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The Vermilion Metropolitan Transportation Authority (abbreviated Vermilion Metro Transit Agency, Vermilion Metro Transit, or VMTA) is an organization responsible for providing public transportation services in the city of Vermilion, metropolitan planning region of IVY, and air and boat services based out of Vermilion.

VMTA operates using the NEAT code  VERM  where possible.

Vermilion Metro

Vermilion Metro is the biggest division within the VMTA. It operates Metro Roadworks for road construction projects, Metro Bus for local bus operations, Metro Rail for local rail service, and Meto Alternatives for the Topaz Cable Car and other odd forms of transport.

Service Status


Local bus lines:

  •  1  Corporate Loop: Service New.png Planned
  •  2  Downtown Loop: Service New.png Planned
  •  3  Eterna Avenue: Service New.png Planned
  •  4  Victory Road: Service New.png Planned
  •  5  Oak Grove: Service New.png Planned
  •  6  West Main: Service New.png Planned


The Vermilion Metro Rail network

Lines operating primarily within Vermilion and West Vermilion:

  •  VERM  R   Ruby Line: Service Good.png Good service
  •  VERM  S   Sapphire Line: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Open from Veilstone Heights to Saffron Island (Dynmap Construction.png Under construction to West Beach/Banana Point)
  •  VERM  E   Emerald Line: Service Good.png Good service
  •  VERM  Z   Azurite Line: Service Good.png Good service
  •  VERM  M   Amethyst Line: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Open from Cerulean Cape to West Vermilion (Dynmap Construction.png Under construction between Airport and West Vermilion)
  •  VERM  C   Citrine Line: Service New.png Planned

Express lines:

  •  G  Gold Line: Service Construction.png Under construction

Shuttle (Metro Link) services:

  •  A  Airport Link: Service New.png Planned
  •  V  Victory Link: Service Good.png Good service
  •  W  Waterport Link: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Open between Lindbergh and Humphrey


  •  TCC  Topaz Cable Car: Service Good.png Good service

Vermilion Airways

Vermilion Airways (VA) is a major airline based out of IVY Airport, managed by VMTA. VA flights depart and arrive into IVY using gates on Concourse D. Flight numbers are sequential in the order that the flight was added. Vermilion Airways is a founding and permanent board member of the SkyTransit Alliance.

Vermilion Airways is new world-exclusive. As such, VA will be requesting gates at all new world airports.

Flight Number Origin Airport Name Code Gate Destination Airport Name Code Gate
VA 1 Vermilion Gateway VER A1 Epsilon International (Airchester) EIA 21
VA 2 Epsilon International EIA 21 Vermilion Gateway VER A1
VA 3 Vermilion Gateway VER A2 Whitechapel Sky Harbor WHT R5
VA 4 Whitechapel Sky Harbor WHT R5 Vermilion Gateway VER A2
VA 5 Vermilion Gateway VER A3 Leydon International (BirchView) BVL ???
VA 6 Leydon International BVL ??? Vermilion Gateway VER A3

Vermilion Waterways

The Vermilion Waterways network, Routes 1-10

Founded in February 2015, Vermilion Waterways (VW, not to be confused with Volkswagen) is a commuter and passenger boat service, providing major connections between the MRT's water-linked cities. Rather than build a single hub like the airline, the Waterways use longer, numbered routes, with a trip between two stations being a numbered leg.

There are ten waterway routes serving over 20 cities. Three routes are in operation.

  1. Vermilion to Melrose: Service Good.png Good service
  2. MRT Marina to Soiled Solitude: Service Good.png Good service
  3. Kenthurst to Falloway: Service New.png Planned
  4. MRT Marina to St. Anna: Service Good.png Good service
  5. Ashmore to Daneburg via Avant Heim: Service New.png Planned
  6. Ashmore to Airchester via MRT Marina: Service New.png Planned
  7. Camino to Birdhall: Service New.png Planned
  8. Kenthurst to City of Evella: Service New.png Planned
  9. MRT Marina to Nippia: Service New.png Planned
  10. Airchester to Huntington: Service Good.png Good service

To get the trip number, the route number and leg number are added together. The first leg of the Vermilion—Melrose line (Route 1) is Leg 0 from Vermilion to Whitechapel, so that trip is coded VW 10.

