Whodunnit? (season 1)

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Whodunnit? Season 1
DatesSeptember 20, 2014‎ & September 27, 2014
No. of episodes8
No. of players12
Rue Manor locationGund Valley, Old World
Season chronology
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Whodunnit? (season 1) is the first season of Whodunnit?. The game sessions were held on September 20, 2014 and September 27, 2014. This season featured twelve houseguests, one of whom was the Killer. The prize for the winner was $5,000.

This season's Rue Manor, located at Gund Valley.
The cast of Whodunnit? Season 1.

Show Details


The guests for season one are:

Name Rank (At the time) Room Occupation Eliminated
Skelezomperman Trusted Room I Clarinetist Episode 1
Casey_Jones3 Trusted Room J Railroad Engineer Episode 1
gogojakeo Trused Room E Air Traffic Control Episode 2
0rocketscience0 Trusted Room L Train Driver Episode 3
tarheelscouse Trusted Room F Restaurant Owner Episode 4
Max4344 Trusted Room G Tech Support Representative Episode 4
Soleurs Trusted Room A Disney Imagineer Episode 5
Music3_0 Mod Room M Barista Episode 6
cal76 Mod Room C Professional Bagpiper Episode 7
KittyCat11231 Trusted Room K Voice Actor Episode 8
Baseball02a Trusted Room B College Student Killer
hawksfan1010 Trusted Room H Construction Worker Winner

Killer Guesses

The following chart combines each guest's progress through the game with the fellow guest he or she accused of being the killer in each episode. There is no correlation between the guests' suspicions of the killer's identity and who was eliminated in any particular episode.

Using episode 2 as an example, the red box in gogojakeo's row means he performed the worst that week and was thus eliminated at the end of the episode; the name in the box (Max4344) indicates who he suspected was the killer that week. That same week, the green box in tarheelscouse's row indicates he performed the best that week and was thus "Spared." However, as exemplified here, their suspicion of who the killer was had no bearing on their performance in the week, as tarheelscouse suspected Soleurs (Who is not the killer).

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Finale Accusations
KittyCat11231 Music3_0 Max4344 cal76 Baseball02a Baseball02a hawksfan1010 hawksfan1010
hawksfan1010 Music3_0 0rocketscience0 0rocketscience0 tarheelscouse Baseball02a cal76 cal76 Winner 8
Baseball02a Music3_0 Music3_0 Music3_0 Music3_0 Music3_0 Music3_0 KittyCat11231 The Killer 9
KittyCat11231 Max4344 Max4344 0rocketscience0 tarheelscouse hawksfan1010 hawksfan1010 Baseball02a Runner-up 2
cal76 gogojakeo gogojakeo Music3_0 Music3_0 hawksfan1010 hawksfan1010 hawksfan1010 Murdered 2
Music3_0 Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Murdered 11
Soleurs gogojakeo gogojakeo Baseball02a Music3_0 Music3_0 Murdered 4
Max4344 tarheelscouse tarheelscouse Soleurs Soleurs Murdered 5
tarheelscouse Max4344 Soleurs Soleurs Soleurs Murdered 4
0rocketscience0 hawksfan1010 hawksfan1010 hawksfan1010 Murdered 3
gogojakeo Max4344 Max4344 Murdered 4
Casey_Jones3 KittyCat11231 Murdered 0
Skelezomperman Murdered N/A
Color key
    Spared - The killer singled the guest out as the strongest performer.
    Spared - The guest performed well enough to escape the killer's attention.
    Scared - The guest was marked for possible elimination but survived.
    Scared - The guest was marked for possible elimination and was eliminated at the end of the episode.
     – The guest had been eliminated in a previous episode.
     – The guest was the runner-up but eliminated.
     – The guest was revealed to be the killer.
     – The guest won the competition.


