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Alert.png woorich999 has acquired Yair.
Yair is being integrated with Infamous Airlines as an operator. Information on this page is for historical purposes.
Getting you where you want to be
Corporate Information
CEO Technological99
Other Staff COO and CEO of ScotsJet: Martii_Scots01
Subsidiaries ScotsJet
Parent Company Yelo
Facts and figures
Number of Destinations 5
Founded 12/12/2014
Airline Information
Hubs Ocean Suburb International Airport
Alliance None


Yair is the original and the largest operator of the MAE 146 - 300. We fly to the smaller, less popular airports where some of the bigger planes cant access. We currently have 2 types of planes in our fleet. The MAE 146 - 300, Designed and built by Yelo. The airline is a sub company of Yelo but at the same time is an independent airline and will always remain independent providing essential flights to those who need them. We operate from a multitude of airports There is only 1 class in Yair, that is Standard. Although there is Y-Xpress which is priority boarding and do get access to the table seats before others. The main colour of Yair is Yellow. Red is the Y-Xpress colour and the tail colour to stand out is purple. Yair's main airport will be Ocean Suburb International Airport where we hope most of our flights will fly to so you can get to where you want to be.


We are planning of operating a number of routes to smaller regional airports. We own gates at Amphibio Airport, Riverside Int, and Ice Springs along with the hub; Ocean Suburb International.

  • Flight: Y1021 Route: Ice Springs International - Whitechappel Sky Harbour - Active
  • Flight: Y1025 Route: Ocean Suburb International - Chokster Borderline Airport - Active
  • Flight: ##### Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre - Foobar


Our fleet consists of 2 types of aircraft.

MAE 146/300
  • RQ-Y-1315 (Designed and Built by Autobus22)
  • MAE 146 - 300/500 (Deisnged and Built by Yelo)