Antioch-Peripotamia MacIntyre International Airport

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Antioch-Peripotamia MacIntyre International Airport
Airport type Civilian
Owner woorich999
Operator MTC
Location Southeastern New World
Hub for Spirit Airlines
Infamous Eagle
Built TBD
In use TBD
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 / 36 tbd tbd Black Concrete
Statistics (TBD)
Area TBD
Gates TBD
Airlines TBD
Transportation ART
Tri Cities Transit Routes 23 and 205

Antioch-Peripotamia MacIntyre International Airport, or APA, is an regional airport located in the northeastern corner of Antioch on the New World of the MRT Server. The airport serves the city of Antioch and the nearby town of Peripotamia. The airport was completed in the beginning of 2019.

Gate Requests

We will have a limited amount of gates, it will be determined in a points system based on many factors like originality of destination, airline credibility, alliance, and then it will be looked at as who requested first. ALL FLIGHTS MUST HAVE THEIR PLANE PASTED AND WARPS SET UP 2 WEEKS AFTER AIRPORT IS PASTED. Limit of 1 flight to an airfield and 3 flights to an airport. Note: Only Plane Sizes Available Are: Small and Medium-Small.

Airline Plane Size Username Destination(s) Notes
Airline Dragon Frumple Space
FlyLumeva Medium Airplaneguy9 Sunshine Coast/Kanto Flight will go to Foresne/Peacopolis when they get Governor, for now we have medium gates at these two airports
Michigana Medium (prefered) or small mi_aquamarine Kanto intl
FlyBahia Medium Echohue Sunshine Coast
BluAir Small hvt2011 Kanto, Antioch, Richville