No. Title Original air date
"Splash of Wine"
September 20, 2014

The 12 guests are welcomed to Rue Manor by the butler, Yoshi. After a brief meet-and-greet, the guests split up to explore the house, but race back when they hear an explosion and see Skelezomperman say “HELP” in chat. They see Skelezomperman dead by chat stating “Skelezomperman died”.

The elevator where Skelezomperman died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Path to wine cellar and elevators): The working elevator seems to be blocked and the new elevator shows empty dispensers shooting when stopping on the floor.
  • The Morgue: Skelezomperman seems to be holding a piece of paper which states “elevator 2 get some vital information” Glass bottles can be found on the evidence wall and so can a spider eye, and a poison potion inside the brewing stand, and as well green potion effects coming off of Skelezomperman.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Skelezomperman’s room): The door is open already and the back window is broken and a ladder is placed outside of Skelezomperman’s room. Inside the chest, there seems to be a piece of paper stating “Come to the wine cellar by”. On the wall there is a bottle named “The Bottle of Dionysus”.

Riddle challenge: The guests were that Yoshi had received a message from the killer stating telling him to tell this to the guests for the riddle:

Splashes did kill your fellow guest,

but that won’t help you on your quest,

for the search of the clue you need so dear.

So open your books, so I can be clear.

A flower is the name of what you seek.

But don’t be afraid, of the creator, a freak,

which may haunt you and yell to you “Boo!”,

but then, turn to page two.

On that, you will see,

a quote more famous than you and me.

Go to the place of it’s famous for,

which is of the largest, you will see how Skele died, and more.

Riddle Solution: The guests were told this riddle and points them to the library, the book “The Rose” by computerghost in which the second page tells a quote from Romeo and Juliet, which the most famous scene is the balcony scene, which leads guests to the largest balcony in the manor, which has hidden a row of item frames under the roof which has TNT Minecart pointing to red herring and an instant damage potion pointing to yes.

Riddle Solver: KittyCat11231

Solution: The door on Skelezomperman’s room is locked, so the killer climbed the ledge and onto Skelezomperman’s balcony and placed a ladder. Then, the killer broke into Skelezomperman’s room by breaking the window in the back of the room on the balcony and placed a note in the chest in the room stating “Come to the wine cellar by elevator 2 get some vital information” and a bottle named “The Bottle of Dionysus” on the wall. He exited through the door. After, the killer went to the wine cellar elevators and opened the originally blocked one, because he knew there was a trap rigged at the bottom in which when the elevator doors would open, Instant Damage II and Poison II were fired. When Skelezomperman went back to his room, he took one paper and left the other one, so left in the chest was “Come to the wine cellar by”. He went to the wine cellar elevators and took the rigged elevator and potions splashed on Skelezomperman causing Skelezomperman to die. The killer also hooked up the machine to a dispenser dispensing TNT carts as a red herring.

Bonus Question: What is the name of the God of Wine that fills in the phrase “The Bottle of _______”?

Bonus Question Answer: Dionysus

Best Theory: 0rocketscience0

Scared: Casey_Jones3 and Music3_0

Eliminated: Casey_Jones3

"Shots Fired"
September 20, 2014

After the previous dinner, the guests adjourn to their rooms for the evening, with Yoshi informing them they have food left in their chest in their room for them, and they must snack on before going to bed. Suddenly, in chat, appears “Casey_Jones3 died” with no words out of his mouth.

The ballroom where Casey_Jones3 died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (The ballroom): The rooms is filled with arrows on the ground and a row of dispensers on the wall.
  • The Morgue: Many arrows seems to be in his body and he has green particles coming off of his body.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Casey_Jones3’s room): A book in the chest stating a riddle, and a pufferfish.

Riddle challenge: Each player is given a lever as a key.

To solve this mystery, you need a key.

So please accept this gift from me.

Only think twice on what lock you'd turn.

From the passage you find, you'd surely learn.

There are 10 keys, one for each of you,

You might just find the missing clue.

Go run, go twist, unlock the lies,

To find the number takes several tries.

