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This city is a member of the Democratic Republic of Vulpine.
An Aerial View of RD,UD, East Midnight and Lakeside
Town officials
Mayor CodyHM
Deputy Mayor Weier
MRT  T48  Foobar
Roadways Willow Numbered Road System, A92, B892, B820, maybe A8
Water None
Nearest airport Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Other transit WillowTrans, SEAT
Facts and figures
Population 10
Town hall coordinates -10266, 77, -8796
Founded November 26 2018
Town rank [Mayor]
Renamed November 25 2018 (estimate, when Seastep lost the claim)
World New
MPO Democratic Republic of Vulpine, Regional Protection Coalition, Republic of Epsilon
Ward(s) 8

Willow is a city created by willowars. It was founded in November 2018 at T48, on the Taiga Line. It was previously claimed by Seastep. To the south is Savage City, and to the north is Borealia. To the east is Larkspur and Sansberg, and to the west is Twilight, somewhat abandoned but untouchable. In September of 2019, Willowars lost access to his account and gave the town to former DM CodyHM. After this, The towns of Willow and Charlamenge merged to make the town sizeable for senator. willowars came back using the account MatauPlays0.


  1. All MRT Standards and rules apply. (4 tall tunnels, 3 wide roads except in UD)
  2. In Unrealistic District, builds may be slightly unrealistic such as houses without all the necessities, 2 block wide roads and sharp curves. Newer builds however, must apply to the rest of the town.
  3. Residents must have a home in Willow before running for a government position.


Willow currently has multiple districts and sub-districts ; The Unrealistic District ,Realistic District, Willowridge District, Foobar District, Lakeside District, Larkspur Heights, Industrial District and Little Seoland District. The Unrealistic District is made up of ideas willowars had before joining MRT, such as using iron doors to direct traffic, fence medians, and 2 block wide lanes, known in-town as 2 Block Spacing. The Realistic District is the newer, organized section of land that includes Cobblestone Walls instead of fences, curved turns, 3 Block Spacing, and less medians. Willowridge was a planned industrial district, Foobar District will be fully residential, and Midnight District is the last settlement before crossing the border to Twilight.

Unrealistic District (UD)

Unrealistic District (circa november 2018). Note the W-1 with iron doors for traffic direction.

The Unrealistic District is the first district upon exiting T48 on both sides. It is the first part of the town built by willowars. The station itself is on the border between a Taiga Biome and an Ice Plains Biome. The original owner, Seastep, built only two roads and one building, but was untended for over 5 months and thus became unclaimed. willowars claimed the area and started by building a roundabout and an artery named Willow Parkway. The road W-3 is the only way to access the south of the district, W-1, the west, and W-2, the north. Borealia cannot be accessed by W-2, as the highway is in a tunnel, and rendered it useless, so W-2 was decommissioned.

A view of Realistic District (Circa December 2018). Notice the W-1/W-2 interchange.

Realistic District (RD)

The Realistic District is the second district in Willow. It can be accessed by travelling on W-1 West. W-1 West becomes an artery, at B-Road standards through the district. It has roads and wider spaces to build in, and less rugged terrain is present. The Town's gas station is also here, built by mi_aquamarine. Quartz Trail is the shortest road in the district as well in Willow, being 7 blocks long, because Weier had built an apartment into the road unknowingly. Willow Transport Solutions is a road maintenance company that assists in construction of roads and other transport features, such as rail or plane, if players ask for the help. Jupiter Motors is the second company that builds rolling stock for other railways, but if there are no rail companies to buy the trains, Jupiter will commence a rail system itself. This district is the most developed one, having essentials such as fire stations, a school, a small commercial area and housing.

Willowridge (WD)

Willowridge is an industrial district that will include logistics, depots, and industries. It currently houses the logistics centre for WTS and has a WillowTrans depot. Sidewalks are present in the district and into a cave system that could be built into. Since February 2019, Willowridge has been completely cut from Willow after border changes with Borealia. This cuts off W-2's importance as a vital connection northwards and to A92 and all buildings must be destroyed to keep Borealia's satisfaction.

The last view of Willowridge. Notice Willow Central, former W-2's alignment, and the industrial buildings.

Foobar District (FD)

Named after the default name for stations, this district was a residential suburb from the town. It is currently the southernmost district from Willow. It has more modern houses and the local roads do not use guardrails or centre lines. The Southern part of Foobar District is the most dense part of Willow, having multiple tall buildings and residences in close proximity along Highway Pass. The 5 Points Sub District is the most dense part of Foobar District, with lots of traffic in that area.

