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2018 New Bakersville World's Fair

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The 2018-19 New Bakersville World's Fair is an exposition located in New Bakersville City. It showcases technologies and advancements from various companies, as well as providing spaces to exhibit cities.

2018 New Bakersville World's Fair
Organiser New Bakersville World's Fair Committee
Cities TBA
Companies TBA
City New Bakersville City
Venue World's Fair Park (Under Construction)
Opening Date December 22, 2018
Closing Date January 5, 2019


The NBTA World's Fair Station will be served by Graltes Express Line 11 trains as well as PATH trains.

Exhibition Request

Please put your city/company's name on the box below. Each person may only put two corporations and one city to represent. You may claim an area of land

Company/City Owner
Fred Rail FredTheTimeLord
Sunshine Coast Cact0
AstroSlurp Conric005
YouFuel SkyjumperTalon
MRT Golf Association SkyjumperTalon
Cactus River SkyjumperTalon
Tacurger Shack SoaPuffball
Peripotamia Cookie46910
Potoe and Chicke Cookie46910
JR East 0x10
myles SoaPuffball
IanTech Johngi