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Victoria, New Edwards

Motto:What Interesting Lesterneria

In Photograph: Downtown Victoria, Area is Known also as Coastal Point

City Established Early 2017, Around February


Occupation Information
Country: Victoria
State: New Edwards
County: West Mary

Government Information
Mayor: MC_Protocol
Deputy Mayor: _Kastle

Other Information
Coordinates 14006 , 64 , 17540
Named Based: Victoria
Zip Code 90154
Area Code 949

Victoria is a city located in the southern ward of the MRT Server, and is owned by MC_Protocol. The Port City originally was design as a substitute town in order to comprehend for a large significant design flaw in previous towns owns by MC_Protocol. The town current status is to be designed to built with the same architectural design, but have significant different franchises in those buildings.

Town Information


The Town started in early Feburary 2017, after constant building failure for creating towns on the server such as Rochshire. The logical bases for creating a town was to build it to look realistic but not choppy and disgusting. MC_Protocol who had experience stress from the overkill design on Rochshire led him to disown the town and take a break. During that break, he planned out his new town in order to not make any mistakes in it's design, road layout, and buildings.


The Town's Architecture is based on MC_Protocol's previous town Victorian City and is adjusted to the original flaws that Victorian City had presented. These flaws range from a failed guideline put in place by the town itself, lack of planning, same buildings design in the town and a overall problem with _Kastle's building around his town to the point of annoyance


The Town is present in a clean and very refreshing state, providing members with the capability to design there franchise and houses in a very orderly design fashion. This is also presents members and guest with a town that has put in work, time and effort.


Communities and City Neighborhoods

Victoria was originally centered on the Old Town district (Lesteran), but by the late 1860s the focus had shifted to the Bayfront (Coastal Point), in the belief that this new location would increase trade. As the "New Town" – present-day Downtown PCOV – waterfront location quickly developed, it eclipsed Old Town as the center of Victoria.


The Museum of Contemporary Art Victoria (MCAV) is located in Coastal Point and has a branch located in Downtown Port City of Victoria. The downtown branch consists of two building on two opposite streets. The Columbia district downtown is home to historic ship exhibits belonging to the Victoria Maritime Museum, headlined by the Star of Protocoalisn, as well as the unrelated Lestian Aircraft Museum featuring the VRF Centennial Ship.

The Port City also contain previous military bases that are now used as Historical Areas to present Tourist of the Wars that the city had contain itself against. These Military Bases for example such as Fort Preston

Fort Preston after the Great Southern Epslion War

and Fort Winter are examples of Historical Locations.

Location and Landscape

The Port City of Victoria is showed to be in Southern New World Expanded Land Territory. This is also known as Epsilon Territory which basically is the Extended Amount of land that was extended from the original New World to provide much more space to new builders. Because of Previous Reasons with the City of Rochshire, it was abandon and discarded are a territory of the Victorian Empire.

The Land that surround the Port City of Victoria is Shown to be Savannah Based Land in the North, East and the South. The Western Land is unmarked territory that is filled with Mountains, Mini Plains and Tundras. Its currently unknown of what creatures and towns expand west of the City.


The climate in Port City of Victoria, like most in the South MRT Sea, often varies significantly over short geographical distances resulting in microclimates. In Victoria, this is mostly because of the city's topography (the Bay, and the numerous hills, mountains, and canyons). Frequently, particularly during the "May gray/June gloom" period, a thick "marine layer" cloud cover keeps the air cool and damp within a few miles of the coast, but yields to bright cloudless sunshine approximately 5–10 miles (8.0–16.1 km) inland. Sometimes the June gloom lasts into August, causing cloudy skies over most of Port City of Victoria for the entire day. Even in the absence of June gloom, inland areas experience much more significant temperature variations than coastal areas, where the ocean serves as a moderating influence. Thus, for example, downtown Port City of Victoria averages January lows of 50 °F (10 °C) and August highs of 78 °F (26 °C). The city-district of Nestordam , just 10 miles (16 km) inland from Downtown Victoria, averages January lows of 42 °F (6 °C) and August highs of 88 °F (31 °C).

Surfer Surfing

The sign of a rise in Global Warming on the Server continues to grow thanks to the City of Covina Totally-Not-Hard-Working-Labor / Work (Sweatshops).


The Endanger MC_Protocol is Still A Problem since 2013.

Office Information

City-State Office Rotation

The Port City of Victoria was designed to introduce a rotational office position, where city officials that control a particular district are meant to rotate there position with another city official through a long series of democratic elections. The process is a week long and divided between a couple of set rounds with ballots.


Despite Originally having a simple government controlled as separate entity (ex. Centennial ), The Port City of Victoria is under a City-State position. (A city-state is a sovereign state that consists of a city and its dependent territories)


The Port City of Victoria is split in Multiple Section, commonly listed as districts. Districts are control by a Deputy Mayor and there are switched around every 2 months or such. The position to be give out to are consisting of responsible players who have some sort of time to have control of a part of the town.

