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Waverly Collage.png
Flag of Waverly.png
Flag of Waverly
Deputy Mayorcal76
City recognition
Date foundedOctober 4, 2014
Date recognized as SenatorFebruary 26, 2017
Town hall coordinates-5992, 70, 3242
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
MRT C79  Waverly
Air facilitiesWaverly Edinburgh Station
Rail facilitiesWaverly Edinburgh Station
Water transit facilitiesWestern docks
Former name(s)City of Waverly

Waverly is a Senator city located at C79 on the MRT Circle Line. Sitting on the western area of the map, overlooking a large beautiful ocean, the city is sandwiched in between the neighboring Cities of Espil to the north and Daneburg to the south, all making part of one of the largest continuous urban areas in the map. Based around a series of inspirations, including the real life cities of Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Las Vegas; The city is a thriving mix of different architecture styles and urban planning designs. The city boasts several landmarks, such as one of the server's largest town halls, a highly functioning transit center, the server's largest Media Center and even the servers only mobile art gallery.

Waverly is involved in several server organisations. It is a honorary member of EAST, as the member to the West. It is also the ninth admitted member of TRONC. The largest organisation that Waverly is involved in however, is the United Cities, with the Mayor serving as Chief Justice from Jan 2017 to Jul 2017.


The name of Waverly is derived from Edinburgh's Waverley Train Station. The station from Edinburgh is named after a series of novels, known as the Waverley Novels from the 19th century, written by Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott. The novels were some of the most popular books in Europe for over a century, though only the first book in the series actually makes mention of Waverley, being the surname of the protagonist in the book.

Logo and Flag


Planning (2013-2014)

Ground Breaking (2014-2015)

Pre Senator (2015-2017)

Founded on the day the new world opened, The Mayor set to work quickly to establish the beginnings of a town. The very first thing built was a large square surrounding the MRT station, which would serve as the focal point for the entire city.

cal76 who was Mayor of Riverend in the old world laid the groundwork and is still the Mayor today. Parts of Riverend serve as an inspiration for Waverly.

One of the earliest photographs of Waverly

The town hall was a massive project in itself, taking at least a month to finish. A refurbish of the town hall is planned.

Music3_0 was the first Deputy Mayor of Riverend, up until he was banned. For a while after he was banned, the Deputy Mayor spot was vacant until MinecraftYoshi26 became Deputy in November 2016.

Post Senator (2017-Present)


Biomes and Topology

The City is located centrally in a Savannah Biome, on the western side of the server, bordering a sea further to the west. It is surrounded by desert, but a slow moving teraforming movement is in the works.


Terraforming Projects

One of the earliest photographs of Waverly


The mayor of Waverly has absolute rule over the town, no questions asked. The Deputy is powerless whilst the mayor is still around.

The Parliament of Waverly is only used for aesthetics. It has 193 seats, including a Speaker and a Prime Minister. It is currently empty as no elections has happened yet, though one is planned eventually. Each citizen of Waverly will get votes in the election, with homeowners getting 1 vote, business owners 3 and corporate owners 9 votes. The votes all add up so for example, someone could own an apartment and a shop in the town, so with a home and a business combined, they will get 4 votes in the election. The votes are then placed into a Jefferson style proportional voting system, which will divided up how many seats each political party gets. The Prime Minister is the leader of the largest political party, though if the Mayor or Deputy Mayor is the leader, then the leader of the 2nd largest party will become the Prime Minister. The Speaker is directly elected among the MPs, though can be appointed by the Mayor at his or her direction.


Central District

Theater District



The Strip



Transportation and Infrastructure







Boats and shipping