Ward 6

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Ward 6
Premier Cities Deadbush, Venceslo

Ward 6 is one of the 9 wards of the New World. It is bordered by Ward 7 to the north and Ward 5 to the east.



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Cities with a superscripted number are partially in the listed ward. Cities with multiple postcodes in their town with this feature may also have postcodes that are not in Ward 6. Cities with a † symbol next to a superscripted ward number have their post code in that ward, not Ward 6.

City Rank Mayor Postcode
Birdhall [Governor] Robang592 BH
Deadbush [Premier] MojangChan DB
Gemstride [Senator] SoaPuffball GS
Heampstead [Senator] MikeRoma HS
Itomori [Senator] _mitsuha
Paixton [Senator] CaptLincoln
Schillerton [Senator] chiefbozx SH
Venceslo [Premier] time2makemymove VN5†
Whiteley [Senator] AP_Red WT5
Zerez [Senator] airplane320 ZR