Whodunnit? (season 2)

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DatesAugust 23, 2015 & October 18, 2015
No. of episodes8
No. of players12
Rue Manor locationNortheastern New World (closest city: New Bakersville City)
Season chronology
Season 1 ◄ Chronology

Whodunnit? (season 2) is the second and final season of Whodunnit?. The game sessions were held on August 23, 2015 and October 18, 2015. This season featured twelve houseguests, one of whom was the Killer. The prize for the winner was $5,000.

This season's Rue Manor, located at in the northeast of the New World.
The cast of Whodunnit? Season 2.

Show Details


The guests for season two are:

Name Rank (At the time) Room Occupation Eliminated
kekkomatic Premier Room K Designer Episode 1
TonyTajiri Mayor Room F Architect Episode 1
HanSangYoon Citizen Room H Translator Episode 2
Gopher Senator Room G Pyrotechnic Episode 3
MIKE24DUDE Councillor Room A Detective Episode 4
Skelezomperman Councillor Room D Professor Episode 5
KittyCat11231 Senator Room I News Anchor Episode 5
godzilltrain Mayor Room L Computer Scientist Episode 6
Baseball02a Councillor Room B College Student Episode 7
Just_robinho Mod Room J Professor Episode 8
MindBender15 Mayor Room M Business CEO Killer
CortesiRaccoon Premier Room C Pilot Winner

Killer Guesses

The following chart combines each guest's progress through the game with the fellow guest he or she accused of being the killer in each episode. There is no correlation between the guests' suspicions of the killer's identity and who was eliminated in any particular episode.

A guest's suspicion of who the killer was had no major bearing on their performance in the week.

Using episode 2 as an example, the red box in HanSangYoon's row means he performed the worst that week and was thus eliminated at the end of the episode; the name in the box (Skelezomperman) indicates who he suspected was the killer that week. That same week, the green box in godzilltrain's row indicates he performed the best that week and was thus "Spared." However, as exemplified here, their suspicion of who the killer was had no bearing on their performance in the week, as godzilltrain suspected Baseball02a (Who is not the killer).

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Finale Accusations
MIKE24DUDE godzilltrain MIKE24DUDE godzilltrain CortesiRaccoon CortesiRaccoon CortesiRaccoon
CortesiRaccoon MindBender15 MindBender15 MindBender15 MindBender15 Baseball02a Baseball02a MindBender15 Winner 6
MindBender15 Skelezomperman Skelezomperman Skelezomperman Skelezomperman Skelezomperman CortesiRaccoon Baseball02a The Killer 6
Just_robinho godzilltrain godzilltrain godzilltrain godzilltrain godzilltrain godzilltrain MindBender15 Runner-up 2
Baseball02a Skelezomperman Skelezomperman Skelezomperman Skelezomperman CortesiRaccoon Just_robinho Just_robinho Murdered 12
godzilltrain MIKE24DUDE Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Murdered 11
KittyCat11231 HanSangYoon HanSangYoon Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Murdered 1
Skelezomperman godzilltrain godzilltrain godzilltrain godzilltrain KittyCat11231 Murdered 11
MIKE24DUDE CortesiRaccoon CortesiRaccoon CortesiRaccoon CortesiRaccoon Murdered 1
Gopher Baseball02a Baseball02a Baseball02a Murdered 0
HanSangYoon Skelezomperman Skelezomperman Murdered 2
TonyTajiri godzilltrain Murdered 0
kekkomatic Murdered N/A
Color key
    Spared - The killer singled the guest out as the strongest performer.
    Spared - The guest performed well enough to escape the killer's attention.
    Scared - The guest was marked for possible elimination but survived.
    Scared - The guest was marked for possible elimination and was eliminated at the end of the episode.
     – The guest had been eliminated in a previous episode.
     – The guest was the runner-up but eliminated.
     – The guest was revealed to be the killer.
     – The guest won the competition.


No. Title Original air date
"A Witch Welcome"
August 23, 2015

The 13 guests are welcomed to Rue Manor by the butler, Yoshi. After a brief meet-and-greet, the guests split up to explore the house, but race back to the foyer when they hear kekkomatic yell and then seeing in chat “kekkomatic died”.

