Wuster's Burgers

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Wuster's Burgers
Key people
Founder & CEO STthecat
Number of locations 12
Headquarters TBA
Founded April 7, 2021
Parent Company Wuster's Burgers Corporation

Wuster's Burgers is a fast food franchise owned by STthecat founded in the MRT server on April 7, 2021 in Dogwood. It is a regional variant of STthecat's off-server franchise of the same name, with 12 locations currently.


Wuster’s Burgers existed three years before STthecat became a member, with the first location opening in his private world in February 2018. The off-server franchise still operates to this day, with about 10 locations.

On April 7, 2021, the first Wuster's Burgers location in the MRT server opened in Madison Beach, Dogwood just opposite the Madison Beach Ferry Terminal. Two days later, on April 9th, the first location outside Dogwood was completed in Api Village, Itavanga. However, the location only opened on April 11th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating it as the first location outside Dogwood.

The 10th location of Wuster's Burgers at Central City was completed on April 14, 2021, coinciding with STthecat's promotion to [Citizen]. The location officially opened on April 15th. However, no new Wuster's Burgers franchises were requested until April 18th, when a Custom location opened in Miu Wan.

Since its inception, Wuster's Burgers has gained tremendous popularity, with more locations being opened along MRT lines. It became the second franchise to sell Thicc Juice, after AstroSlurp.


Like our competitors, Wuster's Burgers has a fixed range of types of stores, either to suit the needs of players in the server or STthecat's new way of expanding his franchise. The current range was introduced on April 13, 2021, to provide franchisees with more options.


A Wuster's Burgers store size that can be sandwiched into any shop, any plot, the custom store size is ideal for shopping malls, markets, funfairs and apartments.

Price: Floor area ÷ 10


The small store size is the backbone of our franchise, both sweet and simple. It includes outdoor seating similar to In-N-Out Burger in real life, providing a good user experience. A variant of the small store size is the drive-thru store size, a slightly cheaper and modified option, which includes two parking lots and a roundabout for the drive-thru, inspired by Hardee's.

Price: 9 × 9 ÷ 10 = $8.10 (drive-thru), 9 × 11 ÷ 10 = $9.90 (small)


Not convinced yet? Well, we have a larger but still smaller than big size, the medium store size. It has a bigger area for outdoor seating, for customers who like suntanning. It is also ideal for locations in small playgrounds or located near highway exits.

Price: 11 × 15 ÷ 10 = $16.50


The biggest store size among the four sizes currently available, the flagship store has an even larger outdoor area with the signature "WB" sculpture seen in the Welchett and Bristol locations. Ideal for large retail parks and the most suited place in the middle of the parking lot.

NOTE: This store size is not on sale until the 10th location is completed. If you put Flagship down on the list, I will only build it after that location is completed.

Price: 15 × 27 ÷ 10 = $40.50


There are a total of 10 locations currently operating in the MRT server as of April 2021.

Store Number Store Type Buyer City/Town Address/Location Cost Date Completed
1 Drive-Thru STthecat Dogwood 1 Madison Parkway, Madison Beach N/A 7 Apr 2021
2 Custom Noahrebl (ooOO00w00OOoo) Itavanga Purple Building, Api Village 8.1 9 Apr 2021
3 Custom DintyB Beachview Beachview Mall, Lot B2 17 10 Apr 2021
4 Custom CyAmethyst Silverville Mineral Mall, Lot 202 16.5 10 Apr 2021
5 Custom PaintedBlue Cape Cambridge Vertex Apartments, Grafton Road, Downtown 7.7 11 Apr 2021
6 Custom Z3NO Welchett Grand Blomberg Mall, Lot 3A 22.1 11 Apr 2021
7 Small Minecraft252 Bristol 5 Edgewood Road, New Bern 9.9 12 Apr 2021
8 Custom KevakaTheGr8 Shenghua Little Nymphalia, Level 1 8.8 13 Apr 2021
9 Small KevakaTheGr8 Sayando Playa Este 5-2 9.9 14 Apr 2021
10 Flagship STthecat Central City Cytus Street (just behind Inter-Continental Theater) N/A 14 Apr 2021
11 Custom HarborRandom852 Miu Wan L'Arc, Level 4 10 18 Apr 2021
12 Custom Needn_NL Kaloro City Kaloro City West Station (near Metro exit) 23 20 Apr 2021

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