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Xandar Logo.jpg
Town officials
Mayor Aliksong
Deputy Mayor MishkaMan
Sheriff N/A
Treasurer N/A
Town Councillors Ryumitch (honourary)
ThaneFein (honourary)
MRT  C85  Xandar
Facts and figures
Population N/A)
Town hall coordinates 5900, 65, 0
Founded October 4th, 2014
Town rank Citizen
World Gamma

Xandar is a city located on the MRT Circle Line at  C85  Xandar, directly west of Central City on the meridian of the Gamma Server, Xandar was established by ThaneFein but following the June 2016 GSM, its ownership was granted to Aliksong. Geographically Xandar sits on the Isthmus between the North and South of the Western Continent.

Xandar was originally founded to house the corporate headquarters of The G-Tech Applied Sciences & Research Division and provide the legal climate needed for the Corporation to carry out its work unimpeded. Over time the city has grown in to a sustainable hub for not just G-Tech Corporation but many corporate entities such as Major League Coal, and Paradigm Bank.

To this the day the G-Tech Applied Sciences Tower acts as the central hub for the entire district, sitting on its raised foundations at the centre of Paradigm Plaza. Around the Plaza can be found such builds as: Xandar City Hall, the Paradigm Bank, Xandar City Hotel and The G-Tek Retailed Complex. The Main MRT station for Xandar is located directly below the G-Tech Tower.

Notable Buildings

Xandar City Hall

Xandar City Hall Taken from Paradigm Way

The Xandar City Hall is one the oldest building in the city. Designed to reflect both a classical design and a bright modern future for the city. The last addition to the building was the Dome of the Senate Hall. The Xandar City Hall houses the following departments & their heads:


Department Minister Department Minister
Mayor’s Office Aliksong Deputy Mayors Office MishkaMan
Department of Business Vacant Department of Education Vacant
Department of Health Ryumitch Department of Culture Vacant
Department of Agriculture Vacant Department of Revenue and Customs Vacant
Department of Roads & Transport ‎Martii Scots01 Department of Public Works Vacant
Department of Energy Vacant The Ministery of Justice Vacant
Department of Mysteries Thomasfyfe Department of Space Stuff Vacant

G-Tech Tower

G-Tech Tower Taken from The South Bound MRT

The G-Tech Tower houses the The G-Tech Applied Sciences & Research Division, The tower is 19 stories tall from its raised based. It is currently the tallest building in Xandar. At the moment the tower is undergoing a refurbishment and massive structural alterations to underside of its foundations. For the time being the G-Tech Applied Sciences & Research Division have moved to a more secure location elsewhere in Xandar till the work is completed.

Paradigm Bank

Paradigm Bank Taken from Paradigm Way

The Paradigm Bank PLC is one of the primary Banks in Xandar. The Bank famous helped finance much of the cities initial construction bringing much need finance support to expanding city. Due to its contribution to the cities founding the primary ring round around the G-Tech Tower was named in honour of it.

Xandar General Hospital

Xandar General Hospital

The Xandar General Hospital was built not long after the cities founding, it is one of the largest Hospitals in district and treats a wide variety of illness. The Hospital was a combined venture by a consortium comprising of G-Tech, Paradigm Banking PLC and Major League Coal. The Aim was to show a united front for the cities bright future and to help provide ample training to new Doctors at Xandar University.

Major League Coal

For Major League People

Major League Coal are one of the primary constructors and operators of the finest Coal Power Plants. Their Head Quarters are located at Number 3 Corporation Way and not far from the Xandar National Park which they helped Sponsor. They have come under fire recently due to contamination of land surrounding one of Xandar Coal Power Stations.

4 Corporation Way

4 Corporation Way from Paradigm Retail Park

The yet to be name tower is currently the newest building in Xandar. Currently there are floor to rent within the tower. The naming rights are also up for grabs for those willing to pay to have their name attached to one of the most prominent structures on the Xandar Skyline.

Property for Sale In Xandar

G-Tech Brand Retail Cube

G-Tech Brand Retail Cubes,Helping you Sell To Those Who Buy

G-Tech Retail Brand Retail Cube – There are Six G-Tech Brand Retail Cubes up for sale on at 4 Paradigm Way, North West of the G-Tech Tower.

Each G-Tech Brand Retail Cube covers 288 square meters over two floors and come fully function wiring, once purchased you are free do what you want inside but only the following modification can be made to the structure:

Modifiable Areas
Interior Walls
Elevator Glass
Door placement

Exterior Wall Colour may be changed after an Application to Xandar City Hall.

4 Corporation Way

4 Corporation Way Offers Premium Office Space

There are currently 15 floors inside 4 Corporation Way, each are priced depending on their ‘Sector' within the tower. Sector A (Floors 1 to 5); Sector B (Floors 6-10) and Sector C (Floors 11 to 15) 10 Per Floor in Sector A 15 per Floor Sector B

Sector Floors Price Avaliable
Sector A 1 to 5 $10 5
Sector B 6 to 10 $15 5
Sector C 11 to 15 $20 0

Naming Rights to the Building are currently not for sale.

Future Projects

At the moment, Xandar is undergoing a rapid Expansion each department is doing it very best to upload the cities high standard

Current Plans include:

Project Status
Xandar & Vekta National Park Planning
Fusion Power Plant Zoning
Xandar University Zoning
Cathedral of Science Zoning
Television Centre Zoning
Docks Yards Zoning
Shipping Canal Zoning
More Coming Soon