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Ward 8

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Ward 8
Premier Cities Whitechapel, Kessler

Ward 8 is one of the 9 wards of the New World. It is bordered by Central City to the southeast, Ward 7 to the south and Ward 9 to the northeast.



Highway Route Builders Status
Highway A8.png Central City to Vegeta via Xilia, Kenthurst, Radiance Square, Whitechapel, Storalisburg and Spring Valley _frozen Status: Service Partial.png Partially open
Highway A850.png Highway A8.png to Ilirea mikefishr Status: Service Good.png Good service
A88-shield.png A78-shield.png to Spring Valley mikefishr Status: Service Construction.png Under construction
Highway A89.png Highway A8.png at Whitechapel to Snowtopic via West Calbar, Washingcube, and Konawa _frozen
Status: Service Good.png Open
Highway A890.png Interchange between Highway A89.png and Highway A90.png to B17-shield.png at Armada ArdyArd Status: Service Good.png Good service
Highway B820.png Highway B846.png to Anderson Avenue at Larkspur Vickiposa Status: Service Good.png Good service
Highway B846.png B813 at Cattington to Highway A92.png at Larkspur Vickiposa
Status: Service Good.png Good service


Cities with a superscripted number are partially in the listed ward. Cities with multiple postcodes in their town with this feature may also have postcodes that are not in Ward 8. Cities with a † symbol next to a superscripted ward number have their post code in that ward, not Ward 8.

City Rank Mayor Postcode
Carnoustie [Governor] CaptainObi CA
Kessler [Premier] lalaboy KS
Larkspur [Governor] Vickiposa LA9
Radiance Square [Governor] MindBender15 RS
Spring Valley [Senator] Architect_21 SG7†
Vegeta [Senator] mine_man_ VG
Wazamawazi [Governor] autobus22 WW
West Calbar [Senator] sesese9 WC9†
Whitechapel [Premier] _Kastle WH
Xilia [Governor] Yellowitcher XI