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Town officials
Mayor The Drunk Cow
Founder thomasfyfe
MRT  G22  O18  Whelburn
Facts and figures
Population 25+
Town hall coordinates -1240,65,1730
Founded 18 November, 2012
Recognized as town 18 November, 2012

Whelburn is a town on the Old World, located north of G22 station. It was built during the Blobstudios 24-hour Gaming Livestream, held by thomasfyfe. During the livestream, the MRT held a special community event. The purpose of the event was to build a new town with a British-themed style. Permissions were set up to allow Guests to build at the town during the event.

Over 25 people contributed towards the construction of this town, including many-non members. Throughout the day, the livestream would centre on the server and the ongoing construction project.

Whelburn continues to operate as a free-build town. You do not have to ask the Mayor to build here. During the livestream, it was decided by livestream host steve4porridge that a wandering cow should be appointed as the Mayor of the town. thomasfyfe remains the active caretaker of the town if members should have any questions regarding it.