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| ICAO        = NWEA
| ICAO        = NWEA
| type        = Airport
| type        = Airport
| owner-oper  = [[Epsilon Region Transportation Agency]]
| owner-oper  = [[Airchester Airport Company]]
| city-served  = [[Airchester]]<br/>[[Airchester|Sesby]]<br/>[[Accerton]]
| city-served  = [[Airchester]]<br/>[[Airchester|Sesby]]<br/>[[Accerton]]
| location    = East New World
| location    = East New World

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The Airchester Airport Company (AAC) is a transportation agency on the MRT Server. It is in charge of all the Airports on the Epsilon Region (Airchester, Sesby, Accerton). It's objective is to guarantee safe and efficient air infrastructures on the Epsilon Peninsula.

Epsilon International Airport

Epsilon International Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator Airchester Airport Company
Serves Airchester
Location East New World
Hub for Waypoint
Built 27th December 2014
Elevation AMSL 209 ft / 64 m
Coordinates 7937,64,-34
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 1830 558 Concrete

Epsilon International Airport (IATA: EIA, ICAO: NWEA) is an international airport in the eastern part of the New World of the MRT Server. The airport primarily serves the Epsilon Region, comprising the member cities C25-C26 Airchester, C24 Sesby and C27 Accerton. It is the main hub of the airline Waypoint. This was the first airport built of the MRT Server after the opening of the new world in 2014.


Departures Hall
Eastern's 737 Retro Livery landing 36
Concourse A
Pushback-complete for this Eastern E190
On the tarmac at CargoCity

This is the first airport that was built on the New World after Gamma opened on October 4th 2014. The Airport started construction on 20th December 2014, the date Airchester received the rank of Governor, and finished construction 7 days later on the 27th of December 2015. The Airport featured a main Terminal Hall and 10 gates. Hong Kong International Airport served as the main inspiration for the roof of the original airport. EIA also picked up Best Airport at the Second Eagle Awards.

Time passed and more people were starting to build routes and airports, so Epsilon started expanding by adding another concourse for Eastern Airways flights. The concourse was built south of the main Terminal featuring another 8 gates bringing the total to 18 gates. Although the owner CortesiRaccoon wasn't satisfied with the design and the amount of space the airport took, Epsilon was still considered one of the best airports on the server.

The connections with the airport were fluent and airlines kept on requesting gates. The runway was rebuilt, and was made larger to welcome the new B737 of Eastern Airways's fleet. Other gates were built featuring a bus connection to the main concourse, but that resulted in a waste of time, and soon the airport plan had to be redone.

More flights came to the airport, making Epsilon the most delayed airport of the MRT. A new project was made for the airport. A total reconstruction of the main terminal and 4 new concourses each featuring 8 gates. The project was built and soon Epsilon expanded from East to West. However, Airchester citizens didn't like the new terminal. The construction team had a lot of difficulties building the main road that connected the main highway to the Departures area, keeping the traffic to the airport very slow, and sometimes causing passengers to miss their flight. Many people gave negative reactions to the structure of the remodel. You had to be careful to enter the right security area, or else you could've get stuck in the wrong concourse of the Airport. The automated mover to Concourse A and B was completed but the connection to Concourse C and D was never completed.

The Airport kept it's form for 8 months, and then followed its 3nd reconstruction. A wider terminal was built, adding some new gates for other companies. The wide and open-air building worked perfectly with the city's atmosphere, and it was completed fairly quickly. It featured 2 concourses each with 8 gates, and a middle concourse for the small gates and 2 big gates. Following an update a big gate was removed to make space for a third concourse for Eastern's small planes.

Time passed, and on July 2017, the owner decided to rebuild Epsilon once again, due to high demand from Eastern Airways, which now became once of MRT's largest carrier. Plan was to make the airport underground, but it soon was decided to leave the airport as it was, and try and rebuild the interior portion of it. This stood up for a few weeks, when the Airport completely redesigned it's look with a brand new style. After the rebrand of Eastern Airways into Waypoint, the airport got it's interior fixed and 5 new small gates where added. The current EIA version is version 8 and it features 5 different concourses.

Future Airport Expansions

Plans are in place for a future expansion of the airport. After the approval from Staff the Airport is undergoing some major interior changes, as well as exterior. The B concourse will have 6 new gates and the C-D concourses will be rebuilt. There will also be a new addition: an additional Executive Terminal built in the north part of the airport, as well as an underground train station connecting the airport directly to the nearby cities.


