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Flag of Welchett
Deputy Mayorshodoopy
City recognition
Date foundedMarch 18, 2021
Date recognized as CouncillorMay 21, 2021
Date recognized as MayorJuly 28, 2021
Town hall coordinates-13590, 65, 8312
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 6
MRT H17  Welchett
 H18  Foobar
Road connectionsA6
Rail facilitiesWelchett Station (NewRail FLR)
Local transit'WelchTrans' Green/Blue/Red Lines

Welchett is a Mayor town founded and owned by _Z3NO_, located at H17 on the MRT Savannah Line.


After _Z3NO_ became member on 15 March 2021, the first building was erected, his residence, on 18 March 2021. Soon after, the CBD was established, and Ace Avenue, Main Street were created. The Depot Diner and _Z3NO_’s house were the two buildings examined at endorsement and subsequent promotion to Citizen rank, given by Skelezomperman and Cynra_. After that, buildings were erected in the CBD at a rapid pace, and the first skyscraper, ContraVista Hotel, was largely completed by 29 March 2021. At that time, it was the tallest building in the city. At the beginning of April, i____7d came and built the NewRail station. The Grand Blomberg Mall was completed and imported into the server, and the first franchise, Wuster’s Burgers was constructed by STthecat on 11 April. After 13 days as tallest building, ContraVista was dethroned as tallest building by the newly-constructed Adderley and Avignon Apartments on 11 April. Welchett was promoted to Councillor on 21 May 2021, and to Mayor on 28 July 2021.


Welchett is located in a large desert, and is along the Welch River. Rolling hills and small mountains dominate the landscape. This demanded innovative planning and construction, including bridges, tunnels, hill flattening, and river rerouting.

The closest Premier city to Welchett is Deadbush.


Districts of Welchett, as of 21 July 2021.


_Z3NO_ in Welchett’s central business district.

This is the Central Business District, where most business takes place. A historic area, it was created in late March 2021 just days after the city was founded. It It features the Town Hall, as well as the expansive RiverVillage Commercial Development. Retail businesses line the eastern side of Main, with a church and a library as well. NewRail is hubbed near Main Street, and WelchTrans’ has several stations, including both central stations (on Main Street) in the CBD.

Points of Interest

  • _Z3NO_ Residence
  • The Brick Building
  • Town Hall
  • Depot Diner
  • Central Library
  • Vesna’s Creamery
  • House of Our Savior Catholic Church
  • Jailhouse Rock & Dine
  • RiverVillage Retail Complex
  • Greater Welchett Farmer’s Market
  • Hopkins Cinema


Blomberg is the first district west of downtown, seen just across the Welch River, and extending to Candlewind Drive. Blomberg features the Grand Blomberg Mall, where many player-built franchises are located, as well as the bowling alley nearby. It features the Welchett High School, a sprawling Grade 9-12 Education facility. Included with the school is its auditorium, the Theatre Center, which also opens up for other events around town. Also, it features the Mulentry Condo Complex, two giant buildings with apartments for living, with a commons area and park connecting them.

Points of Interest

  • Grand Blomberg Mall
  • Welchett High School
  • Mulentry Condominium Complex
  • Welchett High School
  • Theatre Center

Highrise District

The Highrise District, featuring the 3 of the tallest buildings in Welchett.

This features most of the lodging and apartments in Welchett. The prominent structures in the Highrise District are the Adderley & Avignon Apartments and the ContraVista Hotel, both being the tallest buildings in Welchett at some point. The Welchett Gym is also located here, as well as the ContraVista Plaza. It is bounded by Ace Avenue to the west, and mainly surrounds the area around the A & A.

Points of Interest

  • ContraVista Hotel
  • Adderley & Avignon (A&A) Apartments
  • Welchett Gym

Transportation District

The Transportation District is a small district on the northern tip of Welchett. Despite the name, the MRT and WelchTrans station are the only transport facilities, although a bus terminal and transit hub is planned in the future. Also, an Amtrak Memorial was constructed in late April 2021, and was completed and dedicated on 1 May 2021, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Amtrak, which began operation on 1 May 1971. Also, The district features the tallest structure in Welchett, the Welchett Pyramid, a desert themed theme park, which pyramid structure extends 83 meters above the ground.

Points of Interest

  • NewRail FLR Station
  • H17 Station (MRT Savannah)
  • Amtrak Memorial
  • Welchett Pyramid Theme Park
  • Bus Terminal (Future)


An aerial photo of Westside, just after all exteriors were completed.

Westside is a district west of Blomberg, and Candlewind Drive. It is almost completely occupied of the Westside Development, which is Welchett’s first suburban housing project. It also features a retail center and a fountain surrounding the WelchTrans cartrail station there. Westside is notable for having gated entrances, and taking up several grid parcels. Westside also features The Animas, a building that humorously and unintentionally looks like a bunny, and was dubbed the “UwU Building” during construction, as the front façade features shapes that spelled “UwU”. It is the tallest building and 2nd largest structure in Welchett. Westside has Welchett’s first linear park greenway, the Nyome Valley Greenway, which traces a dried but grassy riverbed, just west of the development. It goes from the Searchlight Expressway’s Goldeneyes Bridge, to two blocks south to Dasisi Avenue. Its southern terminus features a large fountain and plaza called the Schengen Square. Nyome Valley Park even features a village ruins, with the church open as an observation deck.

Points of Interest

  • Westside Development
  • The Animas
  • Nyome Valley Park and Greenway


Welchett has a well defined transit network with multiple modes of transit.

Intracity Services


Welchett’s main thoroughfares are the Welchett Traverse (Trv.), a road going from A6 and  H18  Foobar, and the Searchlight Expressway, a 4 lane road also going from A6, to Blomberg and points west. Main Street one block east services the CBD, and Ace Avenue connects the two and heads east towards Blomberg. Other auxiliary roads include Buxton Avenue, Colton Avenue, and Ordinal Way.

Welchett has a numbered Regional Route system that is being developed. Route numbers will be designated along major roads in Welchett.

An example of a Regional Route Shield.


The current WelchTrans System Map, as of 28 July 2021.
An example of a standard design WelchTrans station. This station has been largely removed.

WelchTrans is a local cart rail system, with service centered at Ace Avenue & Main Street/Ordinal Way. The system currently has 3 lines (Red, Green, Blue) and 11 stations in operation. The stations also follow a numbering system based on their direction from the Central CS Station, as well as the number of stations left until central. For example, the first station west of CS is numbered W1, the second is numbered W2, and so on.

Intercity Services


Welchett is serviced by the Savannah Line, at  H17  Welchett and  H18  Foobar. It is also one station south of the Mesa Line’s  M47  Foobar station.


A trumpet interchange with A6 exists at the north edge of the city, with Tembok to the west and Deadbush to the east.

NewRail FLR

Welchett is serviced by NewRail, which has a station in the center of town. Built by i____7d in early April 2021, it is served by R2 and R5. Acacia Hill is one station to the west, and Xterium North is one to the south.

List of Tallest Structures

Structures must be 30 meters or taller to qualify for this list.

The Welchett Pyramid, the tallest structure in Welchett as of 15 July 2021.
Building Name Height Date Built
Welchett Pyramid 83 m (272 ft) 10 July 2021
The Animas 62 m (203 ft) 15 June 2021
Adderley Apartments 53 m (174 ft) 11 April 2021
Avignon Apartments 53 m (174 ft) 11 April 2021
ContraVista Hotel 41 m (136 ft) 29 March 2021
Mulentry Suites 36 m (118 ft) 20 May 2021
Welchett NewRail Station (built by i____7d) 30 m (98 ft) 3 April 2021