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Alert.png Deputy Mayor elections 2018
A special election shall be called to elect the new Deputy Mayor of Verdantium, with the new Deputy Mayor announced on the 25th March.
Alert.png "An Edict to Permit the Construction of the South Block of the Old Verdantium Restoration Plan"
-Formulated and issued by the Deputy Mayor of the City of VERDANTIUM, Mr. C E Chimpy.
This Edict calls for the construction of several commercial units in the west and residential units in the east. Such an Edict addresses the lack of abundance of architectural styles prevalent in the town: commercial units, including: The Fenway Sports Shop, Tumble Hair, Verdantium City Post Office, Mackie's Drycleaning and the Verdantium City Brewery, will be built in the British metropolitan high street style consistent with the rest of the Verdantium streetscape. Residential units will be constructed as grandly as possible in the Regency style, in order to fulfill the responsibilities we have to the Citizens of Verdantium. The construction of commercial units will be presently supervised by the Deputy Mayor of the City of VERDANTIUM, Mr C E Chimpy; the construction of residential units will be presently supervised by the Mayor of the City of VERDANTIUM, Mr C K M Mossie.
Flag of Verdantium.png
The official flag of Verdantium.
Town officials
Mayor CaptainChimpy
Deputy Mayor DevranTheVacuum
Founder Mossie_1810
Town Councillors Ardyle
Verdantine Sovereignty Liaisons:

Honourary: Mossie_1810
MRT  EN31 - EN32 - EN33 - EN34 - EN35 - EN36 - EN37 
Bus Northern Bus Company
Roadways None
Nearest airport None
Rail RaiLinQ
Other transit None (WIP)
Facts and figures
Population 9
Town hall coordinates 14278, 64, -12240
Recognized as town 05/02/2017
Town rank [Senator]
Official language(s) English, French
World New
Post codes  VD2 

Verdantium is a [Senator] ranked city located in the far north-eastern reaches of the New World. It is one of the largest cities built within the period following the server's Epsilon Expansion.


The project began in December 2016, immediately after the server's Epsilon Expansion. The main objectives are ultimately realism, aesthetics, and functionality.

  • Realism/Architecture: No matter which country you are in worldwide, all cities contain a wide variety of architectural styles - Verdantium is no different and, although having an overall theme of British metropolitan, has many different styles of architecture such as Victorian, Modernist, Contemporary, Brutalist, Art Deco, and so on so forth - the placement and size of these buildings must also be taken into account, for example, an Edwardian terraced house would be part of a row of several terraced houses, whereas a 1960s tower block would likely belong to a housing estate containing multiple of these dotted around, and possibly some other low-rise blocks. It is also important to include the little details that may be missed during city constructions such as (but not limited to) paths blocking off former roads, and areas of different coloured road/path to indicate where they have been repaired in the past.
  • Aesthetics: This ties closely with realism. Having a wide variety of construction styles helps to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing city. Other contributing factors include the consideration for green spaces during city development. Owing to the landscape the city was built upon, lots of deforestation was required to make the land suitable for construction - thus it is important to replenish nature by means of parks, roadside trees, etc., greatly improving the appearance of the city whilst also minimising damage to the environment.
  • Functionality: In real life, a poorly planned city would cause a whole handful of problems. Verdantium aims to prevent this by having a planned-out road network, districts, and adequately sized buildings that are able to conform to their functions.


Verdantium is located across multiple biome types, these being: forest, taiga, plains, extreme hills. For the most part, the surrounding terrain is relatively flat (except, of course, the hills). The city is located on the north-eastern coast of the New World, upon the tip of the far eastern mainland south of north-eastern ocean and its many islands. North Verdantium features a man-made canal (Warkworth Canal) which is spanned by four bridges - (from North to South) the Maverick Bridge, Decade Bridge, Warkworth Bridge, and Brangton Boulevard Bridge.

In August 2017, the Warkworth Canal was reconstructed by the City's Deputy Mayor, CaptainChimpy. As the new design for the canal was to fit larger ships, the Maverick Bridge, Decade and Warkworth Bridges were subsequently rebuilt.

