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| Condo
| Condo
| 01.01.2018
| 01.01.2018
| AC1_1ST_9
| DevranTheBoyxD
| DevranTheBoyxD
| Carz Gas Station
| Transportation
| 12.01.2018
|- style="background:#fff;"
|- style="background:#fff;"

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This page serves as a directory of government records of the Armadean Municipality. Do not edit this page unless you're an authorised officer of the Armadean Municipality.

AC1 New Acreadium
1 Daemnay
ST Stilthdon
AC9 Arcadium
1 Terra Rossa
QS Quasar
EX Example
2 Pondlake
WS Waldstein
4 Beachlands
PS Peninsula
GT Gettöng
HR Harena
AV Avesta
6 Islands
DV Dove Island
LM Lemon Island
LS Lemon Station
MO Monument Island
SU4 Schusterlans
9 Armalans
AL ArmaLans
Code Builder Owner Title Type Date Notes
1ST - Stilthdon
AC1_1ST_1 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD New Acreadium Town Hall Municipal 29.12.2017
AC1_1ST_2 Frumple DevranTheBoyxD ZN30 MRT Station Transportation 29.12.2017
AC1_1ST_3 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD ACA Apartments Condo 29.12.2017
AC1_1ST_4 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Stilthdon Daemnay Police Station Municipal 29.12.2017
AC1_1ST_5 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Daemnay Bus Station Transportation 29.12.2017
AC1_1ST_6 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Daemnay Mall Municipal 29.12.2017
AC1_1ST_7 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD DB Apartments Condo 31.12.2017
AC1_1ST_8 NumNum0_0 NumNum0_0 NN Apartments Condo Unknown
AC1_1ST_9 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD MH Apartments Condo 01.01.2018
AC1_1ST_9 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Carz Gas Station Transportation 12.01.2018
1DM - Daemnay Mall
AC1_1DM_1 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Starbucks Coffee Franchise 31.12.2017
AC1_1DM_2 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Dunkin Donuts Franchise 31-12-2017
AC1_1DM_3 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD McDonalds Franchise 31.12.2017
AC1_1DM_7 Nicrats Nicrats NicCoffee Franchise 03.01.2018
AC1_1DM_8 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Tropical Smoothie Bar Franchise 31.12.2017
AC1_1DM_9 DevranTheBoyxD Airplane320 North Korean Food Shack Franchise 31.12.2017
AC1_1DM_10 DevranTheBoyxD DevranTheBoyxD Ice Cream Store Franchise 31.12.2017
AC1_1DM_25 NumNum0_0 NumNum0_0 The Tiny Flower Store Franchise 07.01.2018
AC1_1DM_44 Needn_NL Needn_NL Kaaskoppen Restaurant Franchise 07.01.2018
AC1_1DM_45 MishkaMan MishkaMan The Russian Restaurant Franchise 07.01.2018
AC1_1DM_46 AlfiePops AlfiePops eGadget Electronics Franchise 04.01.2018
2WS - Waldstein
AC9_2WS_1 Ardyle
AC9_2WS_2 Ardyle BuildPilot House
4PS - Peninsula
AC9_4PS_1 Ardyle _ezzo House
AC9_4PS_2 Ardyle Ardyle Ardemarket Franchise
AC9_4PS_3 Ardyle Ardyle Beachlands District Hall Municipal AC9_4BL
AC9_4PS_4 Ardyle BaseBall02 BaseCafe Franchise
AC9_4PS_5 Ardyle Ardyle Beachlands Civic Services Municipal
AC9_4PS_6 Ardyle SoSo123 House
AC9_4PS_7 Ardyle Ardyle Beachlands Police Dept Municipal
AC9_4PS_8 Ardyle time2makemymove Whitfield's Steakhouse Franchise
AC9_4PS_9 Ardyle
AC9_4PS_10 Ardyle MikeRoma House
AC9_4PS_11 Ardyle GrumpyGoomba House
AC9_4PS_12 Ardyle Ardyle House
AC9_4PS_13 Ardyle Ardyle Monumental
AC9_4PS_14 Ardyle _AngelKevin_ House
4GT - Gettöng
AC9_4GT_1 Ardyle Ardyle BikeRack! Franchise
AC9_4GT_2 Ardyle House
AC9_4GT_3 Ardyle House
AC9_4GT_4 Ardyle House
AC9_4GT_5 Ardyle
AC9_4GT_6 Ardyle Ardyle Faculty of Social Sciences Municipal
4HR - Harena
AC9_4HR_1 Ardyle Ardyle Beachlands Bread Factory Business
4AV - Avesta
AC9_4AV_1 Ardyle House
AC9_4AV_2 Ardyle House
AC9_4AV_3 Ardyle House
AC9_4AV_4 Ardyle House
AC9_4AV_5 Ardyle House
6LM - Lemon Island
AC9_6LM_1 Yellowitcher Ardyle Municipal AC9_6IS
AC9_6LM_2 Ardyle _ezzo EzzoCarrier Franchise
AC9_6LS_7 Ardyle Baseball02 BaseWire Franchise
AC9_6LS_8 Ardyle Baseball02 TaxBase Franchise
AC9_6LS_9 Ardyle Mdbro55 The Brick Tavern Franchise
AC9_6LS_10 Ardyle Franchise
AC9_6MO_1 Ardyle Monumental
SU4_9AL_1 Ardyle Ardyle Armalans District Hall Municipal
SU4_9AL_2 Ardyle Ardyle MRT Green Party Business
ID Citizen District Date of Registry Property
  • AC1 1ST 8
  • AC1 1DM 25
  • AC1 1DM 7
  • AC1 1DM 44
  • AC1 1DM 45
  • AC1 1DM 46
  • AC9 2WS 2
  • AC9 4PS 1
  • AC9 6LM 2
  • AC9 4PS 4
  • AC9 6LS 7
  • AC9 6LS 8
  • AC9 4PS 6
  • AC9 4PS 8
  • AC9 4PS 10
  • AC9 4PS 11
  • AC9 4PS 14
  • AC9 6LS 9