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| Track 21
| Track 21
| [[Southern Plains Rail]]
| [[Paixton|Paixton Central]]
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Anthony Fokker Transit Hub
Owner Narnia17
Builders Narnia17
KittyCat11231 (IntraRail concourse/entrance building)
mikefishr (Ilirail concourse)
Additional Information
Location Utopia

Anthony Fokker Transit Hub is a rail transportation center in Utopia next to Anthony Fokker Regional Airport.

The center is divided into four general concourses, for IntraRail, Ilirail, general minecart services, and general warp train services.

The IntraRail concourse, the only concourse above ground, serves as the entry building into the transit hub. This section of the hub, built and operated by IntraRail, has 9 tracks on two levels, and replaced a previous IntraRail station whose location became the focal point for the new transit hub. All passengers entering the hub pass through the IntraRail concourse to reach elevators to the underground portion of the hub.

Immediately below the IntraRail concourse is the general concourse for minecart train services, including EBTC Commuter. This much smaller concourse has six tracks, and passengers wishing to reach the concourses further below it must walk down the platforms of this concourse.

The next concourse below is the Ilirail concourse, with four tracks, which was built and is operated by the Ilirea Municipal Transportation Agency. This concourse is connected to the general minecart concourse and the general warp train concourse, above and below it, respectively.

At the bottom is the general warp train concourse, which has the most (16) tracks of any concourse. Passengers must pass through each other concourse to reach this one.


Track Company Destination Status
Track 1 IntraRail Zaquar Open.png
Track 2 IntraRail Segville via Utopia - Plano Open.png
Track 3 IntraRail Espil Open.png
Track 4 IntraRail
Track 5 IntraRail
Track 6 IntraRail
Track 7 IntraRail
Track 8 IntraRail
Track 9 IntraRail
Track 10 EBTC Commuter
Track 11 EBTC Commuter
Track 12 EBTC Commuter
Track 13 EBTC Commuter
Track 14 Four Seasons Railways
Track 15 Four Seasons Railways
Track 16 Ilirail Segville Open.png
Track 17 Ilirail Segville Open.png
Track 18 Ilirail Ilirea Union Station Open.png
Track 19 Ilirail Ilirea Union Station
Track 20 Fred Rail Utopia-Plano District Open.png
Track 21 Southern Plains Rail Paixton Central
Track 22 PMW Commuter
Track 23 PMW Commuter
Track 24 PMW Commuter Arriving Train
Track 25 PMW Commuter DesertView
Track 26 Manukau Transport
Track 27 Manukau Transport
Track 28
Track 29
Track 30 BluRail Zaquar Open.png
Track 31 BluRail UCWTIA Open.png
Track 32 BluRail Ilirea Open.png
Track 33 BluRail
Track 34 BluRail
Track 35 BluRail Matheson Open.png


Please Include train company, destination, and estimated time of completion.

Train Company Destination(s) Username Estimated Time of Completion
Fred Rail Numark > Utopia > Bakersville Grand Central > Shadowpoint > New Bakersville FredTheTimeLord Unknown