Xenive Holdings

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Xenive Holdings
Xenive Holdings Logo.svg
Senior staff
Founder Vennefly
CEO FredTheTimeLord
Facts and figures
Headquarters Hensall
Founded February 2019

Xenive Holdings is a holding company orignally created by Vennefly and Red_Ray, each owning 50%. It owns most other companies founded by them. Xenive is currently owned and operated by FredTheTimeLord as a subsidiary of Fred Brand.



  • XenArchitecture, an architecture company that owns any Xenive buildings not associated with a franchise or company.



  • Perla Coffee Company, a coffee franchise based on the Dutch coffee brand 'Perla';
  • Ray's Stroopwafels, a restaurant selling stroopwafels and coffee.


  • Xenive Asset Management, the company that owned most buildings and infrastructure built by Xenive. As of February 2020, all assets have been transfered to their respective companies.
  • Xenive Franchising, the former holding company for our franchises