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 A54  - South-East Highway
Planner Cortesi
Constructor Cortesi
Helpers -
Number of Exits XX
Terminus North Highway A4.png in Grisville
Terminus South Murrville
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Good service

The A54 is an A-Class Highway on the New World that connects the South-East Region (Murrville, Kanto, Cremona) to Central City via Grisville.

Road Exits
Exit 1
A4 - Grisville
connection to the  A4 . Towards Central City.
Exit 2
 Under Construction 
B38 - Draton
connection to the  B38 . Exit for Draton.
Exit 3
 Under Construction 
Exit for Hannibal.
Exit 4
Kanto North Service Area
Service Area
Exit 5
Exit for Kanto, Kanto Port, .
Exit 6
Cactus Creek
Exit for Cactus Creek.
Exit 7
A410 - Sunshine Coast
connection to the  A410 . Towards Sunshine Coast.
Exit 8
Cremona North
Exit for Cremona's North part of the city.
Exit 9
 Under Construction 
Cremona South
Exit for Cremona's South part of the city.
Exit 10
Murrville North Service Area
Service Area
Exit 9
Exit for Murrville
. . . Future expansion to Aeolia