Brief History

  • 30/12/2016 - The land where Verdantium stands today is claimed by Mossie_1810, and its construction began.
  • 02/01/2017 - The construction of the first buildings (High Street terraces, Ronan Point) is completed.
  • 16/01/2017 - Verdantium gets its first resident (kekkomatic) in Alpertti Court.
  • 18/01/2017 - Construction of the Verdantium Town Hall is completed.
  • 27/01/2017 - The ownership of Northfields, a town south of Verdantium that was owned by ModernArt, is passed to Mossie_1810, becoming part of Verdantium.
  • 28/01/2017 - Verdantium gets its official MRT Wiki page.
  • 05/02/2017 - Verdantium is recognised as a town.
  • 20/02/2017 - Verdantium is recognised as a big town.
  • 17/06/2017 - Construction of the Fenwick Square Shopping Centre is completed, becoming one of the server's largest shopping malls.
  • 18/06/2017 - Verdantium is recognised as a city.
  • 19/07/2017 - CaptainChimpy begins work on reconstructing the Warkworth Canal.
  • 20/07/2017 - CaptainChimpy replaces BuildPilot as Deputy Mayor.
  • 25/08/2017 - The Warkworth Canal is rebuilt, 5 days ahead of schedule.
  • 30/10/2017 - Mayor _Mossie establishes the Verdantine Sovereignty group, an MPO for the region around Verdantium and the northernmost section of the MRT Eastern Line. Dragonbloon419 and Kelthe5 later join as mayors of the nearby towns of the Welsburian Verdantine Territory and Merritt Lakes, respectively.
  • 31/12/2017 - Verdantium celebrates its 1st anniversary.
  • 1/1/2018 - 3 new councillors join the city council, Needn_NL and Ardyln. BuildPilot returns to become a councillor.
  • 23/2/18 - _Mossie resigns Mayor due to IRL pressures. CaptainChimpy replaces him as Mayor.


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Old Town

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Life in Verdantium

The popularity of Verdantium is ever increasing as the city develops and grows in size.


Verdantium has a wide array of housing types available to all on a pay-the-value basis, whereupon players pay what they think the house or apartment is worth. The vast majority of these are pre-furnished to a high standard and are largely free for editing by players. Here you will find a database of all of Verdantium's residential buildings and their inhabitants.

Low Density Housing


Owing to its British metropolitan theme, the city contains lots of terraced row housing constructed from traditional materials such as bricks, sandstone and granite. These houses vary in size depending on location.

Street Name House Number Player
High Street 5 Mossie_1810
High Street 6 Soso123
High Street 10 Autobus22
Balford Street 1
Balford Street 2
Balford Street 3
Balford Street 4
Heston Street 1
Heston Street 2
Heston Street 3
Heston Street 4
Enspington Lane 1
Enspington Lane 2
Enspington Lane 3

Medium Density Housing

The city also features some small apartment buildings, a lot of which are styled as being former industrial buildings converted for residential use.

Alpertti Court


Alpertti Court is a 4 story Art Deco styled former industrial building that has been converted into a residential building, containing many luxurious apartments.

Floor Number Apartment Number Player
3 8 kekkomatic
Burton House


Burton House is a small Edwardian apartment building that (by design) would have been larger than it is today at some point, but a large proportion of it was demolished to make way for the construction of Hudspeth Court and Christon Court.

Floor Number Apartment Number Player

High Density Housing

Verdantium has many tower blocks and high rise apartment blocks.

Hudspeth Court & Christon Court


Hudspeth Court and Christon Court are two, identical 9 storey, high-end apartment buildings located on the Verdantium coastline and Warkworth Canal - with exquisite views of both. They are contemporary in design.

Building Floor Number Apartment Number Player
Hudspeth Court 9 17 ModernArt
Hudspeth Court 9 35 DJMC2000
Hudspeth Court 9 36 _HeavenAngel_
Ronan Point


Ronan Point is a 1970s tower block that has been modernised and refurbished, bringing it into the 21st century. Its location, mere metres away from the coastline, provides impeccable views for the wealthy few who reside there.

Floor Number Apartment Number Player
11 22 Frogs4Life
12 23 HammerDrinksTea
Harmony House


Harmony House is a medium-large apartment building, created as an extension to a pre-existing industrial building that was converted to residential use also. It is a mix of industrial and contemporary design and is situated on the Warkworth Canal.

Floor Number Apartment Number Player

Shopping & Entertainment

There are plenty of shops located all over the city. The majority, however, reside within the Fenwick Square Shopping Centre.

Fenwick Square Shopping Centre

FenwickSquareOutside.png FenwickSquareInside.png

This large, sprawling, 1970s styled modernist shopping centre is home to many businesses and is the centre of entertainment and commerce for the city and all its residents. Both the building's interior (particularly the ceilings) and exterior are beautifully styled in retro 1970s fashion. The roof of the shopping centre doubles as a car parking space for shoppers. The development is loosely based on the Eldon Square Shopping Centre (pre-refurbishment).

