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Woodsbane Road.png
Town officials
Mayor Vulpicula
Deputy Mayor camelfantasy
Founder Canadian_K9
Treasurer Canadian_K9
MRT  V10  Woodsbane
Other transit CitiRail
Cyan Line
T Line
Facts and figures
Population 4
Town hall coordinates X: 2822
Y: 64
Z: 1348
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party OPEC
Other info
MPOs Republic of Epsilon
Nation Storalia

Woodsbane is a town based off of wood that is split between three biomes. A spruce biome, a forest biome, and a plains biome. The city centre is built in the plains biome. The city is being integrated into Storalia as a part of the new administration. The town was formerly owned by Keentlewi, who has since moved on to Valemount.

Town Services

Woodsbane has many essential services that it offers, even before Storalian administration. One of these is the Woodsbane Hospital, which is able to treat illnesses of all sorts. Soon to be implemented services include the Woodsbane Bus system, and the public library.

Previous station Next station
 V9  Foobar
towards Central City—Northeast Station
 V10  Woodsbane  V11  Foobar
towards V28 via Siletz