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Alert.png Due to Anarchy and Construction in Armada, the A890 is currently closed following Exit 1. All Traffic is being diverted onto the  B91   Armada Ringroad  towards Orio and Waterville
Highway A890.png
Planner Ardyan
Constructor Ardyan
Number of Exits 4
Terminus North Lancaster
Terminus South Highway A90.png at Highway B91.png
Road Status Status: Service Partial.png Partially open:
between  A90  and Exit 1
Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Road merges to Highway A90.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 Highway B91.png Armada Ringroad
Waterville, Orio
Highway B91.png
Dynmap Cross.png 2 Armada Bus Station (closed)
Dynmap Cross.png 3A B17-shield.png
Konawa, Lanark, BirchView (closed)
Dynmap Cross.png 3B  C903 
Downtown Armada (closed)
Dynmap Cross.png 4 B92-shield.png Lancaster (closed) B92-shield.png
Road merges to  B89