Yeet-Vulpine Airways

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This corporation is a member of the Democratic Republic of Vulpine Economic Partnership Program.
Yeet-Vulpine Airways
CODE Callsign
YVA Yeet
Founded July 15, 2019
Ceased operations July 19, 2019
Operating bases N/A
Hubs N/A
Frequent-flyer program Chungus
Alliance CES
Company slogan Most Trusted.
Headquarters Totem Beach
Key people

Yeet-Vulpine Airways was a small airline on the MRT New World. It was a merger between Yeet Airways, a company founded by Sans05 and DaEdwards, and Vulpine Airways, a company founded by KingFox and Fiork777.

The airline was plagued by many disagreements after it joined the airline alliance CES. It ultimately disbanded on July 19, 2019.