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Town Officials: Mayor HammerDrinksTea

Deputy Mayor hnt

Founder HammerDrinksTea

Town Councillors AP_Red, London150, 8ama

Transit MRT NE18 Titsensaki

Bus tMotors, XBus

Roadways B21,N3,TX-Bridge,N1,N4

Water TAP

Nearest Airport Titsensaki Int'l Airport

Rail XRail

Other transit XBus, XTram, tMotors, MRT

Facts and Figures Population 2

Established January 2017

Recognized as town Feb. 12 2017

Town Rank [Councillor]

Official Language(s) English, Xiionan

World New

Post codes XI1,XI2,XI3,SO1,SO2

Political Party Socialist Xiionan Party, Xiionan Labour, Yeel Party, Liberal Party, Conservative Party, UNET Party

Ward(s) 2

City Phone Code +244


Xiiona is a town in the North-East, bordering Titsensaki and Subton on Sea. Xiiona has 3 counties, Yeel, Leweder and Xiionashire.


Xiiona: Capital Oldham Edge: Just a village Horsham and Yeel: Under Construction Leweder: Proposed


N1: Titsensaki Border-NE18 N3: Xiiona-Oldham Edge-Horsham-Leweder-Subton-Yeel N4: City Hall-B21 B21: Xiiona-Titsensaki-Subton-N3

Rail and Bus

Bus: 1 Xiiona-Oldham Edge-Horsham

   TX NE18-Xiiona

Rail: Xiiona-Horsham


R1: NE18-NE Corner R2: Oldham Edge-R1 R3: Xiiona-Yeel