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Conric005's Links
User Page: Conric005
Owned Towns: Birchwood, Dand
Franchises: AstroCorp, AstroSlurp, Neptune Buses

AstroSlurp's famous soda, Thicc Juice.
CEO/Founder Conric005
Number of Restaurants 19
Headquarters Seoland
Other Information
Founded August 18th, 2018
Parent Company AstroCorp
Headquarters Coordinates Unknown
Current Selling Versions Custom, Small


AstroSlurp is a custom soda company owned by AstroCorp. It is based on the real-life company Fiiz. This franchise is unique in the fact that almost all restaurants are made custom, but there are some similarities.

Similarities between restaurants

  • Same menu and products (excluding Kyoto)
  • Same blue and gray color scheme
  • Same kitchen features

Differences between restaurants

  • Stand or Shop
  • Seating
  • Shape



  • Small: $.10
  • Medium: $.20
  • Large: $.30


Tiger's Blood




Cookie: $.15

Thicc Juice: $1.00

List of Restaurants

Alert.png Note: This table may have info made before the renumbering, so this list may not be accurate. Alert.png
City Name Nearest MRT Number of Location
Frostbite  NW26  Foobar 1
Kevtropolis  JN9  Kevtropolis Central 2
Kevtropolis s k y b o w l  JN9  Kevtropolis Central 3
Eden  ZN5  Foobar 4
Seoland  ZN27  Antioch Airfield 5
Eagleshore  WN15  New Woodbury 6
Deadbush  M36  Deadbush Central 7
Pearl Coast  ES26  Foobar 8
Sunshine Coast  SE23  Alta Mesa 9
Whitecliff  ZN37  Foobar 10
Carnoustie  WN30  Foobar 11
Carnoustie Central Station  WN30  Foobar 12
Birchwood (to be redone)  WN28  Birchwood Penn Station 13
New Beginnings  V17  New Beginnings 14
New Acreadium  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station 15
Sesby  C24  Sesby 16
Bexley  D18  Bexley Central 17
Vermilion  XW15  Vermilion 18
Venceslo  ZS20  Venceslo Station 19
Kyoto  NW12  Kyoto - Downtown 20
Larkspur  NW22  Larkspur - Downtown 21
Schillerton  ZS26  Foobar 22
Washingcube  A15  Washingcube 23
Cactus River  SE8  Foobar 24
Nauvis  WN7  Foobar 25
Southport  SE13  Foobar 26
Legitevon  ZS14  Foobar 27
Johnston  M35  Totsworth 28
Richville  F34  Foobar 29
Tranquil Forest  P40  Foobar 30
Mount Obi  WN30  Foobar 31
Creeperville  NE8  Creeperville 32
Takasaki  ZS14  Foobar 33
Danielston  D7  Danielston - Paisley Place 34
Deadbush Pioneer  M37  Deadbush Pioneer 35
Antioch  ZN28  Antioch 36
Epsilon International Airport  C25  Airchester 37
Venceslo Farmer's Market  ZS20  Venceslo Station 38
Bawktown  J0  Bawktown South (Upminster) 39
Segville  ZS7  Segville Central 40
Victoria  I40  Victoria - Coastal Point 41
Central City  X0  Central Park 42
Hummingbird Islands  C10  Pacific Grove 43
Scarborough  v19  Scarborough 44
Willow  T47  Foobar 45
Cornus  T8  Cornus 46
Mojangsburg  SE25  Foobar 47
Coruscant  H16  Foobar 48
Arcadia  SE19  Arcadia 49
Arcadia (again)  SE19  Arcadia 50
Murrville  SE17  Murrville 51
Preflight SSI  SE23  Alta Mesa 52
Preflight VFW  ZS20  Venceslo Station 53
Preflight WMA  ZN10  Woodsdale 54
Preflight WHT  A10  Rivera (Whitechapel-Radiance Square) 55
Pasadena  A20  Pasadena 56
Siletz IntraRail  V13  Siletz 57

Special Locations

  • The Frostbite location is the first location to ever be built. It is the smallest location, as it is a small stand.

Media Gallery

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AstroSlurp's famous soda, Thicc Juice.