ID read the key for you to tell you where,

But then you’ve have to make me care.

Read the leaves and find the lies,

And see how the guest truly died.

Riddle Solution: The lever’s ID (ID read the key…) is 69, which is stated in the small courtyard near library in leaves, and under the leaves was a button, which made a trap activate, shooting arrows at where Casey_Jones3 died.

Riddle Solver: Music3_0

Solution: The killer places a golden apple in everyone’s room except for Casey_Jones3’s room, in which the killer left two pufferfish and a book stating a fake short riddle stating:

Your fellow guests are already ahead,

Don’t go to sleep, don’t run to bed.

Run to the ballroom,

Don’t turn up the volume.

When there, eat your treat, get through,

Then, the winning arrow will point to you.

Beforehand, the killer set up the ballroom wall rigged with arrows which would be pulled by him by a secret lever in the small yard near the ballroom. Casey_Jones3 left the book, took one out of the two pufferfish and then raced to the ballroom as fast as possible and ate the pufferfish which took him down many hearts, then suddenly, once in position, the killer pulled the lever, ran away, and arrows flew at him, and killed him instantly, not allowing him to yell for help.

Bonus Question: What food did Casey_Jones3 eat before dying?

Bonus Question Answer: A pufferfish

Best Theory: tarheelscouse

Scared: cal76 and gogojakeo

Eliminated: gogojakeo

"Overdue for Eternity"
September 20, 2014

All the guests survive the night, however, cal76 and gogojakeo, the two scared guests, were not seen, but in a matter of time, cal76 showed up. A few seconds after that, the guests suddenly hear help from gogojakeo and see “gogojakeo died”.

The library where gogojakeo died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (The library): The obvious gravel and sand were in the middle of the library and the chandelier above it is missing, and a wooden pressure plate is on the floor, and so is an arrow.
  • The Morgue: gogojakeo’s seems to be holding a book titled “Thanatos”, which is the Peronification of Death, and many pieces of gravel and sand can be found in the evidence locker.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (gogojakeo’s room): A book in a chest in the room seems to state “The book you have checked out must be returned by tomorrow morning.” and a window in the back of the room is broken.

Riddle challenge:

When I need some service, it's here where I'm fed.

I’m in someone’s stowaway. Think green and not red.

The key to this code may be 1-2-3-4.

Keep it to yourself, what's inside the front door.

Welcome to Yoshi’s room, my worker’s housing.

Don’t be too bored, you might just be drowsing.

Head to the fourth floor in this house,

Where there could be a moving mouse.

Press the button and enter the room,

Walk the distance and find reason for the tomb.

Riddle Solution: The riddle refers to Yoshi’s room, also known as the butler’s room, because of “need some service” and “green not red”. Inside a chest inside his room is a book with another riddle stating the second riddle.

The riddle second riddle leads to the fourth floor which is the attic, which shows how the killer shot the chandelier and reached the roof.

Riddle Solver: Max4344

Solution: The killer noticed that gogojakeo took a book from the library that he is reading inside his room named “Thanatos”, which is the Personification of Death. So then, the killer set up the chandelier in the library for the trap. After the dinner of the scared and spared cards, the killer let everyone live during the night., however, before the dinner, the killer placed a book in gogojakeo’s room by breaking the window in the back, that stated he must return the book by tomorrow morning before heading to breakfast. So, all the guests wake up and see that the two scared players are late to breakfast. cal76 makes it, but gogojakeo went to return the book and leaving the notification book behind, however, when returning and wondering where to go once entering the library, the killer already snuck to the attic, opened the secret door and climbed the roof until the killer reached the library. Once there, the killer went to the rigged chandelier, and shot a wooden pressure plate which updated the floating sand and gravel chandelier, and landed on top of gogojakeo, and suffocated him to death.

Bonus Question: Who is the god having to do with this episode and what is his title?

