceslo.png
Flag of Venceslo
Deputy MayorJTrain77
City recognition
Date foundedMay 27, 2017
Date recognized as CouncillorJuly 3, 2017
Date recognized as MayorAugust 1, 2017
Date recognized as SenatorOctober 31, 2017
Date recognized as GovernorJanuary 2018
Date recognized as PremierApril 14, 2019
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
MRT ZS20  Venceslo Station
Road connectionsA51
No. of buildings130

Venceslo (pronounced ven-sez-low) is a Premier-ranked city located in the shallow southwest Gamma region, in Ward 5. It is founded and built by time2makemymove. It is a member of the Time Zones.

It is home to the famous Venceslo Village, Time2 HQ, the campus of Venceslo University, and possibly the three most obvious aspects of the city, HiWorld Stadium, BearLodge Park, and Venceslo-Fifth Ward Airport. It is divided up into multiple districts. It has a fully complete minecart subway system (the VMet), and the city's roads are connected to the A51, B54, and B59.


Founding and Buildup

The area of Venceslo was first discovered to be unclaimed on May 27, 2017. Seizing the opportunity, time2makemymove took the area and immediately began building a franchise of his from his earlier endeavors of Minecraft. This franchise was named CraftHouse, and it was built to the immediate east of the ZS20 station and was never fully completed. It was then demolished and replaced by Time2 HQ, inside of which another version of CraftHouse was built - which has ALSO not been completed as of this writing.

A few days later, time2makemymove learned that a multicomplex concept had never been built on the server before. Using this knowledge and a bit of inspiration from Los Angeles' LA Live, he began building what would later be known as Venceslo Village, named after a player he created on NBA 2k13, "Venceslo Blackwood." This multicomplex was planned to include a mall, a hotel tower, a conference hall, a franchise headquarters, an amphitheater, and a monorail. All of this came to fruition by early July (except for the monorail, which was shelved until 5 months afterward), and the Village opened fully on June 22, 2017.

However, the Village needed roads to get to. As such, time2makemymove began building roads in and around the multicomplex. In doing so, he ended up creating the framework to create the town of Venceslo as a whole. The first building in Venceslo that wasn't part of the Village was the Venceslo Town Hall, located on a sand hill north of the Village. From there, a sprawling town was born, and has continued to expand since then.

On July 3, 2017, the town of Venceslo received the Councillor rank, being endorsed by Frumple and jphgolf4321. It received Mayor on August 1, 2017, being endorsed by godzilltrain and lalaboy.

VMet and University

On August 3rd, 2017, the VMet, Venceslo's local subway system, was founded, and its first station was complete. Its goal was to provide a quick and easily accessible way to access all other areas of the town. However, it took time2makemymove until the 30th of that month to build the second station and open it to the public. Since then, the system has been rapidly increasing in both size and efficiency, launching a new version of the stations (VMetV2) into action for the newest stations. As of October 2017, four stations are open.

On August 5th, 2017, Venceslo University was founded, located in the northeast corner of the town, northwest of the MRT Station. This marked the beginning of the town's true quest to receive the rank of Senator. The University was slowly built up over the course of the next two months, using a constant style of vintage University decor, with mostly bricks and stone for the exteriors. A connection to the VMet system was completed in late September, and it is currently the only VMet station to not use the VMet's traditional design - instead matching the architectural style of the rest of the university. A hospital, run by the university, was planned to be built immediately west of it. That plot where the hospital was planned to be ended up being the location of the UAV terminal.

VMRP and the Quest for Senator

On September 28, 2017, time2makemymove launched an new plan to reorganize the Venceslo Village area to make room for more development west of Venceslo Parkway. This project became known as the Venceslo Midtown Revitalization Project. Overseen by VenDAG (Venceslo District Association of Governments), this project has a number of goals. The main goal is to build a stadium west of Venceslo Village, and some housing west of the stadium. A stadium on the west side of Venceslo had been in the conceptual stages for a while, but eventually it was agreed upon that in order for a stadium to fit into the design of the area, some buildings would have to be moved or demolished.

