BTC Creek Line

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     BTC Creek Line
Eastern Terminal Hilledge Street (Airport planned)
Western Terminal West Islands
Stations 5
Rolling Stock TM1dm
Started Operating March 2019
Status Status: Service Closed.png Closed

The Creek Line is a heavy-rail rapid transit line operated by Bawktown Transit. When finished, it will run between West Islands station on the western border of the town to the planned airport on the eastern border, but it currently only runs as far east as Hilledge Street. On official maps and signs, the line is colored blue.


First Plans

Plans for a rail line crossing the Central Creek between Upminster and Westminster have existed before the planning of the Creek Line. The original purpose of the line was to provide a connection between the existing part of Bawktown and a then-planned underground minigolf course beneath what is now the shopping district. This line was planned to be called the Golf Line and to connect with the Field Line at Theater station. The plans for the minigolf course were cancelled, but plans for an expansion of Bawktown to the west still remained. When the plans for the extension of the MRT Expo Line from Farwater to Bawktown were announced, the town expansion plans, as well as plans for a new metro line going to this part of the town, were finalized. Bawktown would slowly be expanded to XE41 station, and the new line would be built alongside the Expo Line between XE42 and XE41, similar to the concept that is used by the Mountain and Jungle lines. This new line was named the Creek line, after the creek that the line had always been planned to cross over. When the line first opened, it only operated between Elytraport, the first station built along the line, and Shopping District, but it was soon expanded to Old Town, Hilledge Street, and later West Islands.


In the fall of 2019, plans for a rebuild of the Bawktown metro were released. These plans involved rebuilding much of the infrastructure of the metro in order to make it more realistic, as well as to make it look nicer. The plans for the Creek line involved a reconstruction of every station along the line, as well as a rebuild of the track between Elytraport and Hilledge Street to decrease the complexity of the track layout there. The project is scheduled to take most of November and the line is currently closed because of it.

Rolling Stock

The Creek line is currently operated by TM1dm trains. They are based off of the design of the TM1 trains that are used on the Mountain (and soon Volcano) lines, but they feature a pantograph, for use on the section of the line west of Hilledge Street. Most of these trains are made up of only 1 car, but there are also some trains that are 2 cars long. These trainsets are only used during peak hours and have a selective-door-operation system, as most of the stations along this line have platforms that are only long enough for one-car trains. The TM1dm trains are based off of the Blue Line trains used in Boston (the real one, not Fred's), as these two lines share many of the same characteristics.


The Creek Line runs along an east-west route through southern Bawktown. It runs along much of the same route as the Expo Line and Bus 1, and is considered a local service to the MRT and an express for the bus.


The Creek line currently stops at 5 stations along its route, with more to be built when Bawktown expands east.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png WEI West Islands (closed)  XE41 
Dynmap Cross.png EIO East Islands-Old Town (closed)  1 
Dynmap Cross.png SPD Shopping District (closed)  1 
Dynmap Cross.png UPM Elytraport (closed)  F 
Dynmap Cross.png HLE Hilledge Street (closed)  1   2 
Dynmap Construction.png TBD TBD (under construction)  1   3 
Dynmap Pin.png TBD Airport (planned) No connections