Bonus Question Answer: Thanatos, the Personification of Death

Best Theory: Soleurs

Scared: 0rocketscience0 and Baseball02a

Eliminated: 0rocketscience0

"Burning The Sins"
September 20, 2014

After last night’s dinner, Yoshi has informed the guests that the killer has forced them all on a tropical island vacation for one day, and they should get ready for tomorrow. Then once arriving at the island, after a few looks around, they hear a scream from 0rocketscience0 and see “0rocketscience0 died ”.

The volcano on the Isle of Failure where 0rocketscience0 died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Isle of Failure Volcano): A wooden button seems to be activating a pushing piston over a stone brick floor. Arrows can be seen around the ring of the volcano and a 13 music disc is laying on the floor.
  • The Morgue (makeshift outdoor morgue): 0rocketscience0’s body can be found with a couple arrows sticking out of him in the back, and orange potion effects coming off of him. The chest of evidence shows an empty glass bottle.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Glowstone Tree 3rd Floor): A book can be found in the music disc chest in replacement of a disc stating “To be safe for next episode, go to the volcano and take the 13 disc and stand on the stone bricks and throw it in the volcano to tell me you are worthy.” Discreetly hidden, inside a brewing stand has two fire resistance potions lasting 8 minutes, with one missing

Riddle challenge:

Volcano, Volcano

Heating up the sights.

Did it kill the guest?

Did I make a fright?

Your hint is above a fire.

Your hint is sizzling.

Take a wrong turn?

Well, you might be shriveling.

The numbers you find,

Will tell you where,

But in isolation,

Is only halfway there.

Now, is it time for you to live?

Or is it time for you to die?

Count the numbers from -2 and 6 to 1 and 4,

As the first will tell you more.

Why 59 will tell you the next,

The final numbers will tell you the rest.

Negative Juan For Too Nothing is the rest,

To find how the guest reached his death.

Riddle Solution: The first riddle refers to the “isolated” island which has a cooking fire and over the fire was a chest having the second riddle.

The second riddle refers to the coordinates of [x y z] (-2614 59 -1420), which is the location of the hidden chest to show how the killer killed 0rocketscience0, his bow and his arrow.

Riddle Solver: cal76

Solution: Before the rest of the players arrive, the killer rigs the volcano with a piston trap and leaves a book in the Glowstone Tree on the third floor which states “To be safe for next episode, go to the volcano and take the 13 disc and stand on the stone bricks and throw it in the volcano to tell me you are worthy.” So then, once the killer was all set up, later that day, all the guests arrive and start to explore the island. 0rocketscience0 heads to the third floor and looks around and wants to play some music, so then he goes to open the chest and reads the note and leaves it behind, while taking the 13 disc. However, unexpected by the Killer, 0rocketscience0 also takes a fire potion that lasts 8 minutes for precautionary measures. After, getting all the items that 0rocketscience0 wanted, he rushed to the volcano. On his way there, 0rocketscience0 drank his potion and ran to the stone bricks he located quickly. The killer readied his aim while standing hidden on a tree and shot at a wooden button set up to push the pistons to push 0rocketscience0 into the volcano. Once 0rocketscience0 stood on the stone bricks, before he could throw the disc in and it pushed him in, but it did not kill him because of the fire resistance potion. So then, the killer resorted to plan B which was to shoot him with his overpowered bow. 0rocketscience0 threw the disc outside to save it to try to recover his fall, however, the killer shot him and killed 0rocketscience0 quickly and stored the bow and arrow in a chest near the shore before he could get caught near the scene.

Bonus Question: How long did the fire resistance potion last?

Bonus Question Answer: 8 minutes

Best Theory: cal76

Scared: tarheelscouse, KittyCat11231, and Max4344

Eliminated: tarheelscouse and Max4344

"Lies Upon Lies"
September 27, 2014

Once their way back from the island, Yoshi tells them they should head to their room to get dressed with the clothes gifted to them by the killer and head out to the pool after being dressed. Everyone is out to the pool except for the three scared players. cal76 shows up later and then suddenly, chat states: “tarheelscouse died”. Then a couple seconds later, “Max4344 died”.