Every building north of the A51 and west of Venceslo Parkway were moved from its original location or just demolished outright. The three loft houses on Blackwood Road were moved across the highway to Avenida Ferrocaril in South Venceslo. This was all done using the same two cranes for each house. Italiaso, a restaurant franchise located on the corner of Blackwood Road and Venceslo Parkway, was ripped apart from the Venceslo Village Convention Center, and was moved using two cranes to its current location, east of The Shops at Venceslo Village. And finally, the hardest project by far, was moving the Convention Center itself. Using six cranes, the Convention Center was split up into eight fragments, carried up Morton Hill Road by a number of tractor trailers, and placed on top of the southwest corner of Morton Hill. A retaining wall was installed after the placement, and then the roof of the Blox Bells Amphitheatre (which had been impacted after the relocation was complete) was redesigned to be more structurally sound (as the convention center has part of its frame resting on top of the Amphitheatre). Now that all of the relocations are completed, the second half of the VMRP plan is to actually build the Stadium. The stadium, then named Icicle Holdings Stadium (now renamed SkyNation Arena after its reconstruction), was named after CyAmethyst won the naming rights, and was completed in time for the batch date.

Venceslo joined something called the "United Cities" on October 17. No one really knows what it does. If I find out, I will let you know here: (insert explanation here)

At the end of October 2017, the results of City Rank Promotion Batch #18 were announced. Venceslo, along with four other towns, was promoted to [Senator]. For Venceslo, the margin was 6 yes to 0 no.

Quickly Governor

On the same date as Venceslo's Senator promotion, plans for Venceslo's Airfield were announced. This airfield was completed and officially opened on November 11, 2017, located on top of the Venceslo Warptrain Terminal (whose entryway was subsequently moved somewhere else, before being abandoned altogether in favor of the new Midtown Station). UAV was owned and operated by Venceslo University, and as such was dubbed Venceslo University Airfield. UAV, as it is commonly referred to, opened in conjunction with Icicle Holdings Stadium, the Venceslo Village Expansion, and the Venceslo Monorail, during the Venceslo Senator Opening Party.

Venceslo recieved Governor rank in Batch #21 by a margin of 7-1. As one might expect, a large airport for Venceslo was immediately built. Dubbed Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, or better known as VFW, it was opened in February 2018. In conjunction with this new large airport, UAV was decommissioned on February 23, 2018, and was demolished to make way for UAV PARK and two new buildings for Venceslo University. One of these buildings ended up being a hospital (Venceslo Central Hospital) - finishing off the master plan for the university that had begun many months prior.

The Long Climb Toward Premiership

Construction on more houses in Upper Venceslo, the B54Shield.png highway, Venceslo Gardens, and the reorganization of VMet stations on the eastern side all began in February 2018, and were all completed by late April 2018. On June 18, 2018, BLOCKLAND VENCESLO was opened, a small amusement park located in South Venceslo, on the old plot of South Venceslo Farms. The farms were moved farther south to make way for the park.

On June 28, 2018, Venceslo left the United Cities, as time2makemymove (and the entire United Cities tbh) accomplished nothing during his time as a member.

On July 22, 2018, Venceslo applied for Premier and was denied, with most admods citing "not enough builds." After lots of work preparing for the August GSM, including many new buildings in northwest Venceslo and southeast Venceslo, the city was denied again.

A few months later, in late November 2018, time2makemymove embarked on a huge redevelopment project in the North Venceslo Midtown area, citing the wish to make the downtown area more dense and interesting. To start with, Icicle Holdings Stadium was gutted and rebuilt to be an exterior stadium, and its parking lot was moved underground. The stadium was renamed SkyNation Arena. The Jackalope Fireworks Warehouse was also moved from its old location north of Midtown Station to west of the arena. Many new building plots have been opened up, and are currently being filled in as of this writing. This project, called Venceslo North Redevelopment Initiative (VNRI), is projected to be completed in January 2019.

Venceslo was sent once again to the GSM, this time in February 2019, for a Premier application and was once again denied. However, this time the feedback reaction was mixed: 5 staff were for a promotion, and 5 were against. The biggest obstacle remaining in Venceslo, time2 deciphered, was a lack of large builds. The build quality and count was there, but the builds were very small, a staple of the Venceslo style but not necessarily conducive to making a city feel epic. Over the next two months, time2makemymove embarked on three new large projects to finally get the city over that large hump. These projects were the Venceslo Zoo, Mariachi Ridge Farms, and BearLodge Park. All of these were completed just in time for the April 2019 GSM.