Epsilon International Airport is a few meters west of C25 Airchester and a few meters south of C24 Sesby. When C27 Greater Accerton became part of Epsilon, it joined the management team in charge of the Airport. The Airport is built on reclaimed land because of the lack of space on the Epsilon Peninsula. The Airport is connected to Airchester Station via the Central Metro line. Services at Airchester Station include ConnectEAST trains to Marblegate and Easest, with the main MRT connections being the MRT Eastern Line and MRT Circle Line. The airport can also be reached via the A30 Highway, with a designated exit near the airport. AirShuttle bus service runs between Airchester's MRT Plaza and Airchester Airfield as well as connecting Sesby Central Station and Accerton Spleef Arena.


The airport terminal is based off a beta concept of the Linate Airport in Milan, Italy. The new redesigned structure allow a beautiful, modern, open-wide concept. The big surrounding walls made entirely out of glass allow natural light to illuminate the entire terminal. Being a small-sized airport the connection time between concourses is rapid, as well as the total time from when you pass security from when you board the plane. Signage is updated and very helpful to travel in the airport, and thanks to it you can travel easily and find what you are searching for quickly. Connected to the main terminal we have the A Concourse which is where Waypoint's medium and small planes, as well as other companies, has most of it's flights departing. The B, C, D, E Gates are off-terminal, and they can be reached by shuttle. Smaller planes have their stand in the B Concourse, while C and D are reserved for medium-small planes. Concourse E is where helicopters depart. Inside the Terminal you can find various facilities and a big duty free area. You can find franchises like Troopies, Ptld's Burgers, TacoVilla, Amber's Sushi and Head Emporium as well as the air-lounge Palm Lounges. The main terminal is devided into 3 mail floors. Ground Level: which is the arrivals area, 1st Floor: which is the Check-In/Departures area and 2nd Floor: where you'll find Security and the Duty Free.

Subway Station

The Metro Shuttle runs every 3 min. from the Airport to Airchester Central Station. It is the quickest way to get to the main MRT and ConnectEAST rail lines at the main station. The Subway entrance is situated on the Ground Floor.

Line Stops Departure Time
Central Line - Epsilon International
- Central Station
from 04:00 to 01:30 every 5 minutes

Train Station

Epsilon International Train Station is currently under construction.

Bus Station

Bus Lines are operated by the company AirShuttle. It connects various parts of the Epsilon Region, as well as Airchester's secondary airport: Airchester Airfield:

Line Stops Departure Time
AirShuttle 1 - Epsilon International
- Airchester/MRT Plaza
- Airchester Airfield
from 05:00 to 01:00 every 20 minutes
AirShuttle 2 - Epsilon International
- Sesby Central Station
00 15
01 20
05 00 45
06 15 45
07 20 40
08 every 20 minutes
21 every 30 minutes
AirShuttle 3 - Epsilon International
- Accerton Spleef Arena
00 30
01 40
05 10 50
06 15 55
07 25 45
08 every 20 minutes
21 every 30 minutes

Epsilon Cargo City

Situated south of the Airport, Epsilon's Cargo City is the heart of the Epsilon Region. It is served daily by the Evella Skylines cargo planes and the Eastern Cargo Division. The cargo city is mainly used by the Epsilon Aircraft Manufacturing which has its main hub and technical center in Epsilon. Brand new planes are built every day in the Cargo City hangar.

