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Town Officials
Mayor Needn_NL
Deputy Mayor The_Subway
Founder Needn_NL
MRT  NE7  Foobar
Roadways  B12  Wi-1 Wi-2
Other transit Winterside Metro
Facts and Figures
Population 2+
Town Hall Coordinates 5300, 76, -7450
World New

Winterside is one of the two citytowns owned by just Needn NL (talk). It is situated on one of the crossings of MRT Northern Line NE7 and B12. It Declared Independence (and loyalty to the United Kalorese Kingdom) on 27/9/2017. On the 22th of September 2018, it was decided unanimously that in Winterside the only main language would be Dutch, except for international things, like the B12, which will be signed bilingually, and Kaloro City's primary language will be English, with Dutch being the main language in District 1 (Old Town) and Kalorean being an official minority language next to Kalorean in District 1 and Dutch in all other districts. All other parts of the Union will recieve an official language later.


To be added soon.

Nearby towns

(All distances are downtown to downtown)

Geneva Bay, is a small harbour town approx. 500 blox away.

Creeperville, is a growing island-city approx. 525 blox away

Hendon, the town of London, is the most important town in Leedsshire at the moment and is 715 blox away

St Anna is one of the big towns in the area, and it is 750 blox away


As mentioned before, the town is stretched, mainly along the B12. Concerning MRT stations, it has one, NE7, with NE5 and NE8 occupied by allied towns.

Inner-city transport, unless part of an intercity route, is managed by the Kalorese Transportation Office, being a part of the Kalorese Union. KTO operates the Winterside Metro system with two lines, Erasmus and Caland, and the innercity buses. Because night traffic is less than day traffic, and to cut unnecessary costs. Metro's are only operated during daytime on Monday - Saturday. No KTO routes are operated on sundays, as Sunday is the Sabbath, and even though Intercity transport does serve Winterside on Sundays, for the same reason, there is very limited ridership.

Inter-city transportation is done mainly through West Station, East Station and the Winterside Harbour (see the accompanied pages). At the time of Writing, CreepeRail is planning on building a route to Hendon via either West Station or North Station, and allowing a KTO route to go to Creeperville's airfield. RaiLinQ will have a route go through West Station, and TransLink/TransMap will serve the town at any station. Concerning intercity buses: Arriva (London), Nic and Hermes (Moria) have expressed interest in opening a route to a bus hub in Winterside, when it will open.

Government Agencies

Even though Winterside is part of two hugely influential MPO's, Winterside owns quite a few agencies for itself:

  • Winterside Millitary Ops; Created 8-11-17, it handles all millitary operations, maintenance on the future millitary stations and is responsible for border control.
  • Winterside Public Transport Organisation (Part of KTO); Creation date unknown, it is the organisation that handles all town-funded Public Transport until North Coast MPO's PTO takes over ops.
  • Nature Council; Creation date unkown, is the organisation that takes into account all harm the municipality does to the environment, and how to level it out.
  • Commercy and Trade Council; This council deals with all foreign affairs and how they affect Winterside.
  • Building Style Council; This council tries to make the buildings in Winterside look harmonious and has the power to change buildings if they don't follow their guidelines.

Notable buildings/Sites

First building (Stationstreet 1)

The highest building, even higher than the MRT station (Tunnel Road 1)

Mining Area (Unnamed Street 0-0)

Winterside Town Hall (Heartlake Drive 7)

Winterside Media Office (WMO), Official Broadcasting Station of Winterside (Heartlake Drive 8)

Hèrtêrpàrk (Deer Park, as a in memoriam for Tante Rie) (20-September Square)

Winterside Festival Area (Where all the best fest's are held :P ) (Entrances at 20-September Square and Hill Drive)

Ònlyn (Online) Emission Tower, first Emission Tower built by Needn_NL (Rock Drive 6) [NOT YET REACHABLE BY ROAD]



Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
North Terminus: B12-shield.png at Winterside Harbour (Closed atm)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 Winterside Downtown Oost (East) Current northern terminus
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 Winterside Oost (East)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 Winterside Zuid (South)
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Knp. Winterside Zuid (South) Wi-2 to Geneva Bay
Dynmap Green Flag.png A Winterside Newtown Service Station Only Southbound
Dynmap Green Flag.png B Turning circle