Five Points Subdistrict (No Code)

Five Points is located inside Foobar District. It is named for an interchange that ended up with five roads at a single intersection. It was an on and off ramp from the W-3 and the Sansberg Freeway, Highway Pass and Starry Road which resulted in a large intersection. However, the interchange was redone and Five Points no longer has an intersection with 5 points. It is the densest part of willow, a majority of high rises and apartments are located here.

Midnight District (MD)

This is the closest district to Twilight, a town founded by Shanape across a frozen river. This district is planned to have mixed zones, with industrial, commercial, residential and possibly military regions. It is connected by the W-1, Services Dr (W-1A), W-4 and W-5. It

Lakeside (LD)

Lakeside was the only built region east of the MRT Taiga Line. It currently has a Tacurger Shack and a parking garage. There were plans to connect it to the extended A8, but to this day has not been approved. Lakeside has some of the only fertile land in Willow and a small village house with a few farms are located there. It was originally built to be a small settlement to extend the border so that Ravine Parkway could intersect with the future A8. However this has completely backfired as the A8 will not serve this district.

Little Seoland District (SD)

Little Seoland is named after Seoland as an acknowledgement to CodyHM, the deputy mayor and slightly resembles the terrain of Seoland, being hilly and with smaller homes. There is a small hill blocking public view to Borealia, however, some of the apartments tower above it, much to Vulpicula's annoyance. However, there is no problem with the district as it is located within the city.

Industrial District and Larkspur Heights (ID and LH)

The industrial district is the newest and furthest district in the east. The district was started to keep pollution from the industries that will be built away from the residential. Ravine Pkwy serves the district and Avenue Road allows access to Larkspur via Dunkirk Blvd (B820). Larkspur Heights is the residential/commercial area near Larkspur. Both districts are in one header because the area is shared between the two names. Ravine Highway will serve the community and curve southwards.

Sansberg District (No code)

Main article: Sansberg

Sansberg was a city started by Luigi_Board. On June 1, 2019, it was transferred to Willow after Luigi decided to start a new town.

Charlemagne District (No code)

Main article: Charlemagne

Charlemagne was a hamlet claimed by AyyLion, but was left abandoned. Willowars recieved the area from him and proceeded to create a town that was to oppose Willow in infrastructure style. After willow's account broke, CodyHM annexed the towns together.

Natural Resources

Although Willow is a northern town, it exploits mostly pumpkin farming, spruce logging, and mining might also commence on the nearby 6 ravines. Charlemagne to the south has a warmer climate, and there is a farm that helps provide food. After Willow gains road access to the A92, food and goods can be imported more easily. An oil well was built and currently produces oil that is transported to the refinery in Industrial District to be refined. There is also a refinery in Savage City which the oil well exports crude oil to.



WillowTrans, the name of the bus services are operated by Willow Transport Solutions (WTS) in the town. There are 6 bus routes travelling in and out of willow to the nearby districts and towns. There is no Route 2 as it was discontinued because the northern expansion was terminated by staff.

Route 1 is a shuttle from Unrealistic District to Realistic District.

Route 1 District Shuttle
Stop name (from UD) notes
Willow Transit Centre (Unrealistic District Bus Terminal) Transfer for rail connections, intercity buses, Route 3, Route 3E , Route 4 and Route 6
Snow Ave Transfer for Route 3
Realistic Busway Transfer for Light Rail Line 4, Route 3 and Route 5
Services Ave

Route 3 Is an extension of Route 1 to Midnight District.

Route 3 Midnight Term via Services Dr / Unrealistic Term Via Spruces Dr.
Stop name(from UD) notes and transfers
Willow Transit Centre Transfer for rail connections, intercity buses, Route 3, Route 3E , Route 4 and Route 6
Realistic Busway Westbound stop, transfer for Light Rail Line 4, Route 1 and Route 5
Snow Ave Eastbound stop transfer for Light Rail Line 4, Route 1 and Route 5
Spruces Dr The signs say Spruce/Birch, but the road is named Spruces Lane
Dark Skies Blvd.
Midnight Bus Terminal Ending point for Route 3 and Route 3E

Route 4 is a direct connection to Sansberg.

Route 4 Sansberg
Stop name(from UD) notes and transfers
Willow Transit Centre Transfer for rail connections, intercity buses, Route 1, Route 3, Route 3E and Route 6
Sansberg St Transfer to Sanslink Sansberg North Station

Route 5 is a route that crosses diagonally through Willow to the NewFiorkG industrial area.