Flight List

*Epsilon currently serves 52 unique destinations on the server.
Gate Airline Destination Status Click on "Expand" to view the full list
A1 Eastern Airways Laclede Now Boarding
A1 Eastern Airways Fort Yaxier Now Boarding
A2 Eastern Airways Ilirea Now Boarding
A2 Eastern Airways Radiance Square Now Boarding
A3 Eastern Airways Mason City Now Boarding
A3 Eastern Airways Elecna Bay Now Boarding
A4 Eastern Airways Achowalogen Takachsin - Covina Now Boarding
A4 Eastern Airways Birchview Now Boarding
A5 Eastern Airways Arlington Now Boarding
A5 Eastern Airways Espil Now Boarding
A6 Eastern Airways Segville Now Boarding
A6 Eastern Airways Zaquar Now Boarding
A7 Eastern Airways Kenthurst Now Boarding
A7 Eastern Airways Hummingbird Islands Now Boarding
A8 Eastern Airways Saint Roux Now Boarding
A8 Eastern Airways Konawa Now Boarding
A9 FlyArctic Vegeta Now Boarding
A10 Waypoint Fort Yaxier (Airfield) Now Boarding
A10 Waypoint Creeperville Now Boarding
A11 Waypoint Freedon Delayed
A11 Waypoint Whitechapel Now Boarding
A12 Waypoint Ocean Suburb Now Boarding
A12 Waypoint Welsbury Now Boarding
A13 Waypoint Cyra Now Boarding
A13 Waypoint Ravenna Now Boarding
A14 Waypoint Utopia (AFK) Now Boarding
A14 Waypoint Murrville Now Boarding
A15 Waypoint Gate Closed
A16 Waypoint Bakersville Now Boarding
A16 Waypoint Wythern Now Boarding
A17 Waypoint Norwest Now Boarding
A17 Waypoint New Acreadium Now Boarding
A18 Waypoint Omerah Now Boarding
A19 Waypoint MRT International Now Boarding
A19 Waypoint Marblegate Now Boarding
A20 Waypoint Nippia - Liten Now Boarding
A21 Waypoint Venceslo Now Boarding
A22 Waypoint Wazamawazi Now Boarding
A23 BluAir Gate Closed
A24 IntraAir Kitania Now Boarding
A24 IntraAir Elecna Bay Now Boarding
A25 Ilirea Airlines Ilirea Now Boarding
A26 Vermilion Airways Vermilion Now Boarding
A27 Caelus Saint Roux Now Boarding
A27 Caelus Elecna Bay Now Boarding
A28 Vermilion Airways Achowalogen Takachsin - Covina Now Boarding
A29 Heampstead Air Kenthurst Now Boarding
A26 Segville Air Segville Now Boarding
B1 Gate Closed
B2 Gate Closed
B3 Gate Closed
B4 Gate Closed
B5 Infamous Airlines UCWTIA Now Boarding
B6 IntraAir Espil Now Boarding
B7 National Airlines Titsensaki Now Boarding
B8 BluAir Tranquil Forest Now Boarding
B9 Gate Closed
B10 Gate Closed
B11 Gate Closed
B12 Gate Closed
B13 Gate Closed
B14 Gate Closed
B15 Gate Closed
B16 Waypoint Autocity Now Boarding
B17 SkyTrans Kantö Now Boarding
B18 Gate Closed
C1 Starfield Robin's Hill - Bloomington Now Boarding
C2 BART Airlines Alturas Now Boarding
C3 Gate Closed
C4 Dragon Kessler Now Boarding
D1 Waypoint MineCity Now Boarding
D2 Waypoint Andromeda Now Boarding
D3 Gate Closed
D4 Gate Closed
D5 Gate Closed
E1 Eastern Heli Lines Ilirea (Heliport) Now Boarding
E2 Eastern Heli Lines Kolpino Now Boarding
E3 Eastern Heli Lines Lanark Now Boarding
E4 Eastern Heli Lines Central City Now Boarding
E5 Clipper Connection Spring Valley Now Boarding
E6 Gate Closed
E7 Gate Closed
E8 Gate Closed
E9 Gate Closed

Airchester Airfield

Airchester Airfield
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator Epsilon Region Transportation Agency
Serves Airchester
Location East New World
Built 7th September 2016
Elevation AMSL 208 ft / 63 m
Coordinates 8298 63 313
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 387 118 Concrete

Airchester Airfield (IATA: ACA, ICAO: NACA) is an international airport in the eastern part of the New World of the MRT Server. The airport primarily serves the Epsilon Region, comprising the member cities C25-C26 Airchester, C24 Sesby and C27 Accerton. It is the main hub of the airline Waypoint. This was the first airport built of the MRT Server after the opening of the new world in 2014.


Airchester Airfield used to be a small private airport built before the "only 1 airport per city" rule. It was used by Eastern Airways Flight Academy to train his pilots. The airport was soon closed due to financial problems and was later acquired by CaptainChimpy that turned it into an Heliport facility for Eastern Airways Heli Lines. The entire terminal was rebuilt to accomodate the increasing number of passegers. The heliport was exclusive to Eastern, but soon passengers started to decrease.

On December 30th 2017 the heliport was closed again. It soon reopened under the Epsilon Region Transportation Agency that transformed it into an airport again. It was meant to accomodate low class / startup airlines that couldn't have a spot at the nearbly Epsilon International Airport.


Airchester Airfield is situated in the city of Desertville a few meters south of C25 Airchester. The Airport is built on an island east of Desertville. The airport can be reached via the road that connects Airchester and Accerton. AirShuttle bus service runs between Airchester's MRT Plaza and Epsilon Airport.


The small regional terminal is a fairly small complex. it features a small check-in and arrivals area on the ground floor and the departure area on the second floor. Due to restricted spaces, passengers are required to walk to the aircraft. Inside you can find 1 bar.

Flight List

Gate Airline Destination Status
1 South Weast Charter - Utopia Now Boarding
2 FlyCreeper - Creeperville Now Boarding
3 CentralJet - Venceslo Now Boarding
4 FlySubway - Espil
- Murrville
Now Boarding
5 FreeAir - New Acreadium Now Boarding
6 Gate Closed
7 Gate Closed