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Wolf Corporation

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Wolf Corporation is a company owned by qwolf1999. It specializes in redstone and minecart innovation. It has a whole pyrotechnics section supervised by shastafire.

Pyrotechnics: How To Buy Fireworks: You can buy two different kinds of fireworks, pre-made fireworks, and custom fireworks. Stock Fireworks: To buy stock fireworks, you have to write a book in-game with your name, the name of the firework, and the amount of fireworks (The name of the fireworks can be found in the catalog section). Sign the book and bring it to King Tower outside of the Brown Exit at Spawn. Drop the book into the "Stock Fireworks Box" at the tower. Once your order has been processed, it will be shipped to your mailbox. If your order cannot fit in your mailbox, a letter will be sent notifying that you can pick them up. Custom Fireworks: Firework Shows:

Official Supporter of the MRT Bank Here is the link to the Bank wiki page: