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Willow Numbered Road System

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The Willow Numbered Road System is a system of roads designated a number for their importance in the towns of Willow, Charlemagne and one in Savage City. There are currently 5 main roads and 2 auxiliary roads. These roads range from rural 2 lane roads to wide 6 lane expressways.


W-1 (Willow Parkway)

This road was the first road in Willow, starting from T48 in the Unrealistic District to the border in Twilight. It is an arterial road with only one interchange with W-2 and has no plans to incorporate interchanges along its route.

Exit (from T48) Road Name Notes
1 Market Rd and MRT Taiga line T48 Willow Market
2 Ice Plains Gt and Main St Willow Ice Plains Gt leads to the other side of T48
3 Ice Lake Dr W-3 to Charlemagne
4 Former W-2 Formerly W-2 to Borealia, now decomissioned
5 Quartz Trail 7 block long rd
6 Depot Rd and Snow Ave JM Showroom and WTS office
7 Spruces Dr Partial access, eastbound entry and eastbound exit
8 Dark Skies Blvd W-1 heads into Twilight, traffic turns left to W-1A

B892 (Former W-2)

W-2 was a short freeway that serves Willowridge district. It will extend to A92 north of Borealia, but there is no access to Borealia. New border changes between Willow and Borealia significantly reduced W-2's exits and purpose. There is also a single sign that called it the "Northern Highway", and was forgotten. Since February 2019, Willowridge has been completely cut from Willow after border changes with Borealia. This cuts off W-2's importance as a vital connection northwards and to A92 and all buildings must be destroyed to keep Borealia's satisfaction. W-2 has now been decommissioned and only one exit will remain: the Avenue Rd Exit before entering a tunnel to bypass Borealia. The highway is currently under construction.

Former Exits (From W-1) Road Name Notes
1 W-1 Unrealistic district and Realistic District
2 Avenue Rd The bridge over the freeway was changed and the original Avenue Rd became Old Avenue Rd (Avenue Rd is real in toronto)
3 Willowridge St Northbound Exit only, JM Maintenance Plant, Entering Willowridge district
4 FiorkG Rd Southburg Manufactoring Company Factory
Exits (From A92) Road Name Notes
1 A92 Toll Road
2 Avenue Rd The interchange was redesigned three times.
3 W-1 W-2 originally ended here.
4 Main St Willow Start W-3 Concurrency
5 W-5 Willow Expy.
6 W-3, Ferry Rd and Sansberg Freeway End W-3 concurrency, B892 transitions onto Sansberg Frwy.
7 Sansberg St Hybrid between a diamond and parclo interchange
8 W-6 Eastern Bypass An attempt at a cloverstack

W-3 (Ice Lake Dr)

Ice Lake Dr is an arterial road inside Willow but expands to an expressway with at-grade intersections near Charlemagne. It is a rural highway and will undergo work to try and direct more traffic to it. It has also undergone multiple "realism" projects to upgrade it to standards.

Exit (From W-1) Road Name Notes
1 Willow Parkway W-1 Unrealistic District
2 Main St Willow Originally to be a high occupancy arterial, but construction is mainly focused on Midnight District now.
3 Willow Expressway W-5 terminus
4 Sansberg Freeway B892 Access to Ferry Rd and Sansberg.
5 W-4 Entering Charlemagne
6 AyyLion Rd and Taiga Gardenway Taiga Gardens suburban community
7 Unnamed road To French District
8 Savage City County Road 1 and Rosebush Ave. SC-1 (Savage City)

W-5 (Willow Expressway)

W-5 is a freeway meant to skip through the districts in Willow and bypass W-1. Most of the interchanges are grade-separated, and this highway passes through the largest interchange in Willow and Charlemagne. It also passes through the most districts in Willow.

Exit Road Name Notes
1 W-3 Unrealistic district
2 Hill Line Foobar District
3 Birch rd Realistic District
4 Dark Skies Blvd Midnight District, Traffic to W-1A can leave here in both directions
5 Sigma Orionis Rd Westbound exit only, freeway curves south
6 Castor St Eastbound exit only
7 W-4 Entering Charlemagne, this turbine interchange is the largest one in willow

W-1A Services Dr

Services Dr is an arterial in Willow's Realistic district that is parallel to W-1. It does not have the W-1A designation until Dark Skies Blvd, but there are ramps at Nebula Dr because of the way it intersects with the road. It originally was to be the extension of W-1, but W-1 was already built across the Frozen River Bridge to Twilight.

