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Whitechapel Downs Bus Terminal

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Whitechapel Downs Bus Terminal
Terminal Information
Planners _Frozen and sesese9
Operator sesese9
Date of Founding Sometime in 2015

In planning for Whitechapel Downs, transportation to the track was raised as a concern. sesese9 was contracted to build the bus terminal since the land is in West Calbar territory. The original plan was to have 6 bus bays with three on each side. However, sesese9 later decided that four could be added behind the terminal making the grand total, 10. The main exterior was build quickly and finished in 2015. However, the bus bays were never finished. As of April 2018, construction has resumed to finish the terminal. Predicted openining is May 1st, 2018.

Request bays on the talk page. Leave the dimensions and destinations of the bus for sesese9 to evaluate who gets a gate. Limit requests to 2 gates. Thank you!

Bay Number Company Route Number Stops Status
1 LeafTransit TBA TBA TBA
2 LeafTransit LT-12 Peripotamia Status: Service Good.png Good service
3 LeafTransit LT-06 Schillerton Status: Service Good.png Good service
4 Network South Central Z543 Royal Ferry Status: Service Good.png Good service
7 Prime Bus  PBS1  Waterville Status: Service Good.png Good service
8 Prime Bus  PB06  Central City and Eagleshore Status: Service Good.png Good service
9 BaseBus BB-89 Freshney and Spruce Plains Status: Service Construction.png Under construction
10 BaseBus BB-89 Radiance Square Status: Service Good.png Good service