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Wythern Wards.png
Town officials
Mayor DeevyDeev
Deputy Mayor _hnt
Founder DeevyDeev
MRT  C40  Foobar,  C41  Wythern
Bus Arrivé 341 (Under Construction)'
BART 194
Roadways MRT Standard:  B410  to  A30 
Ardy Standard:  B410  to  A30 
Other transit RegionalConnect SCL Shinkansen, Wythern Transit Hub
Facts and figures
Population 5
Town hall coordinates 6264, 64, 6962
Founded August 2015
Recognized as town October 9, 2015
Town rank Senator (as of Dec. 25, 2015)
Official language(s) English
World New
Political Party Independent
City Phone Code 410

Wythern is a growing city on C41 station owned by Baseball02a.

Districts & Neighborhoods

Downtown Wythern (Ward 1)

Downtown Wythern is the heart of the city. It includes most of the modern office buildings and towers within Wythern. Downtown Wythern largest and most densely populated ward of the city.

Wythern Mall

The Wythern Mall is a large three-level mall (plus basement parking) located in front of the MRT Station (west side). Contact Baseball02 in game if you want a franchise.


Franchise Location
69fry 101
Ben & Jeremy's 102
Mickey & Donald's 103
Prubourne Steak 104
Comix Manga 105
Vanadium Retailer 106
Instant Ribbits 108
The Potion Store 113
Scindunt 116
NK's Trains 118
The Redstone Consultancy 121
Speedy's Meats 123
Torch Sanctuary 124
Woolporium Wools 126
Buy n Large Anchor R
Nutella House Anchor L
REDpharmacy 213
FriedPro 214
Martyn's Money Bank 215
Kalmar Fried Chicken 232
Mapple Store 235

Franchise Construction Rules

  • Unbuilt claims will be removed after 7 days.
  • If no progress is made in a franchise's building for 15 days, the franchise will be removed.
  • As long as you are making progress, your franchise will not be removed.
  • A bonus of $3-8 will be paid (usually $5) if a franchise is built in 7 days or less.

Town Hall

The Wythern Town Hall is located in front of the MRT Station (east side).

Monument District (Ward 2)

The Monument district is located to the east of downtown and contains the Monument Tower. Even though some buildings are being replaced by modern ones, some older buildings still remain.

Monument Tower

Monument Tower is an observation tower which is inspired by the designs of the Space Needle in Seattle and the Macau Tower in... Macau (obviously). You can get to the top or bottom either by warp (coming soon), or by using the long spiraling stairs.

Suburban District (Ward 3)

The Suburban district is located across the river from the remainder of the city (to the south & southeast) and is currently under construction.

Quartz & University Hills (Ward 4)

Quartz Hill & University Hill is two districts in one ward that is planned and will begin construction soon. It is located to the northeast of Downtown Wythern.

Wythern University

Wythern University is currently planned.

Riverbank & Victoria (Ward 5)

Riverbank & Victoria is a district that is currently under construction. It is located to the east of the Monument District. Here, you can also find the RegionalConnect High Speed Rail Station.

Industrial District (Ward 6)

The Industrial district is located to the southwest of Downtown Wythern and is under construction.


Intercity Transit


Wythern can be easily reached via the Circle Line at Station C41 and via RegionalConnect High Speed Rail.

Plus, there will be several lines served by the Transit Hub

  • Planned RaiLinQ Line: Astoria -> Wythern -> Royal Plaza -> Pearl Coast
  • Casey's Planned Line: Utopia -> Matheson -> Haibian -> Wythern -> Royal Plaza
  • EBTC Commuter Lines: C35 & C37
  • Four Seasons Railways: Winter Line and Autumn Line
  • Manukau Transport: Palmetto Line & Pearl Coast Branch


There is a bus line (Bus Line 194) operated by BART, which goes to Saint Roux, Siletz, and Central City.
There will be a bus line (Bus Line 341) operated by Arrivé Bus Lines that goes from St. Roux to Wythern.

Highways & Roads

Highway B410 is a short B-Class road that goes directly from the A30 to Wythern. It allows for easy road access to eastern MRT cities. It opened on November 12, 2015.

WCTA (Wythern Metro & Wythern City Bus)

Official Page: Wythern City Transit Authority

The Wythern City Transit Authority (WCTA) operates the Wythern Metro and the Wythern City Bus networks (with buses from Arrivé Bus Lines for transport within the city of Wythern.

Transit Connections
Previous station Next station
 C40  Foobar
towards Airchester
 C41  Wythern  C42  Foobar
towards Daneburg
Terminus RegionalConnect Thunderbird-Wythern Shuttle
Wythern Eastern Station
towards Thunderbird
towards Rank Resort
BluRail 1 & 1X Lines
Wythern Eastern Station
Royal Plaza
towards Sunshine Coast Máspalmas
towards Fort Yaxier
FredRail Southern Regional R.R.
Wythern Transit Hub
Tranquil Forest
towards Pearl Coast
towards Freedon
Manukau Palmetto Line
Wythern Transit Hub
towards Zaquar
Terminus Manukau Tranquil Forest Branch
Wythern Transit Hub
Royal Plaza
towards Tranquil Forest
Fort Yaxier
towards Zaquar
IntraRail Doppelgänger
Wythern Transit Hub
Tranquil Forest
Terminus BART Bus 194
Wythern Transit Hub
Saint Roux
towards Central City
Terminus BaseBus 50
Wythern Transit Hub
Fort Yaxier
towards Zaquar
Terminus BaseBus X54
Wythern Transit Hub
Terminus BaseBus 410
Wythern Transit Hub
Wythern Eastern Station
towards Crystal Falls