The movie theater where tarheelscouse and Max4344 died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Morgue: tarheelscouse is holding a piece of paper renamed “Movie Ticket”. Max4344 is holding a diamond sword and has an arrow in the back of his body. They are not wearing the clothes the killer supposedly gave them.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (tarheelscouse's room): A book can be found in his room stating “You have been formally invited to a movie showing instead of the pool party. Please come immediately.” and a different color stained glass color in the window, which was replaced.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Max4344's room): There is a book in a chest that says: “If you do not head to the movie theater right now and kill tarheelscouse, you will be killed tonight.” There is a broken window that has been resealed with a different window color.

Riddle challenge:

Down to eight, let's have some fun.

I kill and I kill, till I get down to one.

Here's a mind-bending clue, for the driver in you.

Or will the driver in you have not a clue?

Take notes of the only open one,

It will have the key.

Just look under the top and you will see.

If these walls could talk, they'd implicate me

A cold-blooded killer... no one can see.

The place where I dwell is closed off to all.

It’s open now, so, find my hidden wall.

A button to press to get in,

Not to my main room within.

You need to go to find the place, fast!

Or this breath will be your last.

Riddle Solution: The driver refers to the garage in the front yard and in there is a chest with the next riddle.

The cold-blooded and the button on the wall refers to the large freezer in the basement which has an open passage way to show a bow with infinity and power 5 enchantments on it, an arrow, the stained glass used to fill up the glass the killer broke to get into the victim’s rooms.

Riddle Solver: Baseball02a

Solution: The Killer broke into tarheelscouse’s room by breaking the window and placed a book in his room stating “You have been formally invited to a movie showing instead of the pool party. Please come immediately.” Before leaving, the killed replaced the broken window with a different color of glass. Then, the Killer rushed to Max4344’s room and broke in by breaking the window again and placed a book in his chest stating “If you do not head to the movie theater right now and kill tarheelscouse, you will be killed tonight.” and left by replacing the broken window with a different color stained glass. After arriving to the manor, everyone went to their rooms and tarheelscouse rushed to the theater and quickly got a seat and waited for the movie. Max4344 read his note and painfully picked up the sword and made his way to the movie theater, and when Max4344 saw tarheelscouse sitting, he rushed up, and killed him. Then, after all the gasps in mumble, the killer came from the secret room in the freezer and shot Max4344 in the back of the neck with one shot with a bow with infinity and power 5 enchantment on it, and killed him.

Bonus Question: Where did Max4344 die? Where did tarheelscouse die?

Bonus Question Answer: Movie Theater; Movie Theater

Best Theory: KittyCat11231

Scared: Soleurs and cal76

Eliminated: Soleurs

"Dip Into Death"
September 27, 2014

As everyone is finishing dinner, Yoshi urges everyone to rush back to their rooms and to go to sleep and to not take a detour under any expense, so everyone rushes back to their rooms, however, a cry of help is heard, and in chat shows that Soleurs was killed.

The pool where Soleurs died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Pool): An abundance of arrows seem to be shot in the ground at a certain angle underwater and a chest can be found with three beds in it in the water.
  • The Morgue: Soleurs’s body has many arrows in him from the back and evidence inside a chest tells that Soleurs had a book on him saying “Rush to the pool to get your bed. It is being washed.”
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Soleurs' Room): Inside his room, a hole in the back wall can be found and his beds are missing. A chest is in place for the bed.

Riddle challenge:

He sank underwater, so he could not breathe.

Sing Sia’s hit song, and you might not be sheathed.

Under the redness you will see,

The answer you will need.

The answer to this is simple enough,

But don’t be too sure, don’t bluff.

