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Town Officials
Mayor Camelfantasy
Speaker of Senate TBD
Chief Justice TBD
MRT  V47 - SE9  Aeolia Station
Bus Aeolia AirBus
Nearest Airport Aeolia Intertemporal Complex
Rail Aeolia AirTrain
Facts and Figures
Population 2
Town Hall Coordinates 7800, 200, 17100
Founded 5/28/17
Recognized as town June 12, 2017
Town Rank Senator
Official Language(s) English (Official), French (Diplomatic), Italian, Japanese
World New
Post codes AL? xxx
Ward(s) Epsilon
Other Info
Nation Republic of Formosa

Aeolia is a town located in the southeast corner of the world in a Savanna Plateau M biome. It is characterized by highly futuristic buildings composed of glass exteriors with quartz frames, as well as elevated buildings with multiple supports due to the frequent changes in elevation. The city also utilizes a variety of futuristic technologies for pedestrians, such as plasma bridges and antigravitational lifts. Vehicular transportation is mainly through personal aircraft and airspeeders.


In the year 2280, years of geological warfare has ravaged the planet and wiped out most of humanity. Mountains stood where oceans once were and valleys existed where previously had been plains. A group of survivors in the southeast have united to rebuild, utilizing preserved technology to construct a city in what was formerly a plateau but has since been filled with extreme hills, as a result of the war.

Shortly after the city was founded, a group of wanderers calling themselves the Mixolydians settled on the northern border, in a relatively flat area. Although there has yet to be any conflict, the Mixolydians' mysterious acquisition of an airspeeder and five speeder bikes and military training activities suggest an imminent attack. Aeolia has dismissed such a threat, however, as their civilization is largely primitive and their military is greatly outmatched by Aeolia's.


Aetherium crystals, discovered and refined during an excavation of ruins from the war, power and levitate the city's many floating islands, as well as generating the countless plasma bridges and barriers throughout the city. The largest crystals are utilized by the military and are able to provide immense energy for their powerful weapons and shields.

Officially recognized and developed islands:

  • Camelfantasy Manor
    • Helipad
    • Waterfall
  • Fort Locria
  • Government Sector Observation Tower
  • Radio Telescope at Observatory


Building Info
City Hall The first establishment in the city that houses the top government officials' offices. It primarily serves as the headquarters for directing the reconstruction efforts of the city.
Government Sector Residential Tower Dorms for government officials.
State Courthouse Houses the State Court that resolves legal issues and arbitrates civil disputes.
State Legislature Houses the State Senate that creates policies on the reconstruction of the city.
Camelfantasy Manor Residence for the Mayor.
Office Tower 1 Offices.
Government Sector Observation Tower Usually used as an observation deck, also used partly as a watchtower for hostile forces.
Meeting Rooms Tower 1 Meeting rooms for the government or any other organizations.
Military Headquarters (Fort Locria) Military fort on an island commanded by the remnants of the Formosa Armed Forces. It is completely surrounded by a plasma shield with its armaments having a range of several kilometers. The command building is situated on the island while the hangars and fort entrance are located inside the island.
Deputy Mayor Manor Residence for the Deputy Mayor
Wind Farm Control building with wind turbines generating energy for the city.
Cargo Port Area for storing cargo and moving them onto cargo airships for trade with other surviving cities.
Cargo Port Offices Control area for the Cargo Port.
Cargo Port World Trade Center Trade and commerce offices for the city.
Communications Tower Serves as the primary waypoint for city communications, is also used to search for and establish contact with surviving groups.
Aeolia Information Database Computer server center storing data for the city as well as containing vital information recovered from prewar times.
Hall of the Aeons Large building recording the history of the world, as well as functioning as a meeting hall.
Hospital Contains most medical services available in the town.
Residence 1 Small residence next to a mountainside waterfall and hot spring.
Residence 2 Medium residence with a hillside garden.
Old Government Tower An old four-tower government building that housed important government officials, before a geological attack created a hill under it and caused the destruction of three of the towers and the remaining tower to tilt sideways. The tower is no longer used but is kept as a relic of the war, with the occasional explorer passing through.
Community Center Multipurpose building including a pool, gym, recreational facilities, meeting areas, and locker rooms.
Residence 3 Medium residence above a pool.
Residence 4 Large residence with a garden and multiple decks surrounding a pool.
Observatory Part of the astronomy center that searches for habitable planets in the universe, for the potential emigration of Aeolia's citizens to a better world in the future.
Radio Telescope Aids the telescope in the main Observatory.
Airship Dock (Fort Locria) The military's and Fort Locria's largest airship dock, capable of fitting an Aeolia-class airship, with multiple servicing facilities.
Airship Armory (Fort Locria) Heavily guarded and secured storage for all armaments and supplies for the nearby airship dock.
Ionia Station Intracity transit center with three tracks for AirTrains and 5 landing pads for AirBuses.
Police Station Headquarters for the city's law enforcement doubling as the city prison, with landing strips/pads for police vehicles and an execution yard connected its exterior.
Fire Station Headquarters for the city's firefighting services, with facilities for housing firefighters as well as landing pads for a variety of firefighting vehicles.
Aeolia Intertemporal Complex Aeolia's sole connection to other cities, consisting of a landing pad with security facilities, a time portal some distance away. and intermediate airship guiding rings.

Note: italics indicate a non-building or an area.

Building Info
Residences x10 Houses a family in each.
Training Yard Contains a variety of equipment and facilities for training soldiers, and can be used as an assembly square.
Landing Pad 1 Used by the settlement's airspeeder.
Meeting Hall Generally used for governing the settlement.
Armory Contains weapons and other important items.
Landing Pad 2 Used by the settlement's speeder bikes.
Windmill Generates the majority of the settlement's power.
Farm Provides food for the settlement.

Note: italics indicate a non-building or an area.


Public transportation consists mainly of automated skytrains running between major buildings or structures that cover a large distance, and airships between areas difficult to access easily. Floating stock consists modified airport shuttles found in the ruins of a prewar airport, and utilizes technology that allows it to run on plasma beams.


Line 1:

  1. Government Sector Residential Tower
  2. Hall of the Aeons
  3. Aeolia Cargo Port


Line 1:

  1. City Hall
  2. Hall of the Aeons
  3. Fort Locria
  4. Observatory


Aeolia's sole intercity transportation mode is based on a stacked landing pad area, the Aeolia Intertemporal Complex, at the Hall of the Aeons Station. All airships, operated by SkyTrans, use a time portal located at each destination to travel between Aeolia and other cities of a different time.



Airships are the most common form of transportation within the city, and a wide variety are utilized by different groups for different purposes. Personal airships constitute the majority of them, which usually seats 5 people and have twin laser cannons for defense. Larger versions of these contain a lounge instead of a seating area, and are generally used by government officials or other prominent citizens. The military uses airships for its patrols, which include two-man light airships, troop carriers, and command airships as well as armed drones.

Aeolia-class Airship

The F.S. Aeolia is an airship carrier, and is the largest airship possessed by the military. It is capable of holding 10 gunships, 4 light airships, 2 troop carriers, 1 command airship, and 3 drones, with a full crew of 160 people. In addition, it is heavily armed and capable of both defending itself and serving as an airborne bombardment platform, as well as an advanced mobile command center.


Town rank endorsements:

Councillor: jphgolf4321 and Narnia17 on May 29, 2017

Mayor: Frumple and _Kastle on June 12, 2017

Senator: Server staff on February 28th, 2018