Route 5 New FiorkG St
Stop name(from Little Seoland) notes and transfers
Willowridge Terminal signs say Willowridge St Bus Terminal, Willow Transit Centre is located down the street.
Quartz Trail Transfer to Route 1 and Route 3 at Snow Ave
Realistic Busway Transfer to Route 1 and Route 3, eastbound stop
Birch Rd Eastbound stop
New FiorkG St

Route 6 is the second north/south bus line. It is co signed with CTransit route 1 within Charlemagne. Some of the warps may not be working.

Route 6 Charlemagne
Stop name notes and transfers
Willow Transit Centre
Willow Station Route 1 of CTransit starts
Starry District Heliport
Starry District Clinic
AyyLion Road
Andromeda Parkway The bus loops back through the stops back to the Transit Centre


Willow has roads that are 2 blocks per lane and 3 blocks per lane, which will be on new roads and existing roads past Ice Lake Street. The roads in Unrealistic District mostly are 2 blocks per lane and have a median made of spruce fence, or cobblestone walls. Main Street Willow is a major artery in the district and many shops are planned to be on it, as well as collector roads and local roads will branch off of it. The roads in Realistic district are all 3 blocks per lane and some have medians while some don't. The roads mostly branch off of W-1, a road with super 2 highway standards with mostly at-grade intersections. New districts such as the Foobar District will include local roads that do not have a centre line and are 4 blocks in width.

W-1 (Willow Parkway and CodyHM Pkwy)

The W-1 is the first road to be numbered in the Willow numbered road system. It is called the Willow Parkway in the Unrealistic District and is 10 blocks wide for some of its length. The parkway serves as the main road to access other areas of the town. It featured iron doors to direct traffic, but was removed because of complaints. The parkway intersects with Ice Plains Gate, Main Street Willow and Ice Lake Street before interchanging with W-2, and continues as a 2 lane road into the Realistic District. It intersects with the short Quartz trail and Snow Road. The Realistic Busway is further west, and provides as a point of looping for WillowTrans Route 1. The road heads in a westerly direction into the Midnight District and crosses the Frozen River Bridge into Twilight. After deputy mayor CodyHM helped upgrade the intersections in Unrealistic District, Willow Parkway was associated with another designation: CodyHM Parkway.

W-1A Services Dr.

Services Drive is an arterial road that runs parallel to W-1. It becomes W-1A as an extension of W-1 that goes along the Frozen River. As the name implies, this road is where most services are located, if not, they are close. The road gains its name after intersecting with Dark Skies Blvd. Services Dr upgrades to a right-in--right-out highway and will run parallel to W-4.


W-2 is a decommissioned controlled-access highway that was cut from the Willow Numbered Road System due to border changes with Borealia. The highway has been rebuilt as a B-Road, and will share the original three exits.


B-892 is the former W-2, and is a tunnel under Borealia. The route number has a concurrency with several Willow Numbered Roads before it will branch off the W-3 eastwards to Lavalake. It enters Sansberg as the Sansberg Freeway and passes through the second most complex interchange of the city. The B-Road has no concrete terminus as of now.

W-3 (Ice Lake Street)

W-3 is a road that connects Charlemagne and Savage City in T47 and T46 respectively. It is a limited access rural highway. It is 2 lanes wide for it's length and is known as Ice Lake Street inside of Unrealistic District and provides access to regions south of Willow, such as Foobar District and Charlemagne. It is the longest numbered road in the Willow Road Numbering system, being more than 600 blocks long. This highway underwent many realism renovations to keep it up to date with the MRT’s highway standards.

W-5 (Willow Expy)

Formerly called Foobar Road, this is an expressway that bypasses most of RD and MD. After Willowars left, CodyHM replaced the W-5's arterial section with an underground tunnel that bypasses the realistic district entirely in favor of a green way with a park overhead. The only full exit within Within Willow is an interchange with Sigma Borealis Rd, and after a quite sharp turn the freeway intersects with W-4, in the largest turbine interchange of Charlemagne and Willow, where it will continues into Charlemagne as a 4 Lane freeway. An interchange south of the W-4 with W-4A is being built, it will be a partial cloverleaf interchange. As the Freeway cuts through Charlemagne, it interchanges with the Texas loop, which serves the Jupiter Motors main factory industrial park. The numbering ends at the border of Savage City and Charlemagne. The roadway into SC has no name.

