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Venceslo Village

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This page is for the large building named Venceslo Village. Did you mean: Venceslo (city)?

Venceslo Village
Venceslo Village's Main Building in early December. The Grand BearLodge Venceslo can be clearly seen, as well as the Venceslo Monorail station.
Creator time2makemymove
Operator Kimberland Mills Shopping Centers
Location West of  ZS20  Venceslo Station, North of the A51
Date Founded May 27, 2017
Number of Attractions 6
Number of Restaurants 11
Number of Shops 16
Number of Seats (Amphitheatre) 65
Number of Rooms (BearLodge) 42 (Hotel)

Venceslo Village is a multi-use entertainment-residential development located in the shallow Southwest MRT, in the eponymous town of Venceslo. It is the first multicomplex concept of its kind on the server, containing a hotel, a two-story shopping plaza, a large open-air amphitheater, a 550 square-block convention space, and the current headquarters of time2makemymove's franchises.

After the Venceslo Village Expansion completed on November 11, 2017, the Village has an extra 10 shops, a movie theater, new underground parking, and an elevated monorail connecting the Village to Venceslo's MRT Station.


Venceslo Village Directory.
Venceslo Village from a passing elytra user.

Grand BearLodge Venceslo Village

The first BearLodge hotel and the company's flagship property, the Grand BearLodge has 42 hotel rooms and 14 apartments available. It is the most recognizable aspect of Venceslo Village, being a unique 17-story tower with each floor alternating between hotel rooms and apartment rooms. It also has a rooftop pool on the top floor, with scenic spanning views of the desolate desert area. There is a Beachcomber's Buffet and a Traveller's Tavern located in the lobby. It was finished on June 22, 2017, and it opened on June 24, 2017 in conjunction with the grand opening of the Village. It is located on the west side of the main building.

The Shops at Venceslo Village

The Shops at Venceslo Village is a two-story shopping mall located on the east side of the main building. Upon its original opening, there were 9 shops and 6 restaurants located within it. It was the first completed region of the complex, being completed on June 7, 2017.

On October 30th, 2017, it was confirmed by Time2 Properties that The Shops at Venceslo Village were going to be expanded. This expansion included 10 more shops on the first floor, a 2-3 screen movie theater, underground parking below the Shops, and the long-anticipated Venceslo Monorail on the second floor. This expansion was finalized and opened to the public on November 12, 2017, and the list below consists of all the current tenants as of the recent expansion.


JPC Cinemas - Movies - time2makemymove

Binco Clothing - Clothing - knowmads7

Canada25 - Clothing - Needn_NL

North Korean Food Shack - Food - airplane320

EatStop - Food - EspiDev

Goomba Redstone - Electronics - GrumpyGoomba9

Whitfield's Steakhouse - Food - time2makemymove

Funtime Arcade - Games/Arcade - nktrain

REDpharmacy - Potions - time2makemymove

Barnes and Enchantments - Books - Tom_pairs

Cobblestone Coffee Company - Food - time2makemymove

Ice Tea Vendor - Food - seastep

LocalMart - General - j_universe0

LindWare - Electronics - LithiumMirnuriX

Talon's Banner Workshop - Building - TalonPlays


BaseWire - Electronics - Baseball02a

Waffle House - Food - mjpwwf

LC Fitness - Fitness - j_universe0

Frosty's Ice Cream - Food - dragonbloon419

BuildHelp Inc. - Building - Awsomekeldeo

Block Books - Books - SoaPuffball

Valletta Bank - Storage - AEhub

Narasmar Tutoring - Tutoring - Narasmar

Rich's Fried Chicken - Food - woorich999

Italiaso - Food - SoSo123

Time2 HQ

Time2 HQ is the server-wide headquarters of time2makemymove's franchises. This includes having all of the information about each franchise, and some meeting rooms, etc. It is located in the immediate center of the main building. There are plans to destroy the headquarters and move it to a more extravagant outpost (like another tower, perhaps). In its place would be a casino, built either by time2makemymove or Seastep.

Blox Bells Amphitheatre

Blox Bells Amphitheatre from one of its entrances.

