Woodlands MPO

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Woodlands MPO
WoodlandsMPO flag.png
Established June 8, 2019
President TechAutoBlog
Vice President DaEdwards
Council _O_OM3GA_O_, imperial_block, AlphaDS
Capital Wexford

The Woodlands MPO is an metropolitan planning organization (MPO) located in the east portion of the MRT. It consists of 4 towns. Its goal is to unite the east with good transport and a common culture.


The Woodlands MPO was founded on June 8, 2019 after DaEdwards suggested to RileyServer that Riley should start a MPO. Edwards came up with the name "Woodlands MPO".



City Council Representative
Wexford [Unranked] RileyServer
Raymont [Unranked] _O_OM3GA_O_
XE38 [Unranked] imperial_block
Lapis Bay [Councillor] AlphaDS