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Victoria Transportation Authority

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Victoria Transportation Authority
Locale Victoria, Victoria
Transit Type

Light Rail: 2

Bus: 7
Number of Station

Rail: 9

Bus: 10
Number of Station Rail: 9
Daily Ridership 1,900(2017 Average Weekday Boarding)
Chief Executive MC_Protocol
Began Operation March 3, 2017
System Length

Rail: 105 block Miles (169 km)

Bus: 1,433 block miles (2,306 km)
Track gauge 4 ft 8.5 in

The Victoria Transportation Authority (branded as Metro) is an public agency that is responsible for the operation of public transportation in the City of Victoria metropolitan. It was formed from nothing and didn't really having anything before that. It is listed by the Victoria State Law as a regional transportation agency.

Metro directly operates services for light rail and bus. It also provides direct funding for transit-oriented projects, such as "A" Class Highways and "B" Class Highways within the region of Victoria.