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BoatNorth Vessels at Biwabik.png
Two BoatNorth Commuter vessels stationed at Biwabik Sibley Plaza.
General Managers KyleFrb and BernCow
Number of Lines 3
Organization Metropolitan North Association
Operator TransNorth
Department Department of Transportation

BoatNorth is the ferry and boat operator of the Metropolitan North Association (MNA), operating underneath TransNorth, which operates all MNA-sponsored transit. BoatNorth's general managers are KyleFrb and BernCow who operate under chiefbozx, the MNA Secretary of Transportation. It operates Commuter vessels, which serve the MNA internally, and Connector vessels, which connect to cities outside of the MNA.



Commuter Lines on BoatNorth go between cities in the MNA. Commuter Line boats are marked with the signature dark blue exterior and livery. On BoatNorth warp signs, Commuter boats are designated as "CM".

Line 1 - Tiger Line

Line 2 - Wolf Line

Line 3 - Shark Line

This line is under construction. The portion between Oparia and Sansmore is currently operational.

  • Oparia (OPA)
  • Sansmore (SNS)
  • Chugsdy Island (CHU) (under construction)
  • Ottia Islands (OTT) (under construction)
  • Tulipsburg (TUL) (under construction)
  • Beachview (BEA) (under construction)


Connector Lines on BoatNorth go from one city in the MNA to multiple non-MNA cities. They are currently being planned. Connector Line boats are currently marked with the signature light blue exterior and livery. On BoatNorth warp signs, Connector boats are designated as "CX".


Line Numbering

To determine the number of a new line, BoatNorth considers whether the line will be a Commuter or Connector Line. All Commuter Lines are numbered between 1 and 99. All Connector Lines are numbered between 101 and 199.

Line Naming

All BoatNorth lines are named after animal predators. There is no particular system for naming the lines, but two lines will never have the same name.

Livery and Boat Design

All BoatNorth vessels use a refreshed version of the Vermilion Waterways design, with a dark blue and light blue exterior for Commuter and Connector boats respectively.