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Weston 文州市
Town officials
Mayor _crepper_
Deputy Mayor Aviaracer
MRT none
Other transit

- Weston Bus Transit
- Weston Train Systems

 South Coast Line 
Facts and figures
Founded 16 May 2017
Town rank -
World New
Ward(s) Epsilon


Weston is currently a small town being built with a aim to be as realistic as possible. It is the second town being developed by _crepper_. Weston can be found at the most western part of the new world.

"here's the Dynmap link if your still can't find Weston -> https://goo.gl/DoWgzy. You're welcome :)"

Aim of Weston

Builds that are found in Weston are inspired by the many buildings found from Singapore [1] which include public housings, better known as 'HDB's [2] and an entire metro line inspired by the Downtown Line [3] from Singapore.

Weston also aims to be fully 'barrier-free'.This means that anywhere with elevation such as hilly areas, metro stations, would include slopes (slabs) or lifts. Even our buses are wheelchair accessible for the barrier-free fulfillment.

Fire safety is also an aim for Weston, where every building would have a green wool block with an [Exit] sign placed on it to mark out the places to go during an emergency. All buildings in Weston would include at least one staircase for emergency exits. In lifts, floors marked with an asterisk symbol " * " indicate the level which would lead to the main exit point of the building. With this aim, every player built building is expected to place the mandatory [Exit] sign at the exit of their building as well marking out escape routes for large scaled buildings.

Connections to Weston

Getting to Weston

1. Take the MRT to  C78  Daneburg > Proceed to Daneburg Harbour > Take the ferry to Weston
2. AquaLinQ Morihama - Weston Line


1. Weston Harbour

Weston Harbour.png



No. Building Name Status Remarks
1 City Hall Open -
2 Information Centre Open -
3 Chinatown Hawker and Market Centre Open -


No. Building Name Status Remarks
1 Tengah View Public Housing Estate Open 4 Blocks
2 Nodin Private House Estate Under Construction 3 Houses built


No. Building Name Status Remarks
1 Nodin Bus Depot and Terminal Open -
2 Tengah Train Depot Open -
3 Waterfront Carpark Under Construction -
4 Weston Harbour Open -

Shopping Mall

No. Building Name Status Remarks
1 South Bay Mall Open Looking for franchises
2 Chinatown Under Construction 3 Shophouses built


No. Building Name Status Remarks
1 Waterfront Beach Under Construction Under Development
2 Waterfront Hotel Under Construction -
3 Chinese Garden (西南园林) Open -

Notable Buildings in Weston

South Bay Mall

South Bay Mall.png

South Bay Mall is a shopping mall located near the southern coast of Weston. It has a link bridge connection to the South Harbour Terminal. South Bay Mall would also have a direct connection to  SC1  NS1  South Harbour WMR Station when it opens in future.

Weston Metro Depot

2017-11-24 14.21.06.png

The train depot is able to hold approximately 80 trains and serves trains from South Coast Line and North-South Line. Within the compound includes a service centre for trains, a main building which houses the operation control centre for the lines. It is currently not in operation yet.

Tengah View Public Housing Estate

Tengah View.png

Tengah View is the first of the common public housing that would be soon be seen in Weston. It is also the first high-rise buildings to be built in Weston, as well as the first buildings in the residential district: Tengah.

Transport in Weston

All transportation services in Weston are still in planning stages and are not open and operational yet!

All transportation service in Weston are run by Weston Bus Transit and Weston Metro System. These are overlooked by the Transport Authority Council Of Weston (TACOW).

Weston Train System (WTS)

The exterior of a metro station exit

The transportation system in Weston is currently still in planning stages.

❶ ❷ South Coast Line 南港线
The South Harbour Line is the first planned metro service in Weston. It is planned to run parallel to the coast till woodlands and head northwards afterwards. The line colour for South Coast Line is  Blue . The number for the two terminus of the stations are and .
Status: Planned

South Coast Line
Station Code Station Interchange Status Remarks
 SC1  NS1  South Harbour NSL U/C -

South Coast - U/C -

Tengah - PLANNED -

Woodlands - PLANNED -

❺ ❻ Western Corridor Line 更西线
The Western Corridor Line is planned to run along the Western border of the world. It will be the Western most line on the MRT. The line is designed to be a commuter rail.

Train at Chinatown Station
Western Corridor Line
Station Code Station Interchange Status Remarks

Xi'nan'an Market - U/C -

South Coast SCL U/C -

Chinatown - U/C -

West Coast - PLANNED -


The construction of a WMR station
The tunnel of South Coast Line Under Construction

Weston Bus Transit

Voltorb metroCITY Bus Plying Service 11A at South Harbour Stop

The full fleet of Weston Buses include Hybrid variants, bendy buses and double decker buses purchased from Voltorb Kinetics