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Vinataka dynmap.png
Vinataka as seen from Dynmap
Flag of Vinataka.png
Flag of Vinataka
FoundedMay 4, 2020
CompletedMay 11, 2020
Coordinates19480, 67, -19086
WorldNew World
WardWard 2
Itokani Transit connectionsWaitui
No. of buildings22
Island landmarkMount Vakatiki

Vinataka is the third island settlement of Itokani, located in the Northern Ocean in the region of Senikau. The island was built by McYoshi26, the mayor of Itokani. Construction of the island began on May 4, 2020, and was completed on May 11, 2020.

Vinataka is notable for being the island of Itokani with a volcano.


Mount Vakatiki overlooking Ririkotaki Village

When planning the region, MinecraftYoshi26 wanted to make an island with a volcano, similar to the San Buenaventura Volcano on the Hummingbird Islands. After the completion of Manumanu, Vinataka was claimed on May 4, 2020.

On the day of claiming, the trees on the island were cleared to make way for the creation of the volcano, Mount Vakatiki. Terraforming and the creation of the volcano began on May 8, 2020.

After basic terraforming was complete, the first major non-natural construction on the island was the Vutuniyau Mines, which was made to emphasize the island's main economic export of mined materials. The Ririkotaki Village was built following the completion of the mine. The addition of the farms followed directly after. At the same time, the creation of the tourist shopping area in the northern portion of the island was built and the Moli Lighthouse was added.

Following the lighthouse, the Vinataka Public Docks were created near the tourist area with six shops. These shops and the houses were then furnished.

Eight different types of palm trees were placed on the island. They were placed not too densely and approximately 75 trees were placed on the island. With the island nearly complete, llamas were spawned on the island to populate it. Their presence was the reason they were the name island's official animal.

The island was declared completed on May 11, 2020, when an in-game map of the island was made.

On February 20, 2022, an Itokani Local Transit boat was added to the Ririkotaki Village Docks connecting to Sulua.


The Vutuniyau Mines in Ririkotaki Village

The island is named after the Fijian word for 'desire'. A few locations on the island were named after Fijian words. The Vutuniyau Mines are named after the Fijian word for 'rich'. Ririkotaki Village is named after the Fijian word for 'risky'. Mount Vakatiki is named after the Fijian word for 'bubble'. The Moli Lighthouse is named after the Fijian word for 'orange'. The Tadra Well is named after the Fijian word for 'dream'.

The villagers are named after characters from the video game franchise Animal Crossing. The villagers in the village are Apollo, Beau, Pierce, Roald, Jay, Bones, Walker, Erik, Bill, Cookie, Dotty, Fauna, Goldie, Maple, June, Margie, Poppy, Whitney, Tia, Pekoe, and Stella.


Vinataka is located in the Northern Ocean. It is the westernmost island in the region of Senikau. The waters surrounding the island are either a deep ocean or deep lukewarm ocean biome.

In relation to other settlements, the closest other settlement at the time of completion was the island of Manumanu to the north.

Builds and attractions

The shops and Tadra Well in northern Vinataka

Vinataka has a total of 22 buildings: thirteen village houses, the Ririkotaki Village Hall, the Vutuniyau Mine Foreman Office, the Moli Lighthouse, the Vinataka Island Gift Shop, a Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips, a Mossack's Gems, an AstroSlurp, an Aroma Coffee, and the New Bakersville Mail Company.

The island's main attraction is Mount Vakatiki, a large, bubbling volcano slightly taller than the lighthouse, the tallest building on the island. The volcano has various llamas with orange and light gray carpets on it.

The other major point on the island is the Vutuniyau Mine adjacent to the Ririkotaki. It is rich in minerals and materials, which are the island's major export.


Itokani Local Boats take passengers to other islands in Itokani. Vinataka is connected by boat to Waitui at the Vinataka Public Docks and Sulua at the Ririkotaki Village Docks.