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Aroma Coffee
Founder & CEO Cortesi
Facts and Figures
Headquarters Murrville
Founded Friday 11th, 2019
Parent Company RacCorp

Aroma Coffee is a coffee shop/restaurant on the MRT server situated in various locations. Founded by Cortesi it had its first stall in Arcadia. The company brews custom coffee, all day, 24/7.


Custom Store Front (Southbank)
Toasting Machine (Elecna Bay)
Aroma Bar (Arcadia)

Position Size
Arcadia Flagship
Southbank Express
Walvis Bay Express
Espil Flagship
Elecna Bay North Station Megastore

Our Coffee

The combination of finest green coffees, continuous innovation and a singular focus on quality allows Aroma to deliver the perfect coffee to all consumers around the MRT server.


Want a Store?

Contact Cortesi#6968 on Discord. Your request will be put on hold and you will be contacted when the store will be built. We require you to give us coordinates of where you want the store and specify if it's a plot or a pre-existing building. Payment is done at the end of the build process and it's up to the buyer to decide how much to pay for the work.