The word will tell you where to go,

But not the exact place, oh no.

The small place near it is the one you will find,

Of how I made your little guest die.

Riddle Solution: Sia’s hit song is “Chandelier” and “Under the redness” refer to a red chandelier and the one in the foyer, under it spells the word POOL. At the pool, the little house next is open and it shows the lever that the killer pulled to activate the trap.

Riddle Solver: Baseball02a

Solution: Before dinner, The Killer removed the bed from Soleurs’s room by breaking a hole in the back wall and placed a book in a chest in the place of the bed with “Rush to the pool to get your bed. It is being washed.”. The killer then placed Soleurs’s beds in a chest in the pool in front of the trap that was set, and headed to dinner. Once dinner ended, the killer ran to the pool’s small neighboring shack and headed down on front of a lever and waited for Soleurs to reach the pool. So then, Soleurs saw what the killer had done in his room and ran to the pool and jumped in the pool to grab his bed and left the book outside the pool. When he was grabbing such beds, The Killer pulled the lever opening many dispensers under the water and those dispensers shot massive amounts of arrows at him in the pool, and once the Killer saw the death message, the killer pulled the lever again to hide the trap and went back to his room quickly before being spotted.

Bonus Question: How many circles that have a radius larger than two, are at the bottom of the pool that Soleurs died in?

Bonus Question Answer: 5

Best Theory: cal76

Scared: Music3_0 and cal76

Eliminated: Music3_0

"Pit of Dispair"
September 27, 2014

After last night with the scared and spared cards, everyone wakes up fine, and while everyone is going around the house, Music3_0 died suddenly.

The driveway where Music3_0 died.

Investigation: Yoshi announces that there are four areas to investigate. The guests are told to guess a number between 1 and 100 (the correct number is 50); Baseball02a is the closest and earns the right to receive a “Mystery Package”. He is also allowed 2 minutes at any of the other areas and chooses the morgue. The remaining three guests must each choose a different area:

  • The Crime Scene (Driveway): A large hole full of cactus is where the driveway was. A fence post with a lead next to it on the ground is found also.
  • The Morgue: Music3_0’s body has speed potion particles coming off of him. The evidence locker tells that there was book in inventory that said “Ride a horse off of the property if you want to live.”. A piece of string and a black carpet is found in a chest that was found on the floor at the scene of the crime.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Music3_0's room): One broken glass is found on the front of the room and a brewing stand with one speed potion missing.
  • The Mystery Package: Baseball02a is shown a horse named Quietus, which was used in the murder.

Riddle challenge:

Be open to what you see,

Don’t fall down, like did he.

Find the code in the sky,

It will help you find the guest’s goodbye.

In the place where the second deceased,

You can find the answer as ABC.

Solve the code and you will find,

The contraption that will blow your mind.

Go run, go solve, go find the truth,

But one wrong move, could be the death of you.

Riddle Solution: The place is referring to the location of the death of the third victim, which is in the ballroom. High (referring to in the sky) on the board in the ballroom it says: “1 20 20 9 3”, which in the clue says “answer as ABC”, and using that, each number corresponds to the alphabet, spelling ATTIC. In the attic, it shows the string working and how the trap fell.

Riddle Solver: hawksfan1010

Solution: The Killer rigged the driveway with floating gravel and a piece of string above a pit of cactus. The killer then tied a horse to a fence pole named Quietus (definition: means death or something that causes death) near the front of the house. Then, while Music3_0 was in his room, the killer broke a window in the front and threw a book that stated “Ride a horse off of the property if you want to live.”. Then, Music3_0 took a speed potion he was brewing and ran out of the house and unleaded the horse, leaving the lead behind, and splashed himself and the horse at the same time. He ran down the driveway, and the horse stepped on the string, causing the floating gravel to update, and opening the pit filled with cactus, which killed Music3_0.

Bonus Question: What was the name of the horse that Music3_0 rode?

