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Buy More BuymoreLogo.png
Franchise Type Consumer Electronics
Parent Company CowCorp
Current President BernCow

All information is accurate as of March 26th, 2020


Buy More is a Consumer Electronics franchise owned by Cow Corp, the main company of BernCow. The franchise was founded on August 5th, 2018. Currently the franchise operates 3 stores. It is based on a company in the TV Series Chuck which is in turn based on Best Buy


More TBA

Nerd Herd

Nerd Herd is a service owned by Buy More providing electronic repairs,service,and warrenties. Most Buy More locations have a Nerd Herd Kiosk.

Store Types

  • Buy More:
    • Buy More Mobile: Small Store specializing in mobile phones.
    • Buy More Mall: Small Stores built specifically for Malls.
    • Buy More Standard: Small standalone store with 1 floor.
    • Buy More Deluxe: Standalone store with 2 floors and a Nerd Herd kiosk.
    • Buy More Super Store: Large Store custom built to location.
    • Buy More Entertainment Center: Flagship stores specializing in gaming and other entertainment based products.
    • Custom: Regular sized store custom built to location
  • Game More:
    • Game More: Arcade style store based around playing video games. Store also sell games and consoles.
  • Nerd Herd: **Nerd Herd Kiosk: Small Kiosk located in Buy More Stores
    • Nerd Herd': Small Stand Alone Nerd Herd location.
    • Nerd Herd Customer Service Center: Larger Customer Service center with 2 floors, offices and waiting rooms.

All location types can be custom built.


Number Town/City Location Type MRT
1 Fernar City Buy More Entertainment  T38  Hallarbor
2 Knoxford Buy More Deluxe  ZS27  Foobar
3 Aquidneck Islands Sandwich Island Game More None

The following provides franchises opportunities for your growing towns.