Avenue Rd and Larkspur Heights Expy. (B820)

Avenue Road is a wide arterial road in the north of Willow. It carries traffic from Realistic District through Little Seoland to Industrial District and Larkspur. It obtains the B820 designation at B892 and Willowridge St, and continues west to Sansberg St, where it becomes the Larkspur Heights Expressway, and is a limited access highway with an at-grade intersection with Refinery St, and interchanges with the Eastern Bypass and Factory Street, before heading into Larkspur as Dunkirk Boulevard as a six lane major road.


WillowTrans LR

Willow has two test Light Rail Lines operated by WillowTrans. Line 1 heads under W-2 and to the WillowTrans Depot in Willowridge. Line 2 travels in a southwesterly direction to Midnight District where the City Hall is. Because of border changes between Willow and Borealia, rail service will cease temporarily until a conclusion has been made. The only LR line is Line 3, from Midnight North to Midnight Bus Terminal.

WillowTrans Heavy Rail

WillowTrans operates a heavy rail line that heads from Willow Central to Midnight North Railway Station. The train used is a J Class S2. This service has been cancelled as Willow Central was demolished. A new line replaced the old one and it serves Charlemagne Central and Midnight North.

How To Get Around Willow

Willow is a "confusing" place to navigate, most evidently by the abundance of highways and county highways, roads and "unnecessary" road systems. Here is a short or long guide how to navigate to multiple parts of the city, with different types of transportation with use of the dynmap. The starting point is always from the T48 MRT station

Important Landmarks

These are places such as a service, park, or a nice build.

City Hall

The city hall is a large rectangular prism in Midnight District, close to the Frozen River. To get to City Hall from the MRT Station, drive west along W-1 and keep right at the trumpet interchange and head straight until Dark Skies Blvd. Turn left before the Frozen River bridge and the city hall is on the right. WillowTrans route 3 operates from Unrealistic District Bus Terminal to Dark Skies Blvd, get off there and the City Hall is in view.


Sansberg was a town built by willowars then given to _Sans05, but given back when Sans realised that he wanted to build a better city as his buildings were quite small in width. Sansberg is now under ownership of willow and was annexed. Route 4 of WillowTrans from Unrealistic Term connects straight to Downtown Sansberg, near the town hall and shops.

Sansberg also has a metro, which when complete, will form a semi-circle around the district. The line is built to be extended, but not for a long time. The metro is also in a terrible condition.


Charlemagne was a hamlet built by AyyLion which was transferred to willowars. It operated as it's own town, which reflected A more american-like quality of roadways. It was annexed into Willow when CodyHM took control while willowars was absent. To get to Starry District, the main district in the former city, take Route 6 from Unrealistic District Terminal down to the Heliport and into the center of the district. You can also take the CTransit elevated railway into the rest of the district and reach Savage City, although the trains are not fully functional and some stations are in poor states of repair.

A second way of reaching Charlemagne is from the WillowTrans heavy rail line. It starts from Midnight North Station just north of the City Hall and stops at Charlemagne.

Savage City

Savage City is a town built by Weier that employs a somewhat messy grid type of roads. It has road access and rail access but it's not very convenient. To get there from the MRT station, head to Unrealistic District Terminal and take Route 6 to Starry District Heliport or Willow Station, whichever one has warps or a train present. Head into the station and board a CTransit train south to either Savage City Border Station 1 or Old Town Station.

Transport "Hubs"

Transport terminals or important transport connections like transfer points or terminals.

Unrealistic District Bus Terminal

Unrealistic Bus Terminal has multiple names due to the space on a sign, usually referred to as Unrealistic Term, Unrealistic Bus Term, Unrealistic District Terminal, and multiple other similar names. It is accessed by walking or driving west from T48 station to Ice Plains Gate. Turn Right, you will see some parking spots, and a large irregular gray building. This is the Unrealistic District Bus Terminal.

Willow Transit Centre

This is the large building over the UD Terminal that connects to all methods of Transport in Willow except air, because there is simply no space on the roof for it. There will be connections from SEAT, IntraRail, PMWC and multiple other connections via bus or train.

Realistic Busway

Realistic Busway was a project to try to build a busway where multiple buses could stop, only one direction was built and serves 3 routes of WillowTrans. From Unrealistic Term, take either Route 1 or route 3 to Realistic Busway, with connections to the industrial district at New FiorkG St, Midnight Bus Terminal and the rest of Realistic District. Recently, a second direction was added, but not many buses stop there. An LR line stops at Realistic Busway, however it is for local use only and is badly maintained.

Franchises in Willow