The library where kekkomatic died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Library): There was a chair with red colored pillows and a secret room that was opened at the top of the moveable staircase. Also, there was glass bottles, gunpowder, spider eyes, and sticks all over the floor.
  • The Morgue: kekkomatic’s has slowness and poison potion effects and is holding a wooden sword. Also, glowstone dust, redstone, and sugar is found in the evidence chest.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (kekkomatic’s room): A chest in the middle is found with a note in it saying “Find the red pillowed-chair in the library to receive vital information and wait there”.

Riddle challenge: The guests were that Yoshi had received a message from the Killer stating telling him to tell this to the guests for the riddle:

Hello guests, it’s me again,

Another riddle, you won’t comprehend.

Kekko, you see, was too reckless

So I gave him an early exit.

If you want to live, you better solve this first.

Or your time in the manor will be the worst.

Go the pool, and run very fast,

you will be cued, so have a blast.

Think green, not blue, as you may assume,

and if you find it first, your life can resume.

Go to the front and find the birch,

near it, will be a small perch.

Inside, will be extras, that show what I used.

So hurry up, before you pay your dues.

Go run, go quickly, and find how I killed he.

Or your fate, will see death by me.

Riddle Solution: Pool, green, and cue, refer to the green pool table in the billiard’s room. At the billiards room, a second riddle was found.

The second riddle leads to the front yard, where a birch wood block is found in an oak tree, and behind it, is a chest full of witch spawn eggs.

Riddle Solver: MIKE24DUDE

Solution: Before the guests had arrived, the Killer had already planned the first murder in Rue Manor. The Killer chose to kill kekkomatic because of his recklessness during the opening dining table by using a bow. kekkomatic had made his way to his room and found a book inside a chest placed in the middle of his room that said “Find the red pillowed-chair in the library to receive vital information and wait there”. He knew that this could have been a trap, so he took a wooden sword along with him, just in case. Then, he made his way to the library and sat on the correct chair and waited for a message. The Killer, hidden, saw kekkomatic and once kekkomatic was seated and looking away, the Killer pulled the lever and opened a secret door for witches to come out and attack kekkomatic. kekkomatic tried to defend himself, but failed to, and was killed.

Best Theory: Skelezomperman

Scared: TonyTajiri and HanSangYoon

Eliminated: TonyTajiri

"In Hot Waters"
August 23, 2015

After the previous dinner, the guests adjourn to their rooms for the evening, with Yoshi informing them they have a drink left in their chest in their room for them. Suddenly, TonyTajiri yells for help, and in chat, appears “TonyTajiri died”.

The underground wine cellar where TonyTajiri died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Wine Cellar, Basement): The room has a chest with an empty bottle in it and the pressure plates to exit the room are missing. There are sounds of lava near the room.
  • The Morgue: Gray particles are emitted from his body and as evidence, a note can be found that says “it to the wine cellar in the basement.”, and in one of the brewing stands, a slowness potion can be found.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (TonyTajiri’s room): A note can be found in a chest inside the bedroom with a note that says “After drinking your drink, please return”.

Riddle challenge:

It’s getting hot in this manor, don’t you see.

Maybe too hot for the guest, who didn’t get to flee.

Find the place where you could play a game,

jump over one another, it’s not too lame.

The floor looks like that, so look for it now,

near the place of death, is where you shall

Find the entrance, in the cold,

In the back, be very bold.

Go run, run fast, go find the truth,

but one wrong step, could be the death of you.

Riddle Solution: The riddle refers to the freezer in the basement kitchen because of the checkered pattern of the floor (game of checkers) refers to the kitchen, while the freezer is referred to by the place of cold in the back. In the back of the freezer, a hidden room is opened, and inside shows a lever that when pulled, lava is poured all over the room.

Riddle Solver: godzilltrain

Solution: TonyTajiri made their way back to their room with everyone else, and like in everyone else’s room, a chest awaited him. However, in TonyTajiri’s chest, there was a slowness potion and two notes that stated “After drinking your drink, please return it to the wine cellar in the basement.”. TonyTajiri took the bottle to return after drinking the potion and also took one of the notes. So then, after drinking his drink, he went to the basement and entered the wine cellar. Little did TonyTajiri know, the Killer was waiting in a secret room in the freezer, where the Killer pulled a lever once TonyTajiri was inside that would make the room fill with lava, killing TonyTajiri immediately. Also, the Killer removed the pressure plates so that TonyTajiri could not leave. The Killer then flipped the lever to hide the trap and quickly ran away from the scene.