Bonus Question Answer: Quietus

Best Theory: KittyCat11231

Scared: cal76 and Baseball02a

Eliminated: cal76

"The Real Sinner"
September 27, 2014

Yoshi tells everyone to have a seat and tells them they are very close to the final, when cal76’s seat splashes an instant damage potion on him, and cal76 dies.

Riddle challenge: At the foyer, Yoshi reads them this last message from The Killer:

Welcome to your last day at Rue Manor.

I have vanished before you, but what does it matter?

Two of you will die soon anyway,

So listen quite closely, to what I have to say.

Before we sat, I disappeared in your doom.

It’s your task now to find me in this room.

When Skele died, I told you a quote.

Tell it Yoshi, and you may gloat.

You will receive an advantage in this next task.

And may find where I hid, alas.

Riddle Solution: The quote is “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Riddle Solver: hawksfan1010, he was going to receive a filled in space already to help him be closer to victory in the next challenge.

Final Challenge: The killer presents the final three guests with a multi-part riddle challenge, in which they have to solve challenges related to the previous murders with the help of the “graves” of the previous guests. Depending on their answer, guests receive a block that they would place in a block in their corresponding place in the garage. When done, guests ask Yoshi to check. If incorrect, guests then return to the incorrectly answered challenges and try again. Briefly, the challenges are:

  • Memory (Wine Cellar, Skelezomperman): Skelezomerman’s challenge asks guests to search the wine cellar and find the correct wine bottle renamed the god of that episode, which is Dionysus.
  • Logic (Ballroom, Casey_Jones3): Casey's challenge prompts guests to put in order the steps of his murder. The correct answer is Book and Quill, Pufferfish, Lever, Arrow.
  • Skill (Library, gogojakeo): Gogojakeo’s challenge tells guests to shoot at dispensers (which had wooden buttons on them) on the roof where the chandelier used to be that killed him. hawksfan1010’s advantage allowed him to skip this challenge.
  • Excavation (Front Yard, 0rocketscience0): Rocket's challenge asks guests to dig up a hole in the marked area and look for the disc that was taken by him in the episode and place it in the jukebox.
  • Perception (Movie Theater, tarheelscouse and Max4344): Tar and Max's challenge in the theater shows guests two images with some differences. They must count the differences.
  • Evidence (Pool, Soleurs): Soleurs's challenge tells guests to find the reason he entered the pool among the many different items in the pool and place it in the item frame.
  • Reason (Driveway, Music3_0): Music3_0's challenge has guests to choose which was the not in his murder; a horse, a cactus, gravel, or string.

Hawksfan1010 is the first to finish the challenge, and Baseball02a finishes shortly thereafter; both receive a riddle that directs them to “Room N” to find the killer. KittyCat11231, the last to finish, is instead directed somewhere else.

The Killer Unmasked: Upstairs, hawksfan1010 and Baseball02a find themselves in a room filled with items from past murders such as the gravel from Episode 3, the cacti and the horse from Episode 7, and more. They begin to search frantically for what they believe is the final riddle that will reveal who the killer is, when all of a sudden, they hear KittyCat11231 scream and look outside over the balcony and see KittyCat11231 being chased by wolves and poisoned and die. Meaning, KittyCat11231 received a pack of angry wolves as a prize for being runner-up. Stunned, hawksfan1010 suddenly realizes that Baseball02a is the killer, who menacingly gives one final rhyme: "I won't be played by your foolish game. The killer could be you...or me just the same. Enough of the riddles, the ruckus, the rhymes, I committed those murders, ten straight times. It is true, I am the real sinner, congratulations hawks, you are the winner." Yoshi enters the room and tells hawksfan1010 that he is the winner and tells Baseball02a to head to the police car, because he is arrested for his sadistic game. Yoshi congratulates hawksfan1010 and escorts him out of the manor.

Winner: hawksfan1010

Eliminated: KittyCat11231

The Killer: Baseball02a