Coastal Point District At Sunset

Current District of The Port City of Victoria.

District District Mayor Term
Coastal Point MC_Protocol Until 2018
Lesteran Soleurs Until December 31, 2017
Preston TBA
Justian TBA
Downtown PCOV TBA
Nestordam Ben6331 Until January 21, 2018
Old Town TBA

Coastal Point

Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Coastal Point MC_Protocol Until 2018

The District of Coastal Point is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by MC_Protocol. This District is the Orginal District in City and is located in the West of Preslet Harbor District.


Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Lesteran Soleurs Until December 31, 2017

The District of Preslet is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by Soleurs`.


Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Lesteran Soleurs Until December 31, 2017


Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Preston TBA Until 2018

The District of Preston is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by


Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Justian TBA Until 2018

The District of Justian is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by


Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Downtown TBA Until 2018

The District of Downtown is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by


Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Nestordam Ben6331 Until 2018

The District of Nestordam is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by Ben6331

Old Town

Current District Mayor

District District Mayor Term
Old Town TBA Until 2018

The District of Old Town is a Registered District of The Government of Victoria and is currently controlled by


Public schools in Port City are operated by independent school districts. The majority of the public schools in the city are served by the Port City of Victoria Unified School District, which includes 3 K-8 schools, 4 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 1 atypical and alternative schools, 3 high schools, and 2 charter schools.

Several adjacent school districts which are headquartered outside the city limits serve some schools within the city; these include the Southern Unified School District, Defrosted Union School District, Union High School District and Nestordam Union High School District. In addition, there are a number of private schools in the city.

Colleges and Universities

The current and only college is the University of Victoria

Currently 7th Best University on the Server


I like mayo.


The largest sectors of Port City of Victoria's economy are defense/military, tourism and international trade, respectively. In 2016, Victoria was designated by Defrosted Collin as the best city-state in the MRT to launch a small business or startup company.


The Port City of Victoria's Harbors and Ports are known for there deep sea waters that allow them to have better overall defenses and carry on items. Major Cities under the Victorian Empire engage there ships usually at the cities docks and ports.



International Trading

Umm. We are Decent.


Victoria Demographic as of 2017.

Race Percentage
White-Caucasian 25%
African-African American 25%
Asian 10%
Grey 10%
European 10%
Spanish-Mexican 10%
Alien 10%



Current published within the city are the daily newspaper, The Port City Tribute and its online portal of the same name, and the alternative newsweeklies, the Meme CityBeat and V Reader. Times of New Victoria is a free online newspaper covering news in the metropolitan area. Voice of Preston is a non-profit online news outlet covering government, politics, education, neighborhoods, and the arts. The New Victoria Daily News Publication is a business-oriented daily newspaper.


The City's News Organization first started in 2014 in Frost City, known as VPNN ( Victorian Presentable News Network ). Currently Splitting Between 50% Cable and 50% Satellite


The City of Victoria Currently offers very good broadcasting network station which offer nationwide audience on the Minecart Rapid Transit, iHeartNotRadio; Finest City Broadcasting, and many other smaller stations and networks. These radio stations such as Victorian 99.1 , Water Beats 34.2 , VOME 34.4 , CentStream AM 1000 and other broadcasting networks.



The City's Water Supply is supplied to residents by the Water Department of the Port City of Victoria. The water itself is usually received via from the Edwardian River a mile away from Coastal Point District.

Gas and electric utilities are provided by Victoria Gas & Electric, a division of Salt Energy.


In the mid-20th century the city had mercury vapor street lamps. In 1978, the city decided to replace them with more efficient sodium vapor lamps. This triggered an outcry from astronomers at New Palomar Observatory 5 miles, north of the city, concerned that the new lamps would increase light pollution and hinder astronomical observation. The city altered its lighting regulations to limit light pollution within 19 miles of Palomar.

In 2017, the city announced plans to upgrade 80% of its street lighting to new energy-efficient lights (Ender Glass) that use induction technology, a modified form of fluorescent lamp producing a broader spectrum than Iron-vapor lamps. The new system is predicted to save $2.2 million per year in energy and maintenance. The city stated the changes would "make our neighborhoods safer". They also increase light pollution and Defrosted Gas.


Trains and Buses

The Port City of Victoria Transportation in Trains and Buses is very divided as there is two transportation district within the city. The VITD (Victorian Independent Transportation District) and MTS ( Massive Transportation System ). These Transportation Companies are the Two Major Companies that run Trains and Bus Transportation within the limits of the city.


Taxis were disbanded in 2015 due to low ridership and were replace with Nuber.

Highways and Roads

(Work in Progress)

Noticeable People

MC_Protocol - Founder of MC Tasty

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