Best Theory: godzilltrain

Scared: Gopher and HanSangYoon

Eliminated: HanSangYoon

"Show Stopper"
August 23, 2015

The guests were told that they were individually each invited for a movie screening. One by one, Yoshi sequestered them into the theater. It seemed all normal, until suddenly chat showed that “HanSangYoon died” during his movie screening.

The movie theater where HanSangYoon died.

Investigation: The investigation covers two areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Movie Theater): Zombie flesh is found all over the room, and dispensers can be found hidden in the high part of the theater.
  • The Morgue: HanSangYoon’s body can be found with green particle effects coming off of it, a bunch of poison potions can be found in the brewing stands.

Riddle challenge:

Find the biggest one, it's the best one of all.

The one that has drinks, and one where you could fall.

The place of this, is out in the open.

You may want to rush, and not waste a moment.

Look inside the ones with the lever missing.

You might want to hurry, or death, you will be kissing.

Take a break, relax for a bit.

Why don’t you just wait, and have a sit?

If you want to find a secret or two,

then you might want to go to the room that shoots

the pictures that on the wall

to find the answer, once and for all.

Riddle Solution: The riddle refers to the largest deck outdoors near the pool. Inside a dispenser with the lever missing, the second clue and be found.

The second riddle leads to the camera room near the theater, which is mysteriously already open. There, it shows that there were two levers, one that activated the lights, and the other that activated doors that opened and released the zombies.

Riddle Solver: MIKE24DUDE

Solution: The Killer set up the movie to kill HanSangYoon. During HanSangYoon’s private movie screening, the Killer was waiting inside camera room for HanSangYoon to arrive in the theater. Once HanSangYoon was in position, the Killer turned off the lights and pulled a second lever, which opened the secret doors that contained many zombies, activated a bunch of dispensers near the back of the room which contained poison potions, and blocked the exit to the theater HanSangYoon, in the end, was killed by the zombies.

Best Theory: Skelezomperman

Scared: Gopher and MindBender15

Eliminated: Gopher

"The Road Less Traveled"
August 23, 2015

After last night’s dinner, Yoshi has informed the guests that the Killer has forced them all on a horse ride to the Rue Manor barn nearby. They were told they had to each go one at a time and search for the chest inside the building. Then once arriving at the barn, after a few looks around, they notice in chat “Gopher died”.

The Rue Manor Barn.
The abandoned house where Gopher died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Abandoned House/Road): The horse that Gopher rode can be found parked outside the abandoned house, and wearing iron armor (all other horses had gold or diamond armor) and named “Livna”. A chest can be found in the middle of the first floor covered in anvils of the abandoned house. When opening the chest, an empty dispenser can be heard. Under looking around the house, a ladder that leads onto the second floor can be found on the side. It led to the redstone that shows how the contraption works.
  • The Morgue (makeshift outdoor morgue in barn): The body has green potion effects coming off of it, in the chest of evidence, a redstone renamed “Goodbye” that was in his inventory.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (Horse House): All the horses that the guests rode were named after greek gods. The horse that was rode by Gopher was the only one not named by a god, it was named “Livna”, which is anvil backwards.

Riddle challenge:

On the back of horses,

having a great time.

Killing that guest?

Easier than making a rhyme.

To find the clue,

break under the red.

Take a wrong turn?

You might be dead.

At where three meet,

and at where there is choice,

search very carefully

but don’t rejoice.

There is only one red,

so find it fast,

but take one wrong move,

and it will be your last.

Riddle Solution: The words “turn”, “three meet”,and “choice” allude to the intersection of the roads. At the road, there is a red poppy, and if the grass block is broken under it, a passage is revealed and at the end of the passage, a lever is shown that when pulled, changes the direction of the arrows pointing to the barn.