On April 14, 2019, Venceslo applied for Premier and was accepted by a margin of 8-0, finally getting Venceslo to the highest possible rank a city can attain on the server, something that mayor time2makemymove admitted he "never thought was possible" when he first joined nearly two years prior. Time2's acceptance speech at the April 2019 GSM can be read here. Time2makemymove alluded to marking this city as "complete" and moving on to other projects at the time, however small-scale upgrades have occurred spontaneously since.


On July 21st, 2019, a new addition to Venceslo Village was opened, the Venceslo Village Casino.

On July 27th, 2019, time2makemymove announced the beginning of the Venceslo Light Rail/Stadium Road/B59 Realignment Project (VLR Project), in which the entire length of Stadium Road would be realigned to have a cart-based light rail line running down the median, as well as the length of the B59 from Venceslo Parkway to BearLodge Park being realigned to be parallel to the stadium and have the VLR running through its median. The rail line was eventually expanded to Whiteley Turing Square, and is now under construction to replace the STC Tramlink from Turing Square to College Park.

On August 17th, 2019, Venceslo mayor time2makemymove premiered the first ever Venceslo Direct, detailing the regional plans for the city and surrounding areas of Venceslo for the upcoming fiscal year. Notable projects announced included Undergrounding the A51, a brand new expansion to Venceslo Village, a new Multimodal Transit Center on top of Midtown Station, an expansion of Venceslo University, and a brand new Venceslo Village VMet Station, among many other announcements.

Not all announced Venceslo Direct projects were completed. However, the following projects were completed:

On September 13, 2019, the Highway A51.png was closed through Venceslo for the construction of the A51 Undergrounding Project (the "Venceslo Big Dig"), as per the Venceslo Direct 2020. This project demolished the ground-grade A51 through Venceslo and routed it underground, in order to reduce the segmented feel of the city, as well as to allow Venceslo University and Venceslo Village to expand. On October 14, 2019, the project was completed, and the new Blackwood Memorial Tunnels were opened to the public. In addition to this, exits 6B and 7 (now 10B and 11) were reconstructed. Full vehicular service to the A51 was consequently restored.

On September 16, 2019, Midtown Multimodal Transit Center opened to the public. That same day, Midtown CityCenter, the first skyscraper built in Venceslo since Borderline Financial Center in December 2018, and the first multi-use commercial/residential tower in Venceslo since Venceslo Village, was opened after a week of construction.

Due to the Big Dig, an expansion of Venceslo University was enabled. On October 15, Campus Loop Road finished its conversion to a pedestrian pathway and Jetson Commons was completed. On November 26, Korabtakok Residence Hall opened, the tallest building on campus, crossing over the MRT Zephyr Line. Later, Normal Hall was constructed as well.

Also as a result of the Big Dig, Venceslo Village began another expansion, the "South Wing", on October 23. As part of the expansion, a new department store, Tyson's, was completed and opened on November 4th, along with a slightly expanded UAV Park.

From 2020 onward, Venceslo has remained mostly untouched as time2makemymove moved on to work on his new city of San Dzobiak. However, on July 29, 2020, VFW's Concourse C was demolished to be redesigned and rebuilt. It was reopened on November 4, 2020. Nearly a year later, On September 3, 2021, The New VFW Renewal Project began, which calls for rebuilding Concourses B, D, and the Central Terminal, as well as a completely redesigned arrivals and departures roadway. As of November 18, 2021, Concourse B and the Central Terminal have been completed, while the rebuilding of Concourse D is postponed indefinitely. That same month, Venceslo Village finally opened its second tower in the South Wing, after over two years of sitting unfinished.

On July 30, 2022, vMetv3, a complete reconstruction of the vMet Metro system, began construction. This project is still in progress.

Build List

Listed in chronological order: Higher on the list was built earlier.

