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Alert.png Note: Most of the information on this page does not apply anymore. Alert.png
Welcome to Vergil
Town PageGovernment of Vergil • Gomead Holdings • Real Estate • Regional Transportation Authority
Welcome to Vergil. This network of Wiki pages, including pages for our Government, Gomead Holdings, local real estate, and the Regional Transportation Authority will help you learn and find your way around the Vergil region, including the Vergil city center and Montauk Island. To navigate Vergil's several wiki pages, use the links above.
A picture of Vergil's Hester Street in the midst of phase 1 of development.
Founder JohnNotTech
Mayor _Kastle
Deputy Mayor Tom_Pairs
MRT Station  P12  Vergil
Intra-City Transit Regional Transportation Authority
Inter-City Transit ConnectEAST (Planned) RegionalConnect (planned)
World New World (Gamma)
Metropolitan Planning Organisation EAST
Population 5+
Founded October 4, 2014

Vergil is a town on the eastern side of the MRT's new world, located at station  P12  Vergil on the MRT Plains Line, founded on October 4, 2014. Its mayor is _Kastle, its deputy mayor is Tom_Pairs, and it is part of the Great Covinan Empire. Its citizens are forced to bow daily to _Kastle now under threat of arrest by the BART Police.

Vergil was proud to offer primarily free plots, prebuilt structures, franchise slots, and apartments, with the exception of Vergil premierPlots, which are always less than $5. When the business district (phase 2) is built, the vast majority of store spaces would have been free.


Vergil was split up into the following districts. Districts were to have been mostly developed, one after another, and would have then for the most part receive continuous development afterwards. The current phase of development was phase 1, which is the government district.

Government District

- Vergil's Government District is part of phase 1 of development. It is located primarily on Hester Street, and includes the following buildings:
- Vergil City Hall
- Vergil Fire Station (built by CarbonM14
- Vergil Police Station
- Vergil Power Authority Building, operated by PinnacleGRID
- Vergil piC Hospital

Business District

Vergil's Business District is part of phase 2 of development; therefore, development will not commence until after the completion of most of the Government District. Once development of the Business District begins, this section will contain more information pertaining to the district and its buildings, and information about the next district will be added.


"My primary goal for Vergil is to not be a town that's built quickly with little care for aesthetics. If it's all quickly built, WorldEdited iron boxes, it's going to run right up the rank ladder and look horrible. I want Vergil to look good, and if that takes a long time, so be it. I also want it to be easy to navigate; roads are wide, the city is planned on a grid, and roads for the most part aren't diagonal, they turn at 90 degree angles. This is so even if/when it becomes large, you'll still be able to comfortably find your way around without having to memorize street names. "
- TechnologyPro, Founder of Vergil

"[I want to make Vergil] look less like Vergil."
- _Kastle, Mayor of Vergil

Building Rules and Guidelines

To make Vergil appear uniform and aesthetically pleasing, the following rules for building applied at all times. There were no exceptions, unless otherwise specified.
- Excessive use of mineral blocks, including redstone blocks, iron blocks, diamond blocks, gold blocks, and emerald blocks, is prohibited.
- Franchises can be built in the fashion of other locations of the same franchise. If modifications are necessary, you will be informed.
- Glowstone and beacons for the purpose of lighting is prohibited. All buildings, including shops/franchises/etc built in prebuilt structures, are expected to use redstone lamps for the majority of lighting. Torches may be used sparingly. If you require the use of glowstone or beacons for lighting in your building, ask TechnologyPro for an exception.
- Builds can be removed by a member of Vergil's government staff. If situations transpire that necessitate the removal of a build, the original builder will be given one week's notice prior to removal.
- Slight modifications can be made at any time my a member of Vergil's government staff. These slight modifications include the placing of a sign outside.
- Larger modifications will not be made without prior authorization from the original builder of a structure. The original builder will be given a choice between the following options: 1) allow the structure to undergo modification as described by TechnologyPro or another Vergil government staff member, or 2) remove the build. In most cases, the following third option will be made available: 3) allow the structure to remain unmodified.

However, now Vergil is dead and you have to ask Kastle to build.