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{{roadexit|construction|FFFF00|2|{{roadardy|A|8|B232}}|[[Merritt Lakes]]|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|construction|FFFF00|2|{{roadardy|A|8|B232}}|[[Merritt Lakes]]|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|4|{{roadardy|A|8|NBC-Bypass}}|Not Approved yet.|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|4|{{roadardy|A|8|NBC-Bypass}}|Bypass of traffic in the NBC area.|=|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|5|{{roadardy|A|8|NBC-Bypass}}|Bypass of traffic in NBC area. Not approved yet.|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|5|{{roadardy|A|8|NBC-Bypass}}|Bypass of traffic in the NBC area.| =c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|7A|{{road|A30}}|North to [[Ravenna]], [[Titsensaki]], and [[Birchview]] Not approved yet.|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|7A|{{road|A30}}|North to [[Ravenna]], [[Titsensaki]], and [[Birchview]]|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|7B|{{road|A30}}|South to [[Central City]], [[Airchester]], ATC area, [[Fort Yaxier]], [[Marblegate]], and [[Tranquil Forest]] Not approved yet.|c=black|nolink=true}}
{{roadexit|planned|00FF00|7B|{{road|A30}}|South to [[Central City]], [[Airchester]], ATC area, [[Fort Yaxier]], [[Marblegate]], and [[Tranquil Forest]] |c=black|nolink=true}}

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Planner(s) Kel5 FredTheTimeLord
Constructors Kel5, FredTheTimeLord _HeavenAngel_, SuperBuilder400
Number of Exits 3 (Current)
4 (Planned)


The A230 is a Four to six lane Expressway that is currently being built by Kel5. The Road is currently under construction, and is scheduled to open some time in Janurary 2017. The Expressway will have a speed limit of 110 km/h. The road will (hopefully) be extended to the A30


Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Interchange Exit No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png X Standard Exit No connections

Exit Information

Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Pin.png 1A Highway A2.png (planned) Towards Verdantium
Dynmap Pin.png 1B Highway A2.png (planned) Southbound.
Dynmap Construction.png 2  B232  (under construction) Merritt Lakes
Dynmap Pin.png 3  B233  (planned) Padagonia
Dynmap Pin.png 4  NBC-Bypass  (planned) Bypass of traffic in the NBC area.
Dynmap Pin.png 5  NBC-Bypass  (planned) Bypass of traffic in the NBC area.
Dynmap Pin.png 7A Highway A30.png (planned) North to Ravenna, Titsensaki, and Birchview
Dynmap Pin.png 7B Highway A30.png (planned) South to Central City, Airchester, ATC area, Fort Yaxier, Marblegate, and Tranquil Forest

Botanical Park

Kel5, and _HeavenAngel_ are currently developing greenery around J2. The northern loop features a pond, and the hill that lay next to the southbound off-ramp, will be covered with water decorations. There is also a small flowerbed at the divergence of the carriageway that carries the southbound off-ramp, and the eastbound on-ramp. For a better picture of the project, please visit Junction 2.


Kastle, _HeavenAngel_

Fun Facts

The road number is based on the way Edmonton, and Calgary numbered their ring-roads. Edmonton's ring-road is known as Highway 216, and Calgary's Highway 201. The roads are named after both cities major Highways (Eg: Edmonton Highway 2, and Highway 16 (Trans Canada North) .


So far only the area which lay around J2 has been constructed. Construction will progress west from here. FredTheTimeLord will be building the A230 from the A30 to the beginning of the mountain biome to the Northeast of NBC.