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This page is the page of all open bids available to the public for construction and development of the City of Whitechapel and its metro region. Any time the City of Whitechapel has a bid out for construction, it will be listed here, along with previous bids and their winners.

If the person or company is interested in bidding for any type of bids, they should read this first, along with its specific instructions, then go to the City Hall complex near  A11  Whitechapel—Waterfront Station and drop a book containing your name or company, anyone else who is involved with the company, the price of your bid that you expect us to pay for your work, and estimated time to deliver the finished product. The book should be dropped in the Planning Office in the first floor of the City Hall. You will see two hoppers- please place your application bid in the Application Bid Hopper on your right.

IF your bid wins, you are under strict expectations not to deviate from the bid, and if the bid is not completed you will lose the money you were supposed to be paid for, AND be banned from any future bids.

Once youre done with the bid, please confirm it by dropping a book saying so in the Completed Bid hopper at the Planning Office. This will let me know it is completed, and I should pay you as soon as I approve the final product.

If you have any further questions, do not hesistate to ask _Frozen in-game.

Thank you.

The City of Whitechapel

Active Bids

Bid Opened on: Bid Deadline on: Project Name: Project Deadline: Project Summary:
1/31/2015 POSTPONED Northshore Freeway Construction 3/10/2015 Extend the current Whitechapel Freeway from its western terminus to a point north of C93, hugging the coast of the lake but no major bridges/tunnels.

Bids in Process/Under Construction

Bid Opened on: Bid Deadline on: Project Name: Project Deadline: Project Summary: Bid Winner:
1/31/2015 POSTPONED Calbar Freeway Construction (in conjunction with the City of West Calbar) 3/10/2015 Build a freeway north of Whitechapel Freeway from a T-junction (to be constructed) to north of T21. Exact routing will be determined with the winner of the bid with sesese9 and _frozen. Narnia17
6/16/2015 6/24/2015 Whitechapel Sky Harbor Terminal Operations And Management 8/18/2015 Winner of the bid system obtains the right to renovate the Whitechapel Sky Harbor Terminal interior, with the expectation that 1) the check-in desks remains the same, and any prior construction marked out by the owner is left alone; 2) to add baggage claims on the arrival level; 3) add security checkpoints; 4) create and maintain common waiting areas; 5) come up with a reasonable plan for revitalizing the current empty airport terminal such as adding storefronts and empty alliance lounges. Winner of this bid also, as long as the airport remains operable and has everything built, controls any money made from the sales of storefronts inside the airport, with gate fees remaining with the Whitechapel City Airport Authority.

Note: Bid was extended due to only one bid nominated at the original deadline. If the extensions passed with no other bids, the sole bid will be automatically accepted.


Completed Bids

Project Name: Project Summary: Project Picture:
Whitechapel Stadium Contest A server-wide stadium design contest was held, with 6687KittyCat the winner of the contest announced on January 31, 2015. the BART Stadium will be located in the Western Beach Sports & Entertainment District. Skelezomperman came in a very close second with his design.
Airport / City Metro A new City Metro system serving the Arctic spine of the City with spurs to the BART stadium and the Whitechapel Airport. Won by _Kastle and completed, the Metro is now in service.