4th Parliament of Epsilon

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The 4th Parliament of Epsilon was period of reflection, repair and national unity after foreign interference in elections that shook the Republic and almost resulted in the disintegration of it. However, during National Unity, many democratic reforms took place, including the passing of the Constitution.

The 4th Parliamentary Session lasted between the 30th of December 2019 - 20th of January 2020.

House of Representatives

This was the composition of seats in the last day of the 4th Parliament in the House of Representatives.


Political Parties

List of functional political parties in the House of Representatives during the 4th Parliament of Epsilon and of the number of seats they had in the House of Representatives.

Party Name Colour Established Since Seats (House of Reps)
Liberal Party of Epsilon █████ 3rd of January 2019 41 / 148
Green Party of Epsilon █████ 10th of January 2019 8 / 148
Enterprise Party of Epsilon █████ 10th of January 2019 (Defunct) 0 / 148
Labour Party of Epsilon █████ 10th of January 2019 7 / 148
Llama Libertarian Party of Epsilon █████ 28th of December 2019 25 / 148
People's Party █████ 28th of December 2019. (Defunct) 0 / 148
Worker's Party of Epsilon █████ 2nd of January 2020 2 / 148
Social Democrats of Epsilon █████ 12th of January 2020 9 / 148
Cattington Unionist Party █████ 14th of January 2020 6 / 148

Political leaders

List of political leaders in the executive during the 4th Parliamentary Session.

Leader Name Party Position
ModernArt █████ President
Vulpicula █████ Vice President
i____7d █████ Prime Minister
Canadian_K9 █████ Deputy Prime Minister
Cities of the Epsilonian Republic
Region Mayor # of Seats City Party
Example Region Example Mayor Example Seats Example City Independent
Northwest Epsilon ModernArt 4 Norwest Liberal
Northwest Gamma ModernArt 4 Pasadena Green
Northwest Epsilon LegendOfYukari 4 New Gensokyo Independent
Southwest Epsilon Ramona 4* Cremona Llama Libertarian
Northwest Epsilon TechsMinecraft54 3 Lakeborough Liberal
Southern Epsilon honzagame 1 MeTromso Independent
Eastern Jungle Epsilon Majatho3 3 Jungleville Independent
Northwest Gamma powerminer01 3 Watchfield Independent
Southwest Epsilon PeacemakerX5 2 Southbank Liberal
Far West Epsilon ModernArt 1 Yuledan Protectorate Liberal
Northern Gamma MaxStewartS 1 East Hills Independent
Southwest Epsilon lfpp003 3 Savannah Llama Libertarians
Eastern Jungle Epsilon Neptune7505_ 1 Karauna Springs Green
Region of Lumeva i____7d 3 Foresne Liberal
Far West Epsilon LegendPheonix26 1 PhoenixVille Liberal
Eastern Epsilon __OM3GA__ 3 Raymont Llama Libertarians
Southern Gamma airplane320 4 Zerez Independent
Southern Epsilon __OM3GA__ 1 Devon Protectorate Llama Libertarians
Southern Gamma LightingMC 4 New Genisys Liberal
Southern Gamma LightingMC 3 Genesis Liberal
Northwest Epsilon TheSubway 1 Sand Protectorate Liberal
Far West Epsilon XtremeCoder 1 Xterium Liberal
Central Gamma Missa_Solemnis 3 Musique Liberal
Northeastern Gamma Felix_An 3 Mountain View Independent
Far West Epsilon Johngi 3 Aquamarine Bay Liberal
Northwestern Gamma Johngi 3 Spruce Valley Liberal
State of Lapis AlphaDS 3 Lapis Bay Independent
State of Lapis gus7896 1 Taiga Hills Independent
Southern Epsilon Gallu 1 Frostbeach Independent
Westplein Region N/A 1 Lawrenceville Independent
Far West Epsilon CirclesPointless 1 Tembok Liberal
Region of Lumeva ktkren777 1 Southoak Protectorate Liberal
Region of Lumeva PeacemakerX5 2 Peacopolis Liberal
Southern Epsilon Fiork777 3 Southburg Labour
Northern Gamma MaxStewartS 3 East Spruce Llama Libertarians
Northern Gamma Hightech_TR 4 Woodsdale Llama Libertarians
Eastern Gamma Hightech_TR 3 New Bark Town Independent
Western Epsilon Vulpicula 4 Monte Isola Llama Libertarians
Southwest Gamma Seshpenguin 4 Pixl Llama Libertarians
Southwestern Epsilon SansNotLuigi 1 Sansvikk Social Democrats
Southwestern Epsilon ModernArt 1 New Southport Llama Libertarians
Southeastern Gamma ModernArt 3 Izumo Social Democrats
Southeastern Gamma Canadian_K9 3 Valemount Green
Southeastern Gamma VAReaper 3 Akworth Worker's Party
Northwestern Gamma MindBender15 5 Radiance Square Independent
Region of Lumeva CSnooter 1 Twingate Independent
Region of Lumeva ModernArt 1 New Izumo Liberal
Region of Lumeva Airplaneguy9 1 Stone Bay Liberal
Western Epsilon SkyjumperTalon 3 Eagleshore Independent
Southern Epsilon SkyjumperTalon 2 Cactus River Independent
Far West Epsilon SirPenguinMay 1 Neue Savanne Liberal
Northern Epsilon Keppler22b 1 Auburn Hills Labour
Northern Epsilon SansNotLuigi 1 Frostbite Liberal
Region of Lumeva BillionPenny483 1 Newbourne Liberal
Northern Epsilon woorich999 1 Bay Point Llama Libertarian
Northern Epsilon SansNotLuigi 3 Sansmore Social Democrats
Northern Epsilon SansNotLuigi 2 New Sansberg Social Democrats
Southern Epsilon Fiork777 3 Valence Labour
Autonomous Republic of Ophelia LithiumMirnuriX 3 Seolho Independent
Autonomous Republic of Ophelia LithiumMirnuriX 2 Janghwa Independent
Autonomous Republic of Ophelia LithiumMirnuriX 1 Tropica Independent
Autonomous Kingdom of Cattington Purrcatt2010 3 Cattington Cattington Unionist
Autonomous Kingdom of Cattington Purrcatt2010 1 Miasto Cattington Unionist
Autonomous Kingdom of Cattington Purrcatt2010 1 New Cattington Cattington Unionist
Autonomous Kingdom of Cattington Purrcatt2010 1 Snowdin Cattington Unionist
Total: 148 65