Riddle Solver: godzilltrain

Solution: After announced about the trip, each one of the guests travelled individually to the barn. However, Gopher’s trip was sabotaged. Gopher had went grabbed the horse named “Livna”, which is anvil backwards, which foreshadows his death. Also, his horse was the only one in the room that was not named after a greek god. The horse was wearing iron armor, the only one in the horse house wearing that type of armor. He was on the way to the barn, but the Killer had sabotaged his path. Gopher started to make his way but then the Killer pulled a lever and caused the arrows to point down the wrong path to the abandoned house. He then arrived at an abandoned house. At the house, he parked his horse and saw a chest in the middle of the first floor. He opened it and grabbed the item inside, a redstone dust named “Goodbye”. Then, a poison potion splashed on him, and after a few seconds, anvils fell on him from the roof killing him instantly.

Best Theory: Skelezomperman

Scared: MindBender15 and MIKE24DUDE

Eliminated: MIKE24DUDE

October 18, 2015

As everyone is finishing dinner, Yoshi urges everyone to rush back to their rooms and to go to sleep and to not leave their rooms under any expense, so everyone rushes back to their rooms, however, an explosion was heard, and in chat shows that MIKE24DUDE was killed.

The driveway where MIKE24DUDE died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Driveway): A paper is found on the ground that says “Congratulations! You have been”. The driveway has a large hole with broken pieces of the road, broken ground, random quartz stairs, and random black wool can be found. A minecart can also be found on the ground.
  • The Morgue: A paper is found in the evidence chest “chosen randomly to win”. MIKE24DUDE is holding an instant healing potion.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (MIKE24DUDE's room): A paper is found in the chest named “a brand new car!” in the middle of the room. In the corner, a potion brewing stand can be found that has two instant health potions, and one missing.

Riddle challenge:

Down to seven, let's have some fun.

I kill and I kill, till I get down to one.

Look for the place where you could leave,

But you cannot leave, whenever you please.

Look across and find a door,

Enter it, it’s a different gate.

It’s not pretty hard to find where this is.

So find it fast, or die in a way like his.

Riddle Solution: The place where you could leave, but you can’t leave, refers to the entrance of the manor. Opposite of the gate is a pressure plate that opens a secret room that shows a minecart on top of a stone pressure plate, that demonstrates how the TNT was activated in the car.

Riddle Solver: CortesiRaccoon

Solution: MIKE24DUDE was on his way back to his room, and once he made his way into his room, he was welcomed with a surprise gift. He saw in his room, a chest that had three pieces of paper in it. The papers in total said, “Congratulations! You have been chosen randomly to win a brand new car!” However, MIKE24DUDE had some suspicion that it could be a trap. So, he brewed an instant health potion just in case and took one with him. He took two of the three papers with him. When he made his way to the driveway, he had saw the car and ran up to it. However, he did not suspect that the car was rigged so that if he sat in the minecart, it would trigger a stone pressure plate and in turn, activating the TNT causing under the car to explode, leaving a huge dent in the driveway, and killing MIKE24DUDE immediately.

Best Theory: godzilltrain

Scared: KittyCat11231, Just_robinho, and Skelezomperman

Eliminated: KittyCat11231 and Skelezomperman

"A Double's Match"
October 18, 2015

After the quiz, everyone relaxes. Everyone scatters around the house, however, it suddenly said that “KittyCat11231 died.” and “Skelezomperman died.” at the same time. The bodies are lost since they fell into the void.

The tennis court where Skelezomperman and KittyCat11231 died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Tennis Court/Bar/Balcony): The tennis court is missing and has a hole to the void. The bar has a regeneration potion in it. Carpet can be found everywhere on the floor.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (MIKE24DUDE's room): There is a chest in the room with a book that says “Head to the large balcony by the pool and meet me at the bar, let’s hang out -Skelezomperman”.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (KittyCat11231's room): Signs are found on the TV that say “Make your way to the balcony near the pool, and you will find a guest. If you play a game of tennis and beat them, you will be safe for this episode and next episode.”

Riddle challenge: If these walls could talk, they'd implicate me

A perfect crime committer... that no one can beat.

The place where I dwell is closed off to all.

It’s open now, so, find my hidden stall.

Find the place that tells you when,

But find it fast, before it hits ten.