1. Venceslo Village Shops *

2. Grand BearLodge Venceslo Village *

3. BLOX BELLS Amphitheatre *

4. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (Awsomekeldeo)

5. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (MishkaMan)

6. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (_Mossie)

7. Town Hall (time2makemymove)

8. Convention Center *

9. Gas Station

10. Wayfoi Grocery

11. Cobblestone Coffee Company

12. Arctic Bakery

13. Venceslo Art House

14. Upper Venceslo Community Park

15. Venceslo South Library

16. House on Avenida Colima (Architect_21)

17. House on Clifftops Place (mjpwwf)

18. House on Clifftops Place (BernCow)

19. House on Clifftops Place (JTrain77)

20. Shadowbrook Shops

21. House on Shadowbrook Ln (_Lego_)

22. House on Shadowbrook Ln (Seshpenguin)

23. University Building 1 †

24. University Building 2 †

25. University Building 3 †

26. Time2 HQ

27. Venceslo Station ¥

28. University Building 4 †

29. University Building 5 †

30. Upper Venceslo Station ¥

31. Linton Dormitory Hall †

32. Venceslo Farms

33. House on Clifftops Place (Narasmar)

34. House on Clifftops Place (TheFlash966)

35. House on Clifftops Place (SirNatureWriter)

36. Venceslo Gliderport

37. South & Village Station ¥

38. SkyNation Arena


40. Venceslo Midtown Warptrain Station

41. Infinity Pizzeria

42. Store on Avenida Colima

43. House on Avenida Colima (Kel5)

44. House on Avenida Colima (GrumpyGoomba9)

45. Jackalope Fireworks Warehouse

46. House on Punkawskey Lane (_HeavenAngel_)

47. House on Punkawskey Lane (PineapplePerv)

48. VCHS Building 1

49. VCHS Gymnasium

50. House on Avenida Colima (knowmads7)

51. Sonny Dormitory Hall †

52. VCHS Building 2

53. Hunte Community Pool

54. University Building 6 †

55. Monorail

56. VMet Midtown Station ¥

57. Arch of Venceslo

58. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (Halfy_Crafty)

59. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (j_universe0)

60. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (Ryan_sam11)

61. FliHigh Center

62. VFW Main Terminal

63. VFW Infield Concourse

64. VFW Parking Structure

65. House on Wilson Peak Road (LithiumMirnuriX)

66. House on Wilson Peak Road (airplane320)

67. House on Wilson Peak Road (Minecrafts000)

68. Venceslo Gardens Golf Course

69. Venceslo Spleefodrome

70. Venceslo Archery Range

71. VFW Control Tower

72. House on Avenida Escuela (mine_man_)

73. House on Avenida Escuela (hvt2011)

74. VMet Gardens Station ¥

75. Venceslo Central Hospital †

76. Thimbleman Building †

77. VMet Stadium Station ¥

78. House on Wilson Peak Road (cal76)

79. VenDAG Headquarters

80. Blockland Parking Garage


82. House on Avenida Colima (AlikSong)

83. RiverWalk Building 1

84. RiverWalk Building 2

85. RichPlus Fuel

86. House on Avenida Ferrocaril (frogggggg)

87. Church of the Christian Minecraft Server

88. Pendry Grocery (Upper Venceslo)

89. Fire Station No. 9

90. House on Wilson Peak Road (Cabal)

91. Venceslo City Solar Power Farm

92. House on Avenida Escuela (Frosty_Creeper10)

93. 723 Avenida Tower

94. Venceslo Dog Park

95. QuartzBank Tower

96. VPS North Location

97. Spruce Apartments

98. Venceslo North Library

99. Rookie’s Sports Bar & Grille

100. Anderson Tree Nursery

101. Gardens East Strip Mall

102. Venceslo Ferrocaril Center (RaiLinQ)

103. SkyNation Arena Marketplace

104. Grey Tower

105. Pendry Grocery (North Venceslo)

106. Quicksand Team Store

107. Cactus House Sportsbook

108. O'Bryant Apartments

109. 25 Hour Fitness

110. House on Borderline Road (ConnConn2005)

111. House on Borderline Road (CaptainObi)

112. House on Borderline Road (Cact0)

113. House on Borderline Road (Conric005)

114. Borderline Financial Center

115. McDinkleberg's

116. Venceslo Tennis Center

117. House on Clifftops Place (Hightech_TR)

118. House on Clifftops Place (Vulpicula)

119. House on Clifftops Place (0x10)

120. BearLodge Venceslo Golf Resort

121. Borders Village Strip Mall

122. Morton Hill Apartments

123. House on Clifftops Place (Starcubed)

124. House on Schoolhouse Avenue (Red_Ray)

125. House on Schoolhouse Avenue (Vickiposa)

126. Venceslo Zoo

127. Venceslo Animal Hospital

128. House on Mariachi Ridge Road (FooteChicken)

129. Venceslo - Mariachi Ridge Farms

130. BearLodge Park

131. Midtown Multimodal Transit Center

132. Midtown CityCenter

133. Bungalow Blvd. Parking Garage

134. Jetson Commons Cafeteria †

135. Korabtakok Residence Hall †

136. Normal Hall †

137. 200 Village Offices *

  * part of Venceslo Village complex
  † part of Venceslo University
  ¥ part of VMet network
  ≈ built by someone who wasn't time2


