Kespian Isles

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The Kespian Isles are a PMW State overseas territory Consisting of 4 islands in the northeast corner of the world. The 4 Islands are West Kespia, the only island with a settlement on it, Sezimi and Azantania Islands, both of which are almost entirely undeveloped, containing only PMWAC research stations, and Kesanina Island, which contains a PMW State Military Base on it's Northeast arm.


Sezimi Island

Sezimi Island is the southernmost of the eastern 3 islands, it contains Paltrian Lake and the main PMWAC research station on the Kespian Isles.

Azantania Island

Azantania Island is the central of the eastern 3 islands, it is almost entirely extremely dense jungle and has some small research station buildings on it.

Kesanina Island

Kesanina Island is the northern of the 3 eastern islands, in it's center is two lakes, one of which containing another smaller island within. The PMW State Kespian Isles Military Base occupies the Northeastern arm of the island and there are presently no research stations on it.

West Kespia

West Kespia
Town officials
Mayor dragonbloon419
Deputy Mayor autobus22
Facts and figures
Town rank [Mayor]
State PMW State
Official language(s) English
World New
Ward(s) 2

West Kespia is westernmost island in the Kespian Isles, it is the only one with a permanent civilian population.