Look from the place of where there are seats

and then look around, and look around for a feat,

of which three is the thing that you are looking for,

then step into the unlocked door.

You need to go to find the place, fast!

Or this breath will be your last.

Riddle Solution: The place where there a lot of seats from a place where you can look around refers the the large balcony with a bar, and if you look from where, you can see the clock, as referred to as the numbers (ten and three, specifically three because the click is set at 3 o’clock). Inside the pool house, there is an excess of gravel everywhere and a button is found with a sign above it that says “Press to update gravel under Tennis Court” and a copy of the book that was in KittyCat11231’s room can be found.

Riddle Solver: CortesiRaccoon

Solution: The Killer left messages for KittyCat11231 and Skelezomperman. KittyCat11231 went back to his room and found a book in a chest that stated “Head to the large balcony by the pool and meet me at the bar, let’s hang out -Skele” KittyCat11231 then made his way to the balcony and waited, not expecting that the book was written by the Killer, not Skelezomperman. When Skelezomperman made his way to his room, he saw signs placed on his TV that said “Make your way to the balcony near the pool, and you will find a guest. If you play a game of tennis and beat them, you will be safe for this episode and next episode.” Skelezomperman then made his way to the bar and saw KittyCat11231. They spent time talking and Skelezomperman even made potions of regeneration for each of them. Then, Skelezomperman had offered to play a game of tennis, and KittyCat11231 accepted. As they stepped into the tennis court, the Killer waited inside the clocktower/pool building, and waited until they were both on the court. Then, the killer pressed a button that updated the floor of the tennis court, which was made of gravel under the carpet, which caused it to fall and the guests to fall also. They fell to the void, and died.

Best Theory: CortesiRaccoon

Scared: Baseball02a and godzilltrain

Eliminated: godzilltrain

"Crushed Dreams"
October 18, 2015

Yoshi instructs everyone to go back to their rooms, and it is said that each room was a sign that instructed each of them to go to a different place, with a different item.

The ballroom where godzilltrain died.

Investigation: The investigation covers three areas, with the following clues were there:

  • The Crime Scene (Ballroom): A secret opening in the ground of the ballroom can be found that leads down a staircase and a hallway, but is ended with a cobblestone fence and a dead end.
  • The Morgue: The body is holding a brick. Also, red carpet is found in the evidence chest.
  • The Last Known Whereabouts (godzilltrain's room): The room has a sign that says “Ballroom” and an empty chest.

Riddle challenge:

I killed him when he was quite in a squeeze.

If you want to find out why, you better solve these

riddles and puzzles until the ending.

You want to find it fast, I’m not pretending.

At the place where you could go up and down, find the missing piece.

Where you could see the sky, near the place where the lasts deceased.

Riddle Solution: Where the lasts deceased refers to the bar and tennis court, which has a staircase, which goes up and down. Under the staircase, there are missing blocks that lead down the a ladder and a secret room. The room is behind the glass of the suffocation room. If the button is pressed, it causes the room the close, where they died.

Riddle Solver: CortesiRaccoon

Solution: As godzilltrain made his way to his room as instructed, he found the sign that instructed him to go the ballroom. Inside his chest, he had a brick, an item that would not be helpful in his survival. When he entered the ballroom, he saw a secret passage that was opened in the floor of the ballroom. When he entered, he walked down an extensive staircase and a hallway that led to a room that had a glass wall that had another contestant on the other side, sitting in a quartz chair. godzilltrain, very confused, had stood there and questioned where he was. godzilltrain did not put together that the contestant behind the glass was the Killer. The Killer had then pushed a button on a red wool block that locked godzilltrain in and caused the walls of the room to move slowly in. After a few seconds, the walls had crushed godzilltrain, and caused him to suffocate to death.

Best Theory: CortesiRaccoon

Scared: MindBender15 and Baseball02a

Eliminated: Baseball02a

"Foolish Game"
October 18, 2015
The final challenge.

For the finale, houseguests had to order the death and the person who died during the episode. The person who did the fast time would win. CortesiRaccoon finished the fastest and won. Just_robinho was shot with a bow and killed while MindBender15 was revealed to be the killer.

Winner: CortesiRaccoon

Eliminated: Just_robinho

The Killer: MindBender15