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Waterville Armed Forces

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Waterville Armed Forces
Service Branches Waterville Army
Waterville Home Guard
Waterville Airforce
Allegiance Waterville
Headquarters Camp Pontiac

The Royal Guard

Supreme Commander Skelezomperman
General of the Home Guard TBA
The Sealane War
The LoC/Waterville/KIA/BART Crisis
The Crane Revolution
The Invasion of Seaview

The Waterville Armed Forces are an Army Commanded by PtldKnight that is the Armed Force for the City of Waterville. It consists of the Waterville Army, Waterville Airforce and the Waterville Home Guard

The Waterville Army

The Waterville Army, formed as one of the First Parts of WAF is the Ground Forces Branch of WAF. Most Divisions are Infrantry while others are Engineers and some are Artilary.

The Waterville Airforce

The Waterville Air Force is the Air Forces Branch of WAF. Most Divisions are Fighter, 3 are Refuling and the the Number of Bombers are REDACTED.

The Waterville Home Guard

The Waterville Home Guard is the the Militia Branch of WAF. Its Purpose to to Protect Waterville and other Towns part of the Republic of Waterville. Most units are either Engineers or Infantry.

Waterville Air Guard

The Waterville Air Guard is a branch of the Waterville Home Guard and the Waterville Air Force providing Air Defense and Security for Waterville. This Branch has not been activated yet.