Business Floor Number Owner
Italiaso 1 Soso123
Frosty's Ice Cream 1 Dragonbloon419
Minemarket 1 SubwayGamerMC
Spruce Books 1 SubwayGamerMC
Traveller's Tavern 1 JTrain77

Old Verdantium

Old Verdantium, in consistency with its overall theme of metropolitan Britain, boasts a number of shopping streets, the most prominent one being Greenwich Park Lane. Much of the buildings along the street are built in British metropolitan style.

Street Unit Number Business/Occupier
Balford Street 5 Verdantium City Brewery Co.
Greenwich Park Lane 1-4 Scaramangar Architects
Greenwich Park Lane 5 Lipton Ice Tea
Greenwich Park Lane 6 Fake News
Greenwich Park Lane 7
Greenwich Park Lane 8 Frosty's Ice Cream
Greenwich Park Lane 9 The King's Royal Verdantium Mail Company
Greenwich Park Lane 9A Mackie's Drycleaning
Greenwich Park Lane 10 Potato King
Greenwich Park Lane 11 TUMBLE Hair
Greenwich Park Lane 12 Fenway Sports Shop

Bowie Arena


Named in honour of the late, great David Bowie, the Bowie Arena is home to the Verdantium Mavericks spleef team. The building itself is of late Victorian design and is surrounded by lots of greenery that help it blend into its surroundings. The arena boasts both a snow and slime spleef pitch.

City Environment

At the moment, Verdantium doesn't have any large parks as such. Instead, there are lots of little areas of green space dotted around the city in different locations. There is, however, a small park next to the Bowie Arena, and a much larger central park is planned for the area surrounding Fenwick Square Shopping Centre. Most Verdantine roadsides are tree-lined or hedge-lined so as to bring a bit of nature back into the urban environment.

City of Verdantium Rowing Club

The City of Verdantium Rowing Club is a government-affiliated boating club in Old Verdantium. Since the sport of rowing is technically impossible in the limits of Minecraft, the club instead practises boating. Formed in 2018, the Club is Verdantium's only rowing club and plans to become a leader in the MRT sport of boating.

The Club

The Club itself is located in Old Verdantium at the north end of the Warkworth Canal, the owner having bought the old coastguard station from the government. At the moment rowing boats are moored both inside and outside the dock; the longest 8 man + coxwain boats are placed on outdoor pivots which are installed 3m above the waterline in a dock off the main area of the Warkworth Canal. There are 3 docking areas in this dock which have the capacity to launch 3 8+ boats and 6 4+ boats. There is also an additional dock around the corner which is able to launch 1 8+ boat / 2 4+ boats. Since the club is large, with over 150 registered members, the club also houses additional boats in the interior dock and in storage areas in the main bulk of the boathouse. The interior dock is also large enough to handle launching a maximum of 10 2-man (no coxwain) boats or 20 single man boats. As part of the boathouse, there are also offices and a gym for professional rowers.

The Club President is CaptainChimpy and the Secretary is DevvySky.


The Club is split into 2 classes, Professionals and Members. Members are amateur rowers who do the sport for fun, and membership is open to any age that is 7 or over and of any level of skill. The only rules are that members under 18 must be registered with an adult guardian due to the nature of the sport as well as the ability to swim at least 15m. Professional rowers are invited to an application session which is held every 3 months.

Open days for any member of the general public to come along and row as well as enquire about membership. There are no membership fees available since the club is subsidised by the Council, except a one-off $15 charge upon joining.


Pro sessions are held from Monday - Friday between 19:00 and 21:00 in the Warkworth Canal. Please come 30 minutes prior to help bring out the boats. Member sessions are held from 16:00 to 21:00 on Fridays-Sundays. Rowing courses are also offered during normal school terms.


The Club, with the help of the Council, sponsor all water-based activity and projects within Verdantium. The Club is considering holding an inaugural Regatta in the King's Canal in September 2018. As Verdantium expands, we hope to be holding longer races for more elite athletes as well as shorter ones for all levels.


Coming soon.

Verdantium Succession Plan

If, for any reason, the Mayor (currently CaptainChimpy is banned, the following will happen:

1. The Deputy Mayor (currently DevranTheBoyxD) automatically assumes Mayorship for a period of 30 days.

2. At the end of this period, an election will be held to elect a new, permanent Mayor. This election will be organised and managed by the Cabinet Secretary (currently Ardyln.

3. Candidates in said election may only be limited to those who currently serve in the Verdantine Sovereignty Council.

4. At the conclusion of the election, a proclamation ceremony for the new Mayor will be held. The music to be played will be Part II. Hallelujah from Handel's Messiah.


Coming soon.