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woorich999 in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest

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woorich999 in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest
Flag of Richville.png
Cities representedRichville
Participation summary
Appearances8 (3 finals)
First appearance1
Highest placement18th: 11
No. of website apperances0

woorich999 has participated in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest eight times since his debut in the first contest. He has participated in the contest under his city of Richville. Since the introduction of semi-finals, woorich999 has qualified once.

Contest history

woorich999 was the seventh participant to sign up for the first contest, where he submitted the screenshot "Sunrise at FYI". The screenshot was taken at Fort Yaxier International Airport and featured a now-retired Infamous Airlines 747 plane sitting at its gate in Terminal 2. The screenshot received 8 points and placed 27th overall. In the following contest, woorich999 submitted a screenshot titled "A Day In San Reinoldi", which placed 21st in the finals.

"It's Gonna Be All Right, On The Nightshift", a screenshot of Whitechapel, was woorich999's original submission to the sixth contest, before changing his entry to "Day to Night to Morning, Keep with Me in the Moment".

In the third contest, semi-finals were introduced. For the third contest to the seventh contest, woorich999 failed to qualify for the final with the entries "Wake Up Elecna Bay!", "I'm like 'Hey, what's up? Hello'", "I'm Not Good At Goodbyes", "Day to Night to Morning, Keep with Me in the Moment", and "Hey it's Delilah". His highest placement in the non-qualification streak was in the fifth contest with "I'm Not Good At Goodbyes", placing 12th in the second semi-final, receiving 32 points.

On October 11, 2020, woorich999 was banned as a result of the effects of Modgate. Thus, woorich999 was unable to participate in the eighth and ninth contests. woorich999 was unbanned on October 19, 2021, in time to participate in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 10; however, he stated that he was busy with school and would not be able to participate.

woorich999 returned to the contest in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 11, submitting "Chérie, où est mon bec?", qualifying from the semi-finals for the first time and placing 18th with 60 points, his best placement.


Since the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4, the title of every screenshot woorich999 has submitted has been a reference to popular song lyrics. "I'm like 'Hey, what's up? Hello?'" are lyrics from Fetty Wap's 2015 song, "Trap Queen". "I'm Not Good At Goodbyes" are lyrics in Post Malone's 2019 song, "Goodbye", a popular song released three months before the submission period of MRTvision Screenshot Contest 5. The screenshot was themed after the lyric with the main character looking sad after saying goodbye to their loved one that is off in the distance boarding a bus in Redwood. "Day to Night to Morning, Keep with Me in the Moment" are lyrics from the 2019 Doja Cat song, "Say So". "Hey it's Delilah" was a reference to the Plain White T's 2006 song, "Hey There Delilah". According to woorich999, the screenshot features "a character named 'Delilah' taking a picture of herself in front of an area in Redwood, that will be later sent back home a thousand miles away". "Chérie, où est mon bec?" are lyrics from Drake's 2022 song "Sticky", meaning "Honey, where is my kiss" in French.

A recurring character in woorich999's screenshot is the head of BlastyBlast, featured in four entries: "I'm like 'Hey, what's up? Hello'", "I'm Not Good At Goodbyes", "Hey it's Delilah", and "Chérie, où est mon bec?".

Participation overview

Contest City represented Screenshot City photographed Final Semi-final
Place Points Place Points
1 Flag of Richville.png Richville "Sunrise at FYI" Fort Yaxier 27 8 No semi-finals
2 Flag of Richville.png Richville "A Day In San Reinoldi" San Reinoldi 21 55
3 Flag of Richville.png Richville "Wake Up Elecna Bay!" Elecna Bay Failed to qualify 17 17
4 Flag of Richville.png Richville "I'm like 'Hey, what's up? Hello'" Antioch 18 9
5 Flag of Richville.png Richville "I'm Not Good At Goodbyes" Redwood 12 32
6 Flag of Richville.png Richville "Day to Night to Morning, Keep with Me in the Moment" Redwood 14 41
7 Flag of Richville.png Richville "Hey it's Delilah" Redwood 15 24
11 Flag of Richville.png Richville "Chérie, où est mon bec?" Sunshine Cove 18 60 9 71