North Venceslo

North Venceslo is the entirety of the area of Venceslo that is north of the A51. This area is most notable for having Venceslo Village, the Venceslo Art House, Venceslo Town Hall, and Venceslo University - as well as being the site for Icicle Holdings Stadium and the decommissioned UAV Airport. It used to have three houses built on Blackwood Road, but these houses were moved to South Venceslo as part of the VMRP. There are plans for a large stadium and/or governmental offices to be located west of the Town Hall and the Convention Center. Both Venceslo University and VH Hospital are located on University Boulevard. More recently, Venceslo Midtown Station, FliHigh Center, Jackalope Fireworks Warehouse, Venceslo North Library, and QUARTZBank Tower have all been built in the area. North Venceslo's main thoroughfares are Venceslo Parkway and University Boulevard, while B54Shield.png Crenshaw Highway exits the region on both the east and west sides.

South Venceslo

South Venceslo is the second district that was created in Venceslo. Its area encompasses all of Venceslo that is south of the A51 and not situated on the Mountain. It was planned to be the the location of the majority of commercial buildings, but that plan has fallen out in favor of farmland and large housing. It is the location of Venceslo's only gas station. South Venceslo also includes the area known as "Stationtown," which houses Venceslo Central Station (the main station of the STC in Venceslo, the MRT ZS20 Station, the VMet Stationtown Station, and buses), as well as Time2 HQ, which is situated next to the station. East of Time2 HQ is Venceslo's airport, which is the largest airport in the A51 region. South Venceslo's two main thoroughfares are Avenida Ferrocaril and Venceslo Parkway. South Venceslo also encompasses the community of Shadowbrook, a small area located in a hidden valley, where a couple houses and franchises are located - as well as Shadowbrook Casino, Venceslo's only gambling house.

Upper Venceslo

The third and final region of Venceslo, Upper Venceslo encompasses all buildings on the mountain that overlooks South Venceslo. It is southeast of the A51's interchange with Venceslo Parkway. This area is predominantly a residential district, with completed builds including Venceslo South Library, a small community park, 21 houses, and a church. Venceslo's only grade school is also located in Upper Venceslo. Venceslo Gliderport, the first completed gliderport of its kind, was built and opened on September 12, located at the edge of a cliff for easy elytra takeoff (yes, Frumple approved this both before and after it was built). Venceslo Gardens is located in Upper Venceslo as well, a large park containing an 18-hole mini golf course, archery, and an outdoor spleef arena. Upper's main thoroughfares are Avenida Colima, Clifftops Place, and Southwest Heights Road (the latter of which connects to the neighboring town of Downsview). Buildings in Upper Venceslo are required to have an exterior of predominantly wood-based blocks (certain exceptions have been granted under rare and extreme circumstances, however).



The city of Venceslo prides itself upon its diverse and unique road network, as well as its in-depth array of road signage. The Highway A51.png, which was built before the city of Venceslo was founded, runs directly through the city and acts as one of the largest modes of transportation. Supplementing it are the more recent B-Roads of B54Shield.png University Boulevard/Southwold Bypass and B59Shield.png Venceslo Parkway. The Highway A5.png has also been recently realigned and expanded to just east of Venceslo proper.

VMet (Subway)

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Stationtown/Venceslo Station  ZS20  MRT /  B  K  STC /  Monorail 
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.1 University none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.1 Midtown & Village  B  STC /  [2]  BluRail /  GWR  Fred Rail / (TBD) GreatCentral / (TBD) NewRail
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Stadium VLR
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.0 South Venceslo none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v1.0 Upper Venceslo none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Gardens none
Dynmap Green Flag.png v2.2 Airport  K  STC

VLR (Venceslo Light Rail)

In July 2019, the city began construction on the VLR (Venceslo Light Rail), a cart-based light rail line which runs on a ground level right of way inside the medians of Stadium Road and B59 Venceslo Parkway before splitting off at BearLodge Park to Phoenix Valley and Whiteley. The original project's scope was completed on August 13, 2019.