Temporary routes are coded starting with the number 0 (so routes 00-09, then 010-099, etc).

Owned facilities

VMTA owns and operates several facilities within Vermilion to facilitate transportation in and around the region.

Victory Square Transit Center (VSQ)

Vermilion Gateway Airport (VER)

Main article: Vermilion Gateway Airport

Vermilion Gateway Airport (VER) is the main airport in Vermilion and is a hub for Vermilion Airways. It consists of 13 gates (A1-A7, B1-B6) and has lounges for both UnitedSkies and SkyTransit allied airlines. The airport is served by the Vermilion Metro  M  R  Amethyst and Ruby Lines, and the  A  Airport Link connects the two concourses. It will soon be served by Vermilion Metro Bus.

Concourse A is dedicated to Vermilion Airways and codeshare partners. Concourse B is for all other airlines.

Vermilion Waterport (JVV)

The Vermilion Waterport allows ferry service around the New World to connect to the region. It is split into four terminals, each named after a famous person from Minnesota (the state Chief is from). The terminals are:

  • Charles Lindbergh Terminal ( L , Gates L1-L5, Ground Transportation)
  • Hubert Humphrey Terminal ( H , Gates H1-H14. Gates H1 and H2 are accessible by uCar; depending on agreement with Yelo Ferries, gates H3 and H4 may be repurposed to allow uCar boarding.)
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald Terminal ( F , Gates F1-F8)
  • Charles Schulz Terminal ( S , Gates S1-S10, and International Arrivals from the old world)

The first two terminals, Lindbergh and Humphrey, are named similarly to the terminals at the Minneapolis—Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), the busiest airport in Minnesota. However, unlike Terminal 1-Lindbergh at MSP, terminals are not split into concourses at JVV.

Terminals are color-coded for easier identification: Lindbergh is red, Humphrey is blue, Fitzgerald is green, and Schulz is yellow. The Lindbergh Terminal is closest to downtown, and the Humphrey Terminal allows cars to load as well as passengers. The four terminals are connected by the  W  Waterport Link.

Vermilion Waterways uses gates in all terminals, usually grouped together on the western end of each terminal building.

All boats to the old world must use the Schulz Terminal as it has international processing facilities.

Gate Company Destination Status
L1 Vermilion Waterways Falloway Delayed
L2 Vermilion Waterways Melrose Boarding
L3 Vermilion Waterways Kenthurst Delayed
L4 Northern Star Ferries Whitechapel Boarding
L5 Smart Ferries Whitechapel Boarding
H1 Yelo Ferries Unknown Delayed
H2 Yelo Ferries Unknown Delayed
H3 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H4 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H5 Yelo Waterbus Fast Craft - MRT Marina Delayed
H6 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H7 Yelo Waterbus Fast Craft - Victorian City Delayed
H8 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H9 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H10 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H11 Yelo Waterbus Unknown Delayed
H12 Vermilion Waterways Unknown Delayed
H13 Vermilion Waterways Unknown Delayed
H14 Vermilion Waterways Unknown Delayed

Trivia: The code for the waterport is JVV, again named after a famous Minnesotan, in this case Jesse Ventura. An old plan for the waterport (when it had a security checkpoint, and was going to have two additional concourses beyond what is now the Lindbergh Terminal) included naming it after Ventura, and just using Concourses A, B and C. The terminals have since received their own names (L, H, F and S), and so the waterport reverted back to just "Vermilion Waterport", but the code remains the same. Kind of like how Toronto—Pearson has the IATA code YYZ, but that makes no sense, except JVV does (Jesse Ventura—Vermilion)

Polaris-University Station (VPU)