Blox Bells Amphitheatre is a 65-seat open-air theater located directly north of The Shops. It's name is comes from the theater's sponsor, Blox, a note block company by JTrain77. A custom doorbell installed by the company can be heard when entering the theater. It was completed on June 13, 2017.

On August 30th, 2017, JTrain77 held a noteblock music concert titled "Noteblocks LIVE! Starring JTrain77" in the amphitheater. For the show, the amphitheater was temporarily outfitted with a ticket kiosk and a refreshments stand, and the stage was modified to have an backstage area (which was actually below stage), a firework dispenser, a bunch of noteblocks that could be played in survival mode, and a button that would trigger a chord.

During the construction of Venceslo University Airfield, the Amphitheatre had to be downsized to make room for the main runway.

Convention Center

Venceslo Village Convention Center (stylized VvcC) is a two-hall, approximately 550 square-block sized convention area. Its original iteration was located located across from the BearLodge, over Venceslo Parkway. It opened on July 1, 2017. There originally were two areas for restaurant franchises, located on both sides of the building - the first being a Whitfield's Steakhouse (relocated from the original location in The Shops) and the second an Italiaso.

On September 28th, the building was moved by crane to its current location, located on the west side of Morton Hill Road, overlooking the Venceslo Art House to the east and the rest of the Village to the south. This building move was done in segments. It was executed as part of the Venceslo Midtown Revitalization Project. The Whitfield's Steakhouse was demolished, and the Italiaso was also moved by crane to be located southwest of the Blox Bells Amphitheater.


A monorail was initially planned at the Village's inception (and parts of it were built) connecting the main building to  ZS20  Venceslo Station. However, because of how much of an eyesore it ended up being, the plan was scrapped. A new plan, this one solely connecting the attractions of the Village together, was then put into the planning stages, going under the placeholder name of VencesloLink. As of August 7, 2017, all plans of a monorail in Venceslo Village were confirmed to be scrapped by a representative of Time2 Properties, due to the recent announcement of the construction of the VMet. The VMet connection to the Village, via a tunnel to the South Venceslo Station, was completed on September 23, 2017.

On October 30, 2017, in conjunction with the announcement of the expansion of The Shops, Time2 Properties announced that the plans for a monorail had been resurrected. This was due to two things: the first being time2makemymove wished to expand the Village Shops, and wanted a reason for people to walk up to the second level - the other reason was that time2 never took down the signs pointing to the old monorail, and everyone kept asking where the monorail was. Going under the name Venceslo Monorail, this single-track elevated minecart line is to connect, once again, the Village to  ZS20  Venceslo Station, as well as another VMet station, an STC station, the new Time2 HQ, and multiple bus bays in Stationtown. This project is was completed and opened to the public on November 12, 2017.

Planned Attractions

Venceslo Village's Main Building in early July, long before the Village Expansion Project.

There are many planned attractions to be added in or around the main building. These include:


Seastep offered to build a Casino in the Village. If it is ever built, it would most likely be where the current Time2 HQ resides.


Time2makemymove really wants to build a rollercoaster or multiple rollercoasters to the east of the parking lot. However , as expansions continued to surmount, the possibility this will ever come to fruition (at least in the area of the Village) is very small.

Art Museum

Venceslo Art House, an art museum located directly north of the BearLodge and south of Venceslo City Hall was built in late July 2017. Although it was planned to be, the final building has no relation to Venceslo Village whatsoever.

How To Get Here

1. Ride the Zephyr Line to the  ZS20  Venceslo Station station, and then head west for approximately 100 blocks (or take the Monorail found at the station) to get to the Village.

2. Use the Central City MRT warp area to go to  C61  Foobar, take the Zephyr line Outbound two stations to the  ZS20  Venceslo Station station, and then head west approximately 100 blocks (or, again, ride the Monorail).

3. The A51 passes directly by Venceslo Village. An eastbound A51 connection was built on July 4. A westbound connection was built on July 7.

In terms of transport within the town of Venceslo, the VMet has two stations in close proximity to the Village: the South Venceslo station and the Midtown & Village station.

And of course, there is the recently built Venceslo Monorail.

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