William's One Hour Photo

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William's 1 Hour Photo
William's One Hour Photo in Redwood exterior.png
William's One Hour Photo in Redwood
ProductPhotos, Photo Equipment and Film Development.
EPA ApprovedYes
Historical information
Officially EstablishedJuly 31st, 2021
Slogan"Shoot & Enjoy the Moment"
NamesakeReference off Tom's One Hour Photo
A Redwood Business - Est.1964

William's One Hour Photo (also referred to William's 1 Hour Photo or simply Will's) is a Victorian photo and video equipment retailer based in the city of Redwood, Mary Ann. Its original store in particular is based in community of Cupertino, which is located in Redwood and is labeled as Mills Photo and Film Lab, but later changed to William's One Hour Photo. Wills conducts its business in person but has recently opened up an online store platform for it's shoppers. Wills also operates a series of retail chain of photo oriented development drive-through kiosk where people can drop off film can be developed and are called Fotomat.

William's One Hour Photo name comes from the one of two Middle Names of MC_Protocol.


Services include Film Processing and Development. Scanning and Much More!

Williams 1 Hour Photo Menu.png


*Locations and Sizes can Vary

Number Location
1 Cupertino, Redwood
2 Kaloro City IntraRail Station
3 FliHigh Spiral, San Dzobiak
4 New Windsor
5 Caravaca
6 Pasadena


In July 2021, MC_Protocol wrote that Wills offers "more cameras than the paparazzi at the Oscars", with staffers who "know their stuff".

In May 2021, Wills was named by Forbes Magazine as one of Victoria's Best Employers for 2021. It was recognized also by the Forbes France and Forbes Russia.

Also in August, Wills consumer website was recognized as the Best for User Experience of any e-commerce company by the Akali Institute.