Exit Road Name Notes
0 Nebula Dr Eastbound access provided by u-turn at Spruces Dr
1 Dark Skies Blvd Official start of W-1A
2 Castor St and Pollux St Pedestrian Access to Midnight Bus Terminal
3 Sigma Orionis Rd To Sigma Orionis Square
4 Bellatrix Pass Eastbound Exit only, divided highway begins

Ravine Parkway

Ravine Parkway will be the main connection between a future A8 and Willow. It does not have a designation yet, because there are no plans to extend eastwards excessively. After the construction of the new WTS Oil Refinery, the road is quite congested to enter Willow because it is two laned and the only way into Willow is via Ice Plains Gt, only a primary street not quite capable of handling that much traffic.

Exit Road Name Notes
1 Ice Plains Gt Traffic turning left must make a U-Turn before turning right to the parkway.
2 Lakeside Dr Lakeside District To Lavalake Ferry
3 Industry St and Refinery St Industrial District

Ravine Highway

Ravine Parkway becomes Ravine Highway, a super-4 expressway that serves the Industrial District. Immediately it curves southwards and has a partial interchange with Larkspur Heights St.

Avenue Road

Avenue Road is a large arterial that acts as the border between Borealia, Willow and extends to Larkspur. Avenue Road is 2 lanes wide on the west side of B892, and enlarges to 4 blocks wide east of it. Avenue Road may receive a Number because of its importance as a bypass for Ice Plains Gate, which, from simulations, carries too much traffic from Ravine Parkway and Lakeside Drive. Avenue Rd is also the last stretch of B820 and ends at Willowridge St

Exit Road Name Notes
1 Old Avenue Road Old Avenue Rd was an old alignment of Avenue Rd before the slope of the road was changed in the new Avenue road interchange.
2 B-892 and Willowridge St Formerly W-2, Hybrid interchange of a diamond and a parclo. Willowridge St North was removed from border changes and instead runs south.
3 Borealia Heights St Named after Borealia and the conflicts of borders
4 Sansberg St One way to enter Sansberg
5 Eastern Bypass (W-6) Start of Larkspur Heights Expy.
6 Refinery Street Private Road to Willow Oil Refinery; Freeway Starts
Larkspur Heights Expy. Express No exit for Factory St, direct passage to Larkspur, No turn onto express from Refinery St
7 Factory St Diamond Interchange, last exit before Larkspur
8 Larkspur Border Access to Larkspur Lilyflower International (LAR)



The section within Charlemagne is named Charlemagne Highway although it is not one. It features only 3 intersections due to th hilly mega taiga biome. W-3 will have a customs gate at the Savage Drop Tunnel, but planning is undergoing.

Exit (from border) Road Name Notes
1 W-4 Half Clover Interchange
2 AyyLion Rd Lion's Hill is a very steep climb, 2:1 ratio. Heavy Trucks and long vehicles should use either Exit 1 or Exit 3 to bypass Lion's Hill.
3 Promenade Du Station

Station Avenue

To the french district

Vers le quartier français

4 Savage City Border / Willow Highway 3 (frontage) Northbound exit to southbound W-3 southbound entrance to W-3 and to unnamed road in Savage City


W-4 is the first road to be completely inside of Charlemagne. Its speed limit is 110 km/h for it’s fairly straight path. It serves Starry District in Charlemagne and the Admod sub district. The highway can be twinned to become a freeway, but current interchanges would have to be rebuilt. Past W-5, the freeway gets two extra lanes and crosses the Frozen River.

A view of W-4. (Circa Feb 2019)
Exit Road Name Notes
1 W-3 Half Clover Interchange
2 Andromeda Parkway and Starry Rd W-4A (Dumbell Interchange)
3 chiefbozx Ave Admod Sub District (Parclo B2)
4 Dark Skies Blvd No Southbound
4E Castor St Only westbound entrance
5 W-5 Largest interchange in Charlemagne (Turbine)
6 Polaris Dr North to Sigma Orionis Rd
7 Arcturus St Only westbound entrance and exit

W-4A (Andromeda Parkway)

W-4A at AyyLion Rd

W-4A is the first auxiliary route inside of Charlemagne. It is the main road of Starry District and lots of traffic is directed onto it. It is a limited access road and currently ends at W-5, near the border of YellowSpork.

W-4B (Part of Texas Loop)

W-4B is the second auxiliary route inside Charlemagne. It spurs off of W-4A near YellowSpork and heads south. After only a couple blocks, it encounters the Texas Loop, meant to house the JM Main Campus. The two roadways travel together southwesterly and hit very compact and tight interchange with W-5. The W-4B designation carries onto W-5 and currently ends there. Since the W-4B is still mostly in planning, the roadway is barely maintained.