On August 12, 2019, AP_Red offered for the VLR to replace the current routing of Whiteley's warp-based tramlink, routed from Turing Square to College Park. This plan has been begun and is currently under construction.

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png RiverWalk -
Dynmap Green Flag.png SkyNation Arena  VMet 
Dynmap Green Flag.png Avenida Ferrocaril -
Dynmap Green Flag.png BearLodge Park -
Dynmap Green Flag.png Astley-Phoenix Valley  K  STC
Dynmap Green Flag.png Whiteley Fashion Center -
Dynmap Green Flag.png Turing Square Warptrains
Dynmap Green Flag.png Westbrook -
Dynmap Pin.png Otley Hill (planned) -
Dynmap Pin.png Southwold University (planned) -
Dynmap Pin.png Whiteley College Park (planned) Warptrains

Other Trains

The city is also serviced by the  B  &  K  lines of the Southwold Transit Commission. Venceslo is also serviced by the MRT's  ZS20  Venceslo Station.

Warptrain companies GreatCentral, Fred Rail, BluRail, and IntraRail serve Midtown Multimodal Transit Center, in addition to the aforementioned  VMet  and STC  B  line.


All third party buses also serve Midtown Multimodal Transit Center.


Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport is Venceslo's only airport. It has a large mount of airlines and destinations that serve the New World as well as two flights to the Old World. It is serviced by VFW Driveway (which can be accessed by A51 exits 7a or 7b). It has a direct connection with both the VMet and the STC.

In the past, UAV was Venceslo's original airfield and main hub of air travel. This airfield has since been replaced servicewise by VFW, and its old location now houses a park, a hospital, and Venceslo University's engineering building.

Historical Images

The city of Venceslo from above on November 18, 2021. The most clear change is VFW's overhauls of Concourses B, C, and the Central Terminal, as well as the many approach ramps.
Old photo taken on August 30th, 2020. It's first documentation since the partial enactment of the Venceslo Direct, many changes have been made: the Undergrounding of the A51, the Venceslo Village South Wing, the Venceslo University expansion, the Midtown Multimodal Transit Center, and Midtown CityCenter.
Old photo taken on May 23rd, 2019. It's first documentation since Premiership. Notable additions include BearLodge Park, Venceslo Zoo, and Mariachi Ridge Farms.
Old photo taken on February 6, 2019. The entire northwest corner of Venceslo (near and including the stadium and Venceslo Village) was rebuilt, as well as some further expansion efforts on the Upper Venceslo east side and a new concourse and new runway for VFW. Other small additions were added around as well.
Old photo taken on September 2, 2018. There was large expansion efforts in the northwest area (RiverWalk Shops, QuartzBank Tower, etc), and the southeast (lots of houses) - as well as some reorganization in the southwest (moving the farm and building BLOCKLAND VENCESLO.
Old photo taken on April 29, 2018, it’s first documentation since achieving Governor. Many new changes can be seen. Obvious ones include the demolishing of UAV, construction of VFW, construction of Venceslo Gardens and expansion of eastern Upper Venceslo, FliHigh Center, and some new VMet stations. However, there was also a B-road (B54) constructed in the meantime, and a couple A51 interchanges were redesigned as well.
Old photo taken on December 27, 2017. The changes are a bit less obvious: additions include a multitude of new houses in Upper Venceslo, as well as Venceslo City High School (VCHS) up there as well; the addition of Sonny Dorm Hall in Venceslo University; and the addition of new houses on Avenida Ferrocaril in South Venceslo - not to mention the Arch of Venceslo, also located in South Venceslo. Oh, yeah - there’s also a brand new Warptrain Station as well.
Old photo taken on November 9, 2017. The first documentation since it recieved Senator and was consequently considered a city. UAV Airport can be clearly seen, as well as the Village expansion, the Venceslo Monorail, and Icicle Holdings Stadium.
Old photo taken on September 28, 2017. The changes from the VMRP can be clearly seen, especially the movement of the Convention Center from west of Venceslo Parkway to east of Morton Hill Road.
Old photo taken on September 14, 2017. This is the last ever documentation of Venceslo before the VMRP was enacted and many buildings were moved around.
Old photo taken on August 21, 